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Book Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)City of Bones by Cassandra Clare.
Mortal Instruments #1.
Book Summary: When fifteen-year-old Clary Fray heads out to the Pandemonium Club in New York City, she hardly expects to witness a murder -- much less a murder committed by three teenagers covered with strange tattoos and brandishing bizarre weapons. Then the body disappears into thin air. It's hard to call the police when the murderers are invisible to everyone else and when there is nothing -- not even a smear of blood -- to show that a boy has died. Or was he a boy?This is Clary's first meeting with the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the earth of demons. It's also her first encounter with Jace, a Shadowhunter who looks a little like an angel and acts a lot like a jerk. Within twenty-four hours Clary is pulled into Jace's world with a vengeance, when her mother disappears and Clary herself is attacked by a demon. But why would demons be interested in ordinary mundanes like Clary and her mother? And how did Clary suddenly get the Sight? The Shadowhunters would like to know. . . .

Liana's Summary: Clarissa Fray thinks she's normal. That is, until she meets a couple of Shadowhunters who are in the process of killing a blue-haired demon. Among those Shadowhunters, there's Jace Wayland. The arrogant one. The uber-sexy one. Meanwhile, her best friend, Simon, is in the process of expressing his love for his oblivious best friend. However, Jace might have beaten him to it. Clary's mother has disappeared- and Clary is depending on the Shadowhunters to help her, even if there might be a few sacrifices involved, along with a hurtful truth.

Rate(1-10): 10

So, first of all. When I first saw this book, I totally did the 'judge a book by its cover and title' thing. Which was a bad choice. The only reason I actually bothered to read it was that my friend recommended Infernal Devices to me, and this series was its companion. I actually enjoyed it! But I still think Infernal Devices is totally fabulous.

I'm not sure what in the world is with all those negative reviews, two out of five stars, etc. Yeah, I know the cover isn't all that attractive. Jace doesn't look like that. He's supposed to be younger, not a full grown man. Look at that. Does the dude on the cover look 17? No, I don't think so. I know a naked man torso isn't an attractive cover. I know "City of Bones" sounds so creepy you can get the jeeter-jitters. But it's NOT creepy. It's fabulous. I'm not a fan of scary horror stories. NOT AT ALL. Which is why, you see, in the "Categorize" gadget, there is no section for HORROR. I'm not saying everyone shouldn't read horror stories, I'm just saying that I have this personal bias that all horror stories are going to give me creepy nightmares and stuff. And probably that bias is true! So yeah. I will NEVER, EVER, in my life, READ A HORROR. Jeeeeez.

Infernal Devices is before this series, actually. I mean, it takes place before this series. So, when my friend recommended Cassandra Clare books to me, I was so confused about whether or not to read Mortal Instruments before Infernal Devices, and vice versa. She didn't really answer my desperate question about which one to read first. She said, "IT'S YOUR CHOICE." And now, I totally get why she said that. Because, Mortal Instruments is more about Shadowhunters, while Infernal Devices is more about automatons and stuff. If you read Infernal Devices first, like me, you would totally get everything completely, and gasp at familiar names in Mortal Instruments. If you read Mortal Instruments first, then you'll suck all the information in and then apply them logically in Infernal Devices. And also gasp at familiar names. So it's totally your choice.

Character Discussions:

Clarissa Fray, Main Protagonist: I think she's a bit young to be a really strong main character, only 15 years old. I'm not comparing her to myself, I'm comparing her to other strong main characters in other books. So don't get a misunderstanding! Yeah, I thought she was strong. But I still like Theresa Gray from Infernal Devices better.

Jace Wayland, Side Protagonist: At first. I was like, ew, Jace. Go away. Please. And then I was like, YOU GO JACE. WOOOH. And then I was like, JACE. YOU SUCK BUTT. WHAT ARE YOU FREAKING DOING. And then. Um. Nah, I still think he sucks butt. But he's still awesome. Also, he's very, very, arrogant. I thought William Herondale was arrogant. But nooooo, Jace Wayland beat Will so bad. It's okay. I still like Will. omg, sorry to those people who don't understand a word I'm talking about. Long story. Will is from Infernal Devices, and very arrogant. Jace always has the perfect comebacks for some supposedly insulting comments towards him, and that's what makes him Mortal Instruments's Prince Charming!

Simon, Side Character: So, um. I was a huge Simon fan in the beginning. And then I got annoyed at his lameness, and then I liked him better a little. But I'm still a Jace fan, 100x more than a Simon fan. (: He's pretty cool. I can tell he's going to play a really big role in the 3rd/4th book. Look at those covers! 

City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3)City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4) 
Simon, and Simon! I like his archery. He reminds me of Archer from Kristin Cashore's FIRE. That's kind of a good thing and a bad thing because- bad thing: Archer was such an ass. And a good thing because his archery was awesome. (:

Simon is awesome! Although I don't really admire that name. Jace's name just sounds hot on its own. Simon, really? Just sounds like a big game geek. (Cos' he is. omg, Cassandra Clare is a good namer.)

-Excuse this pause, my calendar just fell off the wall-

Okay, anyway. I love Cassandra Clare's writing. She's like, a role model to me. Every single chapter ends with a suspenseful moment. Every single time something big happens, she ends the chapter, forcing the reader to keep reading!

The thing about Cassandra Clare books. They just don't let you put it down, you know? Every time I'm bored to tears, I force myself to pick up the book I'm currently reading, telling myself that I've spent enough time on it anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am an avid reader. We all have those derp moments where we all regret when we don't feel like doing what we live for. In my case, reading. And I would read. I would immediately get un-bored and interested in the story, because every single part is captivating.

I think I talked enough. Well, yeah, you get it. For once, my opinion was totally wrong. Wow. Still, I feel uncomfortable carrying this book around, LOL. Because of the naked man torso. Yes. But the story is fabulous, and the other books of this series a lot more attractive. Oh yes.

Time for quotes! And I finally feel thankful for my SAT Vocab class because of the SAT words used in this book. (:

"Meanwhile," Simon added, "I wanted to tell you that lately I've been cross-dressing. Also, I'm sleeping with your mom. I thought you should know."
omg, Simon. Great way to get someone's attention, huh? This really cracked me up for some reason.

"Well, we know where he is too. He's in hell."
Those random lines that make you laugh for no reason.

"..and flung himself on Jace.."

"And his arm looked like an eggplant.."
Oh god, Clary. It's okay. I draw worse than you. That's why I have an illustrator, LOL.

"I thought you liked it when I was witty and ironic..."
NO. Do guys always think girls like that? I thought this was pretty cute though, since Simon is trying to get Clary's attention, but she's 100% oblivious that he has feelings for her.

"..his fingers lingering at the bare skin of her shoulder.."
Really. What a perv. How can she be so oblivious? It bothers me.

"He's cute. Does he have a girlfriend?"

"You're staring at me," Simon said. "Why are you staring at me? Have I got something on my face?"
This part reminds me of that one part in Disney's Tangled, where Eugene was muttering to himself, "HER HAIR GLOWS. WHY DOES IT GLOW. He's staring at me. Why is he staring at me?"

