Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Movie Review: Catching Fire

Let me just start out by saying how much I absolutely adored this movie. Man, this was completely amazing. I loved loved loved loved loved it. At first, I was kind of reluctant to watch this, because, first, I didn't really like Catching Fire. Personally, I felt that it was an unnecessary sequel. But oh my god, after watching this, THAT WAS SO AMAZING I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT FOR THIS MOVIE. I loved it a LOT. A lot more than I'd expected to. It was completely amazing, Jennifer, Josh, Liam-- they did so well as main characters. (Elizabeth Banks is so pretty I can't breathe. Effie says another precious mahogany line LOL) I really enjoyed seeing Finnick come to life on the big screen, as one of my favorite characters. Sam portrayed his character very well (except he lost his cocky exterior really quickly). This followed the book a LOT more than the first movie did. If you're doubting going to see this, doubt no more. Go see it. This was a really, really good adaptation and I absolutely loved the effects. Completely fabulous.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What's Going On Right Now?

Hey everyone! First off, I just want to say thank you to my followers for being so nice and coming to comment even when I'm not here as much as I would like to be anymore, because I'm trying to balance my academics. I have a LOT of pressure on my hands right now, so that's why I won't be accepting review requests for a while.

Currently, I am reading:

Fallen (Fallen, #1)The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)Blythewood

I've been wanting to read this for a while, so when we had to find an independent reading book for English class, I'd picked this up. But damn it, should've just chosen House of Hades. So this book, not to be criticizing, but I really can't help but not like the writing style. I don't know, maybe it's just the main character. I can't tell. Protagonist = irritating, indecisive. This will probably end up being a 7/10. We'll see if it gets better. I'm halfway through.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Guest Post- Jen McConnel: Top Five Travel Tips

Top Five Travel Tips: guest post by Jen McConnel

Travel is wonderful, and I can’t get enough of it. My novel THE SECRET OF ISOBEL KEY begins with a vacation to Scotland. Like my main character, Lou, I’ve traveled to Scotland in the winter, and I’ve been lucky enough to bounce around to a few other places in my life, too. Some trips have been solo, while others have been with school groups and, more recently, my husband.

Through it all, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I’ve also developed some pretty good tricks for getting by, regardless of where I’m traveling. Here are my top five travel tips to help you plan your next adventure!

1. Bring toilet paper

Seriously. My husband looked at me like I was insane when I insisted on packing a roll of toilet paper in a ziplock bag before our trip to Egypt, but he was thanking me within hours of landing.