Review Policy & Etc

**UPDATE: 3/26/15
I am temporarily not accepting review requests, as I am busy with my studies. However, I am able to do guest posts, author interviews, etc. Thank you for stopping by!

If you're an author looking for a reviewer or a blogger to make a promotional post, feel free to contact me via email (

I mainly review YA books-- Paranormal, Comtemporary, Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, or whatnot. I sometimes make exceptions, but keep in mind that most of my readers are used to seeing YA content on my blog. I prefer print copies over ebooks, and if you must send me an ebook, please make sure it's in PDF format.

When you send over guest posts, excerpts, or kits PLEASE send text through pasting it into the body of the email, as opposed to sending me PDFs, DOCXs, or DOCS. This makes it infinitely easier for me to set up a post.

I'd love to do any guest posts, interviews, or giveaways, so please, please let me know if I can do anything to help!

Disclaimers-- I will consider all requests, but not all may be accepted. (Sorry!)

Policy: I never review a book without finishing it first. I include the book's synopsis from Goodreads. For every single review I do, I add labels to the posts. I try my best to put it in the most accurate categories as possible. I always put my honest opinion out there. I will not be bribed with money to read a book I don't want to read and/or change/delete a negative review to make your book look good.

Rate System (1-10):
1-2: Don't even bother.
3-4: I didn't like it, but some people might.
5: Bored to tears.
6: It was alright.
7: It was pretty good, but I wouldn't read it again.
8: It was pretty darn good!
9: Nearly perfect! Completely amazing, I'd definitely recommend this.
10: Read this. Now.

What do I post?
Book reviews, cover reveals, discussion posts, book hauls, and blog tour posts.

A message to fellow book bloggers:
If you would like to exchange buttons, just contact me and I would love to put your button on my sidebar! (I can also design your blog button, if you'd like, for free! Feel free to contact me.)


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