"We? I thought you were going to leave me alone."
"I lied," Jace said without a shred of embarrassment. 

Perfect comeback. See what I mean. I could never say that out loud, "I lied." so simply. This just made me laugh. I laugh a lot. (x

"..and you're going to be a dickhead about it because I'm not some spoiled-rotten rich brat like you and your sister?"
YOU GO CLARY. YOU TELL HIM. I thought I liked Alec at first. But um. Not really.

"Are you just going to let her stand there and call me names?"
"Yes," Jace said kindly.

omfg. See what I mean. I think all of you who haven't read this understand what I'm talking about with Jace's sarcasm and arrogance. Yet again, this made me laugh.

"Not everyone wants you all the time, Jace," he said.
"Don't be ridiculous,"

 "Don't be ridiculous. I'm fabulous."

"She didn't like me reading manga."
What. Is. This. This is honestly the first time I've seen mention of MANGA in a book full of Americans and all.

"Her hand cracked across his face, a slap that rocked him back on his heels."

"..especially when she looked at the red mark her slap had left on his cheek."
Aw, poor Jace. (x

"Jace laughed."
I couldn't find a gif for this one. :c Just imagine a guy hysterically laughing.

"..there was a series of heavy and cracking thumps, and then silence."

"I hate cucumber."
FINALLY. SOMEONE I CAN RELATE TO. I don't know what's so good about cucumbers. Ew. Cucumbers. Really.

"Ouch," Jace said in her ear, his tone indignant. "You elbowed me."
"Well, you landed on me."

This, for some weird reason, just made me laugh. I'm not really doing good reactions, am I? D:

"He struggled halfway into a sitting position, his battered glasses knocked askew."
Kid sits down backwards 

Wait for it, wait for it! This gif is not so perf. But pretty much expresses what I imagine!

"I want some soup," Simo said.
"No, you don't," said Jace. "You just want to sleep with Isabelle."

Oh, how could he tell. -____-' But, see? Jace's sarcasm and witty comments.

Oh, god. Him again! He was from Infernal Devices.

"If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked."
This is why I love Jace.

"I doubt there are many warlocks named Magnus in the Tristate Area," said Jace.
You know what this reminds me of.


"..and found Jace sprawled out on the bed, looking at her sketchbook."
 Heh. Imagine Jace sprawled on her bed. (x

Jace looked wounded. "A diary with no drawings of me in it? Where are the torrid fantasies? The romance novel covers? The-" 
His arrogance.

"How did you guess?"
Omg, wtf. *gasp*

"I hate it when you answer a question with a question."
"No you don't, you think it's charming.."

I don't even know what to say.

"Will it hurt?"
I honestly think she's too scared of pain. She always asks that.

"The only person who gets to canoodle in my bedroom is my magnificent self."

"Not for free, darling, and you can't afford me."
#TooFabForYou. (Again.)

He dropped a glittery wink at Alec, who looked astounded. "Call me?"
Romance here! Magnus thinks Alec is sexy. (x

"..Jace turning away as if the brightness of the rising sun hurt his eyes."
Jace. :c

"..shoulder to shoulder, Clary's leg thrown over Simon's."
I don't even know how to imagine this- some 'best friend' pose.

"That is a lie!" 

"That's not my name," he said. "My name is Jace Wayland."
There you go! Jace is back. <3 (: WOOH! YOU GO JACE.

And that, is it! This is a high, high, high high recommendation. HIGH. I loved it. It's a really great fantasy!

I'm Waiting.

Hey there everyone! Okay, so this blog post is simply about the novels coming out later this year or in 2013. They, believe it or not, are the only reason that I'm hoping the world doesn't drastically end this year, like rumors say. (AHHH, IT'S 2012! We're all going to die!) Basically, this post is to inform (or warn) you about how I will act when my review for these books are posted- crazy, ecstatic. Yeah. Basically. So. They're not in any specific order.

Prodigy (Legend, #2) Prodigy by Marie Lu.
Legend #2
So. I really loved Legend. And Prodigy is going to be great. I know it! Look at that fab cover. I'm really anxious to see what is going to happen. Ah! Why must I wait so long.
I really dearly hope I won't be disappointed. I'm back for more of Daniel Altan Wing.
Expected Publication: January 29th 2013 by Putnam Juvenile.

Untitled by Veronica Roth.
Divergent #3.
It doesn't even have a cover or title. Insurgent isn't even in paperback yet! It came out only in May. But yeah, I NEED to get my hands on this. I'll do a blog post on it if the cover ever gets published. If I remember.
Expected publication: September 26th 2013 by Katherine Tegen Books.
Reached (Matched, #3)
 Reached by Ally Condie.
Matched #3.
Matched was good. Crossed was a disappointment. Maybe I'm not going to be screaming in this book's review, but I'm still curious enough to try to find out what happened that I'm actually not giving up on this trilogy, even after the major disappointment that answered none of my questions.
Expected publication: November 13th 2012 by Dutton Childrens Books.

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3)
The Runaway King (The Ascendance Trilogy, #2) Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.
Infernal Devices #3.
After reading Clockwork Angel, I itched to read Clockwork Prince. After reading Clockwork Prince, I saw the publication date for Clockwork Princess and nearly died. Why do I have to wait so long?! D: Why is Tessa so pretty. I love this cover!
I PROBABLY will be typing my whole review for this book in CAPS lock. I can't wait! Cassandra Clare books are so good. Ah. You should all read her books, if you haven't already.
Expected publication: March 19th 2013 by Margaret K. McElderry Books.

The Runaway King by Jennifer A. Nielsen.
The Ascendance Trilogy, Book 2.
So, I absolutely LOVED the huge twist in The False Prince. And I'm totally curious to find out what happened. There better be more romance. Or else I'll just die. I think the title is a bit of a spoiler? Yeah. Well. I'm looking forward to it!
Expected publication: April 2013 by Scholastic Press.

Princess of the Silver Woods (Princess, #3)
Scarlet (Lunar Chronicles, #2)
   Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George.
Westfalin Trilogy #3.
So, I love Jessica Day George's books. Really. Ah! I liked the first two books of this series, although I liked the first one better. I'll see what this brings. (: I'm not really dying of agony from waiting for this, but we'll see! I already pre-ordered it. A long, long, time ago. We shall see.
Expected publication: November 13th 2012 by Bloomsbury USA Children's Books.

  Scarlet by Marissa Meyer.
Lunar Chronicles #2.
    Now this. Is one that I'm dying in agony from waiting for. There's already some preview chapters, and Marissa Meyer has her ARCs already. I really, really, really, really really really really really want to read this. Marissa Meyer did the most inspiring for me to write Incend from her first book, Cinder. I want to read it really bad. omg. Isn't the cover fab?
Expected publication: February 5th 2013 by Feiwel and Friends.

Requiem by Lauren Oliver.
Delirium #3. (Or is it Love Trilogy? I'm honestly not sure.)
Um. So, when I review this book. I will be screaming and fandoming. So if you don't want to put up with that, don't read my review. Jk. Please do read my review. Just stay calm. (:
I seriously can't wait. CAN'T WAIT. Delirium was fabulous. Pandemonium was the most beautiful and unsettling cliffhanger I've ever read. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream. Seriously. You should read Lauren Oliver!
Expected Publication: March 5th 2013 by Harper Teen.


So you see, they're continuing series. I can't wait to read them all. Only two of them, I think, are coming out later this year. D: Unfortunately. And Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles isn't going to be finished until I graduate high school. omg. Why so long. Well. Honestly? I'm not planning to write a series for Incend. Although I probably will just for the sake of continuing. We'll see. Well. Brace yourselves for the reviews of these fabulous books. Because I might knock you over! That's all. I finally listed them out. (: Now I feel organized. HA!

So then, guys. What books are you waiting for?

I'm almost done with City of Bones. Just a hundred more pages! Stay tuned for my review.

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Book Review: The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston.

The Woman WarriorThe Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston.
Book Summary: A Chinese American woman tells of the Chinese myths, family stories and events of her California childhood that have shaped her identity.

Liana's summary: Maxine Hong Kingston writes an unforgettable story that American-Born-Chinese people can completely relate to, of mythology and culture, long, long, ago.

Rate(1-10): 8

I don't think that I regret buying this. (It was like, a cent! OH YEAH, AMAZON!) In truth, I saw it mentioned in my SAT Intensive workbook, and I was like, ooh, that sounds good. So I just marked it down, while my dad was buying Pride and Prejudice for me.

Beginning: Uhhuh. Okay.. I don't really see where this is going.
Middle's Beginning: Whaaa.
Middle's End: Oh, well, how does this have anything to do with the beginning? :c
End's beginning: I'm confused.
End: Oh, okay!

You see, I think the book lost me. One second, it's talking about this awesome mythical Mulan girl, and then the next it's talking about this Asian American that's being made fun in school. And then the next second, it's in third person, and then the next second, it's in first person again. (I think I'm using 'second' too loosely, fine, then, just pretend I put hour. Since I took forever on this book for some reason.)

It was confusing, but, like my summary said, I liked it because ABC's (American Born Chinese) can totally relate. I only read it because I wanted to read more Chinese themed stories. There's too less Asian books out there!

I think that, um, after reading Pride and Prejudice, I swore I was gonna move on to some stuff I liked and then go back to the History-related stuff. Yeah. So I did! I don't know what the point of that statement was, but now you all know. (:

I think the only part I liked was the Beginning's End. ^See that up there? Yeah, FAB. <3 It's because it suit me and my favorite genre more. Something mythical and magical. It was really cool!

I mean, if you're an avid reader, go ahead and read this book! Take a shot at it! If you get irritated at constant POV switching, then..Find another book! Remember, LIANA ALWAYS RECOMMENDS THAT YOU READ!

When I say, 'I can relate to it', it means I can REALLY relate to it. That made no sense. Oh well. Yeah, time for the quotes.(I have a ton!) 
 See. I'm happy because it's been a while a book had this much quotable quotes!

" woman swung a chicken.."
 I saw this on a newspaper my mom was reading one day, and I took a picture of it. When I read that line, I just immediately thought of this. LOLOL. Now you all know of my professional editing skillz. (x

"..He used to put his naked penis on the dinner table, laughing.."

"I have not been able to stop my mother's screams in public libraries or over telephones."
omg. That is so MY MOM! After reading this book, I realized that my mom's behavior is not just hers, it's all Asian women. kfjakl;sjd

"Aiaa, we're going to die."
哎呀 (Aiaa) is my favorite word in Chinese. (: This made me laugh for some weirdo reason.

"But don't do it now. You're too young to decide to live forever."
This just reminds me of people going like, "HEY I NEEDA TELL YOU SOMETHING BUT I'M NOT GONNA TELL YOU JUST BECAUSE."

"; fat men ate meat; fat men drank wine made from the rice; fat men sat on naked little girls.."
What! WHAT. WHAT. I think I need to gag.

"No. You don't stop shitting and pissing."

"We are going to carve revenge on your back."
This reminds me of this one Chinese myth about a guy who was stuck between fighting for his country and caring for his old mother at home, and his mother carved something on his back, like, uhh, something noble. I forgot. And then she told him to go to war. THIS.

"I took the silver ones because they were lighter."
See, Dad? I learn something from books, gawdammit. I learned that silver is lighter than ivory. Happy?

"He wept when he took off my shirt and saw the scar-words on my back."
... That's not masculine. He's supposed to kiss her and make her feel better, not cry at her back! Or at least..
Tears silently flooded down his cheeks when he saw my scars. I reached out and wiped them away, shaking my head. He grabbed my hand and didn't let go as he stared into my eyes, as if I would be gone forever if he dared loosen his grip...
That would be more romantic! (or a bit too dramatic. omg. I suck at writing romance scenes. Just watch when I get to one of those in Incend.) Wouldn't it?! Yeah, fan of romance, here!

"Let's tie it to the flagpole until it dries."
What do people usually do with umbilical cords? Oh, of course! Tie it to flagpoles! aa;lfsja

"Go now," I said, "before he is old enough to recognize me."
Everyone, you all know what's happening, right? She's giving up her child because she has to fight and lead a war. It's so darn sad. </3

"You've done this," I said, and ripped off my shirt to show him my back. "You are responsible for this." When I saw his startled eyes at my breasts, I slashed him across his face and at the second stroke cut off his head.

...  Seriously, she rips off her shirt too much. Oh yeah, and the cut off his head part reminded me of the part in Kristin Cashore's Graceling! (: Where Katsa just threw that dagger, and BOOM.

"Chang Chung-ching..."
omg. Omg. This just got me really mad, because this isn't even a legitimate Chinese name. Great way to rouse the stereotypes.

"..and there is the Big Six, which is China."
Whoa, whoa! NO! China is Big Road, dude. It's not Big Six. Even if it sounds like it in Cantonese.

"No matter at what point she cut, the point would have been white, the mourning color."
Animal abuse! D:

"They counted fingers and toes by touch, felt for penis or no penis,.."
._. No, no, you don't just feel for people's penises. That's so awkward..

"One child born without an anus.."
Rudd double-take

"I pictured a naked child sitting on a modern toilet desperately trying to perform until it died of congestion."
Have any of you seen that one Japanese video with the little kid potty training? I couldn't find a gif for it. So, for those people who've seen it, IMAGINE THAT!

"... Wei Pang."

Who in the world is named what they are? Pang just means fat. What a 'coincidence'.

"If it tastes good, it's bad for you," she said. "If it tastes bad, it's good for you."

"Somebody held a fragment of glass under her nostrils."
That is BRILLIANT! It's so smart! It's easier to see their breath on glass than feel it on your finger! This is brilliant.

"Nothing!" this girl would yell. "You're breathing on me. Don't breathe on me."
Okay, I thought I had bad temper when people asked too much questions.

"That's an important part."
"Why is it important?"
"Because it tells the main idea here."
"What's the main idea?"
"I don't know Chinese words for it."

Really. If someone shot that much questions at me in a row, I would just quit answering. Like, LEAVE ME TO MY PEACE.

"There is no one after you," said Brave Orchid. "No Mexicans."
"I saw some in the Greyhound station," said Moon Orchid.
"No. No, those were Filipinos."

Why Mexicans though? Are they saying that Mexicans and Filipinos look the same? No! Don't know why, but Moon Orchid's panic of Mexicans is somewhat awkward-amusing.

"I liked the Negro students (Black Ghosts) best..."
黑鬼. If an African American knew Chinese, they would kind of get offended. But I sort of get it now. I think the Chinese, when they first immigrated to CA for the gold rush, called the white people ghosts, and the African Americans would be "black" ghosts. But then, like. It's kind of offensive to me. Even if I'm Chinese. You know. I'm against racism, ya'll.

"My mother said you have to give us candy. She said that is the way the Chinese do it."
I feel so bad for the girl right now. Her mom is forcing her to demand candy!

"It is the way Chinese sounds, chingchong ugly.."
Well, poo you. For you people out there who think Chinese sounds like, CHINGCHONGLINGLONG, it doesn't. Jesus, just because you can't understand what we're saying doesn't mean you have to mock our language.

"I looked into her face so I could hate it close up."
omg. This just made me laugh for some reason. But then I feel bad for the girl who's being hated close up because she didn't do anything and she just let the girl bully her and stuff. (I just realized I don't know the main character's name. ajfs;dl)

"Maggots!" he shouted. "Maggots! Where are my grandsons? I want grandsons! Give me grandsons! Maggots!" he pointed at each one of us, "Maggot! Maggot! Maggot! Maggot! Maggot! Maggot!" Then he dived into his food, eating fast and getting seconds. "Eat, maggots," he said. "Look at the maggots chew."

One thing I don't understand: Why did people treasure boys so much? I know they can carry on the family name, but what is that for anyway? There's no reason. Who cares if your last name is remembered. Pshh. omg, which reminds me. My dad wants a boy. omg.

"..the stupidity that comes from reading too much."
This. Is. My. Life. Story. I cannot. Relate. More. Like. Omg. Her. Parents. Think. Reading. Is. Bad. Just. Like. My. Parents. omg.

"..with pornography.."
That's a word?! omg, so yeah. I learn in books.

"I may be ugly and clumsy, but one thing I'm not, I'm not retarded."
Oh, you tell her, girl! This is my favorite line. Hold up, need a second I'm adding it to Goodreads.

And that, folks, is the end of my oh-so-much quotes. Thanks for putting up with it!
Now that I did my review, I'm not sure if Maxine Hong Kingston wrote herself an autobiography this way, or is it still a Historical Fiction? Because it seems pretty real.The second part, anyways.

Just so you know, when I have pictures as reactions, the quotes are so fabulous( some are awkward) that there are no words for them!

For a historical fiction, I pictured that it would be kind of boring. But, in fact, there were actually parts that made me laugh. I name Maxine Hong Kingston a FABULOUS author! (And she's so fashionable too. Have you seen her Facebook photos? Yeah, I stalk authors! LOL.) I really liked this book because she didn't use that much hard, hard, vocab words and she didn't bore me to death like Jane Austen did. That's just my opinion though. And, throughout the book, she had a lot of techniques and stuff for everyday life that I've never used. So it was quite enjoyable!

Yep, everyone, ye should all read this book!
And, please comment what you think about this review.

That will be all! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Book Review: Belle by Cameron Dokey.

Belle: A Retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" (Once Upon a Time) Belle by Cameron Dokey.
Book Summary: Belle is convinced she has the wrong name, as she lacks her sisters' awe-inspiring beauty. So she withdraws from society, devoting her time to wood carving. Secretly, Belle longs to find the fabled Heartwood Tree. If carved by the right hands, the Heartwood will reveal the face of one's true love.During a fierce storm, Belle's father stumbles upon the mysterious Heartwood—and encounters a terrifying and lonely Beast. Now Belle must carve the Heartwood to save her father, and learn to see not with the eyes of her mind, but with the eyes of her heart.

Liana's Summary: Belle is insecure. She's worried that her name does not match her face, for she thinks she is no 'Beauty.' When they start to get poor, they have no other choice but to sell all their belongings and move to a new home in the country. Her father goes to work, and he doesn't return until two weeks later. He tells them about his trip- and they find out that Belle has to go repay his debt to the Beast who lives in the Wood. Cameron Dokey writes an enjoyable retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Rate(1-10): 7

Like I've said in the past Cameron Dokey books (or maybe I haven't said it, we never know, and I'm too lazy to check), I wanted to read more of her books after reading GOLDEN. I loved Golden. Like, a lot. A LOT ALOT. But then the rest of Dokey's retellings were a bit of a disappointment. D: I have one more Cameron Dokey book to finish and that's all I have access to. :c

So then, as you know, this story is actually a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Usually I enjoy retellings if they're really unique and different from the original story, like, in Incend, I have said it's a Rapunzel retelling. But I'm adding a bunch of stuff. I hope it's going to be good. Gah! In this book, Dokey adds a bit of extra stuff. The plot isn't that different. We all know that Belle is going to go back home, and the Beast is going to be heartbroken, and then she goes back and admits she loves him, and then he gets alive again, and then he turns into a charming young man, prince or not, doesn't matter, and they live happily ever after. SO expected. In GOLDEN, though, what caught my attention was that Rapunzel wasn't trapped in a tower. And she wasn't the girl with long, flowing hair. She was bald, and she knew the witch wasn't her mother, and the witch was NICE. That's why I liked it.

Well. Uh, I suppose it's good. I prefer Alex Flinn's retellings. (: Not that I don't like Cameron Dokey's, though.

So uh, yeah. It IS a really good CLEAN romance that I enjoyed. Even though the romance is a bit awkward and sudden. It's not as bad as the romance in Shadow by Jenny Moss. (Every single time I run into a not-bad-but-not-so-good romance, I just mention Shadow by Jenny Moss. I'm such a mean book critic. D: It is meant for little kids.. Ugh.)

What got me confused was that the Beast would ask her to look him in the eyes and she would say "No, I can't." But I don't know WHY! It's so darn confusing.

Now that I've talked about retellings (mostly to myself since no one looks on this blog. D:), I realize that Disney's versions are hardly accurate. They're made appropriate for little girls. But then no one would know Sleeping Beauty got raped.

Enough babbling. Time for quotes!

"Maybe I don't want to," she answered.
"And maybe you're a phony," I replied.

(x Good comebacks!

"And perhaps I could flap my arms and fly to the moon.."
Absurd imagination. o_o

"Will you give me the pleasure of taking you in to lunch, ma Belle?"
MAH BELLE? I just thought of Justin Bieber. (mah, babeh, babeh, babybaby!)

"Why does anyone ask a question? Because I want to know the answer."

"Celeste was sitting there, a young man by her side."
Gasp! Oh wait, you mean the dumb one? Eww.

"You're the youngest. You get blamed by default."
Whoa, whoa! Hold on there. OPPOSITE WAY AROUND. I'm the older one, so I KNOW.

"..'till I dripped a great puddle of water on the floor and heard my stomach growl."
You know what kind of visual image I just had?

"..will find anything at all. I may not, but we all know Papa cannot. In which case perhaps and if may be stronger than they sound.."
This is my favorite line. For now. (:

"Company, for one thing," the Beast replied.
Ugh. Really?

"Look at me, Annabelle," he demanded in that fierce, compelling voice. "Look into my face, into my eyes for the span of time it takes to count to five. Look at me and let me see you. Look at me and free us both."
Look at him... uh. (Annabelle! She's named after you, Annabelle, if you're reading this. ;D )

"..calling my name, begging me to answer, and cursing me, all at once."
LOL. This is so funny though. "WAKE UP! I NEED YOU! CURSE YOU SO BAD ANNABELLE!"

Okay. That name isn't cute.
Besides my protest to the name Gaspard, I liked this book. (Like I've said a billion times in this review.)
 Now, I'm moving on to The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston, since I've had a long, long, long, break from classics and historical books. It looks pretty good!

August 15th, 2012.

Ahh! School is going to start. And I still have 20 books or so to read. Well. I guess I have to finish as much as I can ajfkld;jlsj. Anyway, I'm going to read The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston soon. It sounds really good! Yeah, I'll just go now. Goodbye!

I LOVE GOODREADS LIKE A LOT. People. You should get on there. Just do it ok.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Review: Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin.

Butterfly Swords (Tang Dynasty, #1)Butterfly Swords by Jeannie Lin.
Tang Dynasty #1.
Book Summary: During China's infamous Tang Dynasty, a time awash with luxury yet littered with deadly intrigues and fallen royalty, betrayed Princess Ai Li flees before her wedding.Miles from home, with only her delicate butterfly swords for defense, she enlists the reluctant protection of a blue-eyed warrior....Battle-scarred, embittered Ryam has always held his own life at cheap value. Ai Li's innocent trust in him and honorable, stubborn nature make him desperate to protect her--which means "not" seducing the first woman he has ever truly wanted....

Liana's Summary: Princess Ai Li is stubborn, yet calm. She runs away when her marriage to Governor Li Tao approaches, and meets Ryam, a foreigner. Ryam protects her and tries to get her back home after she insists on having to tell her parents something grave and important. With her butterfly swords and Ryam's braveness, nothing can get in their way. Except seduction.

Rate(1-10): 5

I feel so awfully bad giving this book a 5, but let's just say it doesn't deserve a six. I thought it was really entertaining in the beginning. A runaway princess, butterfly swords, white guy, a kick in the penis. How entertaining, right?! Well. NO. After a while, it got a bit repetitive, and I got bored.

Also, the porn. If you see my summary, well, uh. I put seduction. Because the book summary said, "Seducing." And I shoud've known that meant porn. But no, I judged a book by its cover and title. I just glanced over the summary and missed the word 'seducing.'

This is really, really, really major porn that makes Twilight's Breaking Dawn look innocent. Like, literally! At least in Twilight they don't suck each other's genitals! And they don't moan and groan and ugh. Bella seems less hate-able after reading this book. Seriously, this book is descriptive as crap. Like, moaning, groaning, humping, licking, tickling, putting penis in vagina-ing, touching nipples-ing, orgasm-ing, looking at each other naked-ing, pushing on the bed and take off clothes-ing, wet-ness, and ETC. I'm sick, I'm sick. They do it about 5 times, including ALL those things I listed. Breaking Dawn- 3 times! Okay, maybe this book is better than Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm NEVER EVER reading that. I'll never read a porno on purpose. But still! Really! He's such a pervert, like, he just imagines her naked and stuff. omfg.

In the beginning,  I'm like, ooou, if this keeps going, it's a 10! I was so happy until the part where he takes off her shirt. And I'm like, uhh. 8. And then the time he was drunk and he licked her.. uh, genital, I said, 7. And then the process kept continuing, and I ended up with 6. But while I was ranting in the paragraph above, I decided it should be a 5. So yeah. There you go. Besides, the plot isn't that good.

I know it's kinda not fair to rate a book by its porn-ness, but then I can't really accept this. Because I'm freaking 14, not 18. Maybe I'll give this book another go when I'm old. Let's see if I'll find it entertaining. I sound really immature. Once in a while, sex scenes are okay to come across. But then it's ONCE in a while. And ONCE in a book. Only some could count as acceptable- Graceling, Infernal Devices, and uh, yeah. Divergent. Those are okay! I can read those, but then this is so hard-core. The reason I gave it a 5 is not just because of the porn, it's because of the sad plot.

Besides the interesting beginning, there's nothing good about this whole book. Sorry. I can't really think of anything. Uh, pretty cover? (Here I am, the mean book critic. fkjdas;fklsdja) Oh yeah, the ending was the kind that made you go, 'Uh, okay.' Not "HEHEHEHEHHEHE" Or "WHAAAAAAAAAAALE" Or even smile. It was just so awk, you have nothing to say.

I won't be continuing the Tang Dynasty series in a while. I needa cool off with some clean romance.

Anyways. Quotes!

"Her boot slammed neatly into his groin."
Oooooooou! >:D

"..she reached out to push away a lock of hair to get a better look."
This is so Disney's Tangled- the part where she knocked him out with a pan and then looked at his face. LOL. Well yeah, I don't blame her. She's examining a white guy.

"I ran into a horde of men waving knives to help you, remember? You kicked me pretty hard for all my trouble..."
omg. LOL. In the peeeeeeeeeeeeenis.

"Already his imagination ran wild with the thought of her undressed and unbound before him.."
EWWW. What a perv. This was the point in which I was doubting the rate of 10, considering a 9 instead.

"If I win, you give me a kiss.."
How.. entertaining. -disgusted-

"I thought this was a friendly match--"
Oooh, no it isn't.

"...had kissed her breathless and she belonged to another man."

"Jump and run. The grass will break the fall."
LIEESS. I know how it feels to land on grass. Ugh.

"It is not as if I'm refusing Li Tao because he is old or ugly or fat."
"Well, is he?"
"I--I don't know. I mean, it doesn't matter."
"You don't know if he's ugly?"

omg. That question. "You don't know if he's ugly?" LOL.

"Little liar. He could pull her into his arms and she would melt against him. Her mouth would taste just as sweet as he remembered."
PERVERT. Inconceivable level of perverted-ness.

"He dragged his lips over hers until she moaned.."
OH GOD, OH GOD! STAP IT, STAAAAHP IT! I know what's coming next. -horrified-

"This was why he didn't seduce virgins."

"I don't like how they're looking at you."
"It was you they were staring at."

You have no idea how funny this is- she tells the white dude that people are staring at him because of his hair and eyes, and he tells her that the old dudes are looking at her. You get it? omg. LOL.

"..had been too long since he'd enjoyed the soft touch of a woman..."

"..was so much easier to seduce a woman than talk to her."

"You're not good enough to beat me, Ailey."
"Honour is not about winning."


"... to bring her knee up into his groin..."
Okay, too much penis harming.

"Even if he could never bed her- though, by God, he wanted to-"

"You have brought shame to our family."

"Her eyes lowered as she reached up to pull the ivory pin from her hair."
Okay, so the several times they did it, she had to take down her hair every single time. It was so darn repetitive. It got annoying. Didn't she have to redo her hair ALL OVER again? I prefer saying "did it", okay. I'm not that dirty.

"I've seen this in books."
Reminds me of this one post about the guy telling the girl that she's not ready, and then she's like, I GOT THIS, I READ FANFIC.

"...starkly handsome.."
Eww, Li Tao? Handsome?

"I'm not marrying you."
"You will."


"I will marry you if you let him go."
omfg. Sound familiar?

"I'm not going anywhere." he shouted after her. "Ailey! Do you hear me? I'm not going anywhere..."
So dramatic. But okay! Sure.

"None of us deserves the things we have been given. We can only spend the rest of our days earning them."
Ah. Favorite quote!
Well, on the bright side, they all have legit Chinese names. (: Unlike other books where the guy is named ONE syllable. Smh.

So you're probably thinking I'm an immature fourteen year old reading a YA book that's not meant for 14 year olds. But I have my other reasons for making the rate a 5.

Okay, while I was typing the quotes, I realized that there's something else that made it deserve a 5. The third person POV. Only some can pull that off, like I said. That will be all. I'm relieved to move on to clean romance.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Review: Aurelia by Anne Osterlund.

Aurelia (Aurelia, #1)Aurelia by Anne Osterlund.
Aurelia #1.
Book Summary: An impressive debut, equal parts commercial appeal and literary prowess.Princess Aurelia is next in line to rule the kingdom of Tyralt, but she would rather be one of the common folk, free to learn and roam and . . . not marry the next tyrannical prince that comes courting. Naturally, the king wants Aurelia to marry for political power. Aurelia wants to marry for love. And someone in the kingdom wants her . . . dead. Assigned to investigate and protect Aurelia is Robert, the son of the king's former royal spy and one of Aurelia's oldest friends. As Aurelia and Robert slowly uncover clues as to who is threatening her, their friendship turns to romance. With everything possible on the line, her life, her kingdom, her heart, Aurelia is forced to take matters into her own hands, no matter the cost.

Liana's Summary: Princess Aurelia knows it's her duty to be a proper princess. She knows she's not as alluring as Princess Melony, her half-sister, and she's next in line to rule Tyralt. When Robert comes along, Aurelia wants to marry for love- not for riches. With shocking twists, Anne Osterlund writes an entertaining story to read, where the girl saves herself, not depending on the guy at all.

Rate(1-10): 8

First of all, I thought the cover was really fabulous. Like, omg. So pretty! And for the FIRST, FIRST FIRST DARN TIME, the person on the cover matches the character description. (: YAY!

I pretty much enjoyed reading it, although there were a lot of derp parts where I didn't know what I was reading. I'm exhausted. Ahhh.

Since I read this on the ereader, and I downloaded this somewhere, the names weren't even capitalized. omg. I was so annoyed. Whoever typed this up, aajfkl;dsjfldj.

I think the climax was really gripping, and I need to learn from Anne Osterlund about how to write There's not really a word to describe. So grippingly is good enough.

What I like is that Anne Osterlund actually said hi before I read this. Also, she's read Graceling! (: Hehehehehe. Which is why I love Goodreads, man. Okay.

There are like, huge twists. I wasn't that shocked because I read a summary/review this one person did, and I kinda got a spoiler. I was expecting it, so it wasn't surprising. Which is why you shouldn't trust other people's reviews. fjajlsdfj

The ending is such a cliffhanger. Well, not really. But still. It's epic. I was smilin' to myself.

There were these parts that were just quite amusing. :3 I DID like this book, but not so much that it's on my Top 10's. Still like it though. ;D It was amazaaaayn.

Also, I really like the name Aurelia. Robert is an okay name. That's my aunt's boyfriend. omg. He's so scary.

What annoyed me was that it was in 3rd person. Only some books can pull that off, like Infernal Devices, Harry Potter, Graceling, and some others. When I read the first sentence of this book, I was like, Gahh. Third person. And there was this part in which Robert killed someone and I thought he freaking died so I cried and I re-read it and then I was happy. Anyway.

Quotes~ I actually have quite a bit this time. ;D

"Then, bending down, skirt hitched up, she scratched her ankle in a highly satisfying, undignified manner.."
LOL. Scratch that ankle, girl.

"He squinted red eyes at Aurelia and reached out a pawing hand at her bodice..."
EWWWW. o__o The thing is, whenever authors use 'pawing' I just think of bears. LOL. But ewww.

You certainly won't stop me. Aurelia whirled and stalked from the room..
Yes. You go Aurelia.

"I haven't seen a lad chase after a girl with such gusto in a long time.."
omg, it makes him sound like a pervert. But he was just trying to protect her.

"The seaman uncurled himself from his seat..."
Seaman. omg. Sorry, sorry, but.. um. seman.

"Mr. Vantague flung up his hands in disgust and slammed..."
I like that name Vantague. Anyway, that gesture is awesome! Fling hands into the air. I know, weird. LOL.

"Tonight," he replied.
So darn dramatic. TAH-NITE.

"Drew gripped Robert's shirt and tugged."

"The noxious smell of urine and molding..."
I was eating. Gah.

He moved forward and gripped her shoulders. "Never." His voice was harsh. "Never think that!"
o_____o Dramatic! Oh yes. Their first kiss. (': I was so happy.

"Edward reached out and ran his index finger in a slow curve around her jaw."
Ewww. Fail attempt of seduction. Because he's like, 70 years old.

"Wait here for several minutes."
Uh huh. -_-'

"Hurry, Aurelia! Robert screamed in his mind. Send someone! Please hurry!"
Okay, so it's the guy's turn to be the maiden in distress?!

"...but even as he screamed, -----'s sword jabbed downward, this time at an angle. Gripping the sword with both hands, ----- brought all the strength he could muster in one thrust, straight at Robert's chest."
This part was so darn scary. I was holding my breath. Btw, the ----- is for not spoiling ANYTHING. ----- is THE person. You know.

"She should be arrested."
His expression hardened. "Don't be naive."

Her? Naive? Please. It's just because you're a stupid git that you're not willing to call yourself naive. Because you ARE.

"...instead he would marry his older daughter to a man three times her age."

"..she wanted to pound on the desk and argue.."

"He's gone!" ------'s voice rose in hysteria.

"Now it doesn't matter, does it?!" she screamed. "You've destroyed everything. I hope Edward strangles you in your marriage bed."

"You," she said. "are the only person I can trust."
<3 Aww. & Happily Ever After!~ :D I hope.


"Quite a bit." You get it?! ;D Quite a bit.. omg that's not even funny.

Yeah, guys. I know. A lot of flipping table memes. (x In a row. Anyway, that will be all! I love authors that can get emotion out of me. (':

The second one to the Aurelia series is Exile, btw. I must read it!

August 12th, 2012.

I've got a few things to announce. Which is why the post title has no special name. :p Okay!

1- Incend's Illustrator.
Yep, it's Ireen. Check the last post for more info, okay. The Incend's Eramina one. So then, she decided to DRAW the whole story, manga form. (': YAY! It's all because she got Mastering Manga by Mark Crilley. And she's finally willing to draw the kissing pictures. >:D Isn't that a giveaway! I mean, I would draw it myself, but Ireen's much better than I am and I suck at drawing manga.

2- Aurelia by Anne Osterlund, update~
 So, this is basically a check-in. I've been looking forward to reading this book, since Anne herself talked about it on Goodreads with me. I'm only on page 12, so then I'm in no position to judge. Still, though, I haven't read a princessy-Medieval book in a while, and I have a feeling I'm really going to like it. (: Besides, there are already 2 highlights( I'm reading on ereader. Sigh.), and only 12 pages with 2 highlights is a sign that it's a really good book! Also a sign that there's quite a number of upcoming quotes. We'll see. Also, the cover is fab.

3- Almost school time.
I'm kinda excited and scared at the same time. The reason I put this as one of the things on this post is because I'm planning to read all the books in the library during my four years of high school. yep. I got this. Okay! Wish me luck~

Okay, I guess 3 isn't even a few. It's a little. But oh wells. There, those are my announcements. Darn it, I keep forgetting to label my updates with the label "update". Guuuuuuuh.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler.

Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill MeWolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler.
Book Summary:  KJ Carson lives an outdoor lover’s dream. The only daughter of a fishing and wildlife guide, KJ can hold her own on the water or in the mountains near her hometown outside Yellowstone National Park. But when she meets the shaggy-haired, intensely appealing Virgil, KJ loses all self-possession. And she’s not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that they’re assigned to work together on a school newspaper article about the famous wolves of Yellowstone. As KJ spends time with Virgil, she also spends more time getting to know a part of her world that she always took for granted . . . and she begins to see herself and her town in a whole new light.

Liana's summary: Katherine Jean Carson is finally starting to look like a girl. But, just because her new appearance is different from her old one, it doesn't mean that her classmates have forgotten every single embarrassing detail from the past, and when Virgil Whitman comes along, they put her on full blast. Meanwhile, with KJ suspecting him, Virgil tries to get along with her, and along the way, they find romance, wolves, and disaster.

Rate(1-10): 8

So, usually, I don't like those books that are set in the 2000, or 1990, or something modern, without some.. MAGICKK. Magic is missing. D; When I first saw this book, I apparently thought that there were werewolves, but they're actually actual wolves. LOL. Well, because it's modern, I didn't give it a 10. Otherwise, this was a pretty good modern book! I keep saying modern. Like rlly. I think all my books are set somewhere NOT to this time, and if it is, at least there's magic. This isn't my book actually. :p But my point is, I liked it! (:

Discussing the name Virgil: Well. When I was taking a Diagnostic for the SAT, I read a passage in the Critical Reading section. And the narrator was named Virgil. That's honestly the first time I heard that name, (About 4 weeks ago) and I thought it was a girl's name and I thought the narrator was a girl until I saw the questions about HIM. Yeah, well, my main point is, I like that name good enough now. (x I do. Maybe I'll use it somewhere..

Discussing the name KJ: Usually protagonists aren't really named two letters, but I suppose it adds to her 16 years of boyishness. Katherine Jean. Eh. I like it because it's unique. (: Besides, JK Rowling. KJ Carson. I like it. (x One thing- I've always imagined Kristen Stewart as KJ. Don't know why. But she fits! Even if I don't like her, but.. oh well.

The main concentration about wolves: I don't know. Wolves. Apparently the author knows wolves. I'm one of those writers who WON'T use self experience for a character. (Despite the birthday so I can remember it. Besides. That's what Joanne K. Rowling did.) Anyways, I don't think that the story would have been interesting if it wasn't for the wolves.

Before I read it I thought: Virgil was a werewolf and he was going to bite KJ and she's gonna be "Wolf Girl" (on the back of the book!) And then yeah. Apparently I haven't paid enough attention to reviews. omg.

After I read it I thought that it was pretty unique. I have less quotes. ;D

I skimmed through a lot. I finished last night at 12:30PM. Here's Liana's step-by-step tutorial on how to sneak in the middle of the night: I shouldn't be teaching this, but um.

1- Wait for 5 minutes after the lights are off.
2- Move an inch.
3- Move another inch.
4-Repeat step 2-3 until you're off the bed.
5- Fast is quiet. Now run to the bathroom.

It totally occurred to me that many of you have your own rooms and can just turn on the lights. LOL. But this is why I like the ereader.


"And the coyotes are biting him. Very exciting."
o________________O I don't know, man, exciting ain't really a weeerd to describe this.

"After sixteen years, I finally started to look like a girl this summer. I had to buy a real bra,..."
Uhh. Don't even know what to say.

"Either he has a crush on Virgil too..."
omg. This made me laugh out loud.

"Whatever, Just because you got boobs and a haircut. He's still way out of your league, sweetie."
How. Rude. Like he's in your league?

"...and he gifted me a C-. I still can't do math."
EWWWWWWWWWW. A C- LIKE EWWWWWW GET AWEY. Not even I am that bad. And I stink at math. Like, I got a B. Two times in a row. </3

"Don't tell me to shut up."
"Both of you shut up."

LOL. Shut up, don't tell me to shut up, both of you shut up. (x

".....I have Sexy Hair sitting in front of me?"
Okay, one thing I forgot to mention: Virgil's not that hot. But, oh well. Sexy Hair? o_o

Virgil's warm Minnesota voice floats out in front of me. "When the value of the variables changes, when the values can be reversed or destroyed, it changes the inequality."
WOOOH. Go Virgil!

"I mean, I noticed you. You're pretty."
Even I don't know what to say.

"You look like you have a giant hickey."

"You're dad's a tough guy,"
What. YOUR. It's YOUR NOT YOU'RE LIKE WHAT KIND OF WRITING IS THIS IT'S YOUR! Sorry. I get like that when people mix up you're and your. Like. Really. I'm sad to say that the author did this two times in the book.

"Like what? Do you think I'm gay or something?"
"You're not?"

omg. You offended him, girrrrrrrrrrrrl.

"Mud looks good on you."

"You know.. the guy..."
"The guy?"

LOL. THE GUY. He's THE guy. (x

"What if Virgil becomes my stepbrother?"

"I go to the kitchen and make him a sandwich."
Way to go with the stereotype, KJ. Way to go.

"So what if they sleep in the same room."
Overprotective dad!

"Do you ever wear clothes around my daughter?" 
omg. (x NO SIR. It's a mere coincidence.


Well, that's it! Goodbyeeeeeeeeee~

Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review: Shadows Cast by Stars by Catherine Knutsson.

Shadows Cast By Stars Shadows Cast by Stars by Catherine Knutsson.
Book Summary: Old ways are pitted against new horrors in this compellingly crafted dystopian tale about a girl who is both healer and seer.Two hundred years from now, blood has become the most valuable commodity on the planet—especially the blood of aboriginal peoples, for it contains antibodies that protect them from the Plague ravaging the rest of the world.Sixteen-year-old Cassandra Mercredi might be immune to Plague, but that doesn’t mean she’s safe—government forces are searching for those of aboriginal heritage to harvest their blood. When a search threatens Cassandra and her family, they flee to the Island: a mysterious and idyllic territory protected by the Band, a group of guerilla warriors—and by an enigmatic energy barrier that keeps outsiders out and the spirit world in. And though the village healer has taken her under her wing, and the tribal leader’s son into his heart, the creatures of the spirit world are angry, and they have chosen Cassandra to be their voice and instrument....Incorporating the traditions of the First Peoples as well as the more familiar stories of Greek mythology and Arthurian legend, Shadows Cast by Stars is a haunting, beautifully written story that breathes new life into ancient customs.

Liana's Summary: Cassandra Mercredi is one of them- one of the people who are immune to the Plague that's killing hundreds. However, that still doesn't make her safe, because even if she had the Plague, she dies either way. So, she runs. She runs somewhere safe, where the government can't find her- her and her blood. Meanwhile, she can see things that no one else can. Soon, she becomes Medicine Woman. It's her job to help the people.

Rate(1-10): 8.1

Yeah. Uneven decimal, I know. I don't think it deserves just an 8, because it was pretty good. But not that good that I want to give it a 9. I basically finished this last night, last minute too, so I didn't have time to do the book review then. So now I'm doing it.

I thought that this book was pretty good. What got me excited was that it was the same exact font as Graceling, and the same exact size, and the same exact (Maybe not but still) number of pages. And, plus, pretty cover!

Here's my opinion on the romance. I thought it was kinda unnatural, you know? Like, first, they're strangers. And then they hold hands. And then they kiss. And then they smile. I'm just going to thank the lord that the romance isn't as awkward as the romance in Shadow by Jenny Moss. I enjoy romance. But it's not really natural.

I kept doubting myself about whether this book was dystopian or not, because it sounds so.. historical with the animals and tribes. But then the summary DOES say 200 years from now. Man, that feels good, knowing you're hundreds of years older than the main character. :)

Unfortunately, during the climax, I was at summer school, aka the place where crazy people shout and yell and make crazy constipated sex noises. Ahem. So then I didn't get a word I was reading. D; But, it's okay, since I got the main idea. Anyways. It was so darn sad. I was like. NOOOO WHYYYY! Also unfortunately, I couldn't read at home and sit and relax and drink a soda. Instead, I had to read in the car. Did I ever tell you I never get carsick even when I read in the car? (: That's good. But I hate doing homework in the car because my dad drives like a maniac and my mom drives in jerks. I be flippin' tables if they flip my homework off the seat AGAIN.

Anyways. Quotes. I didn't do a lot because I was trying to save tabs. LOL. I went to Wal-Mart and I bought like 8 packs of tabs. YAY! (: Because YOLO ok. People use YOLO for doing stupid stuff but I use YOLO for reading books, buying books, and getting book-related stuff. (x Anyway. Quotes.

"Damn it all, Cass!"
:c I'm scared.

"..And then someone shot me and I fell."
Wow. Blatant.

"..the Band signed the treaty land surrounding our house back to the UA, and and left for the island left for the Island."
WHAT. I didn't get that sentence at all. Yes, I typed it WORD FOR WORD. First of all, there were two ands and two "left for the islands." So I do know this is a reviewer's copy. It's not even revised. I don't know what to say. Also, there was this sentence where I saw "\" And I was like, OOOOOU! TYPO. I got excited for no reason, omg.

"...where I would have a future that didn't involve marrying a warrior and bearing him babies..."
BEARING HIM WHAT. One does not simply say that out loud.

"My darling," she whispers, reaching out to touch him and then withdrawing her hand as if she was about to make a mistake. "I've missed you so!"
She's crazy! I'm scared. D;

"They'll always come back for food."
Of course. Guys and food. Together forever.

"How dare she inspect me like I'm a fatted calf?"

"Apollo gave you the gift of prophecy by licking your ears, you see, and then took it away when you refused to sleep with him. Not nice, that Apollo."
What. What. I'm confused. Who licks ears? Ear wax, man!

"Maybe later, Paulie."
Okay. Out of all the dumb shortened guy names. Paulie?! Even Laurie-Lawrence is better than that!

"The world is about to change."
I'm nervous! It's getting good.

"Another scar," I murmur as I tie off the knot.
He grins. "Good."

Paulie is emo.

"In answer, I lean in and kiss him."
Whoa, whoa! What is this forward-ness?!

"Finally!" Bran flings his head back and whoops so I can't help but smile. "The girl is worried about me!"
Awh, how cute!

"I didn't know there were mermaids in the lake."
EWWW. PERV. Mermaids have tails, not vajayjays.

"Like hell you do." I spot Paul walking across the sundeck up at the house. "Paul!" I scream. "Paul!"

"What's the matter, Mercredi? I'm just having a bit of fun!"
What. A. Manwhore.

"What the hell are you thinking? Swimming naked where everyone can see you?"

"Here!" Bran screams. He's back up on the dock. "Give me your hand!"
Oh my goodness. Cassandra! D;

Madda pulls my father back. "Lou, let her go. I need to check her over."
LOU~ (:

"Oh, hell," he says.
So reminds me of Charlie barging in on his sister having sex in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

"Okay. Let's do it."
LET'S DO IT. -pedoface-

"You're thinking too loud," Madda says as she rolls over. "Stop it. You're keeping me awake."
This was amusing to me. :)

"Now, take off your shirt."

He sits down so close to me that we're almost touching, and then reaches under my blanket, putting his hand on my thigh. I reach down, pick up his hand, and put it on his own leg. He returns it to mine, and I return it to his. " I think it should stay there," I say, giving his hand a light pat.
"Give me a break," he murmurs. "We're finally alone."

Oh, come on! This was amusing to me also. (x

"What a pussy."

"They sit there, hand in hand..."

And now it looks like I've got you and your boyfriend after all.
Boyfriend? o_o
Character discussions, guys.

Madda- She's my favorite character. :) In the beginning, I thought she was crazy. omg. I didn't like her. I don't think I like her name. Madda. :\ Oh well. Still! My favorite character. (:

Avalon- I don't like her. Never will. Started out rude, ended up rude.

Paul- I liked Paul good enough, but then...

Cedar- I thought he was a huge pervert, but then I feel bad for him because he really liked Cassandra and she chose Bran over him.

Bran- I like Bran. He's fab.

Cassandra- Strong female protagonist! I like. (:

I don't think this book made it to my high-obsessions list, but I still liked it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Book Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.

Clockwork Prince (The Infernal Devices, #2)Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.
Infernal Devices#2.
Book Summary: In the magical underworld of Victorian London, Tessa Gray has at last found safety with the Shadowhunters. But that safety proves fleeting when rogue forces in the Clave plot to see her protector, Charlotte, replaced as head of the Institute. If Charlotte loses her position, Tessa will be out on the street—and easy prey for the mysterious Magister, who wants to use Tessa’s powers for his own dark ends. With the help of the handsome, self-destructive Will and the fiercely devoted Jem, Tessa discovers that the Magister’s war on the Shadowhunters is deeply personal. He blames them for a long-ago tragedy that shattered his life. To unravel the secrets of the past, the trio journeys from mist-shrouded Yorkshire to a manor house that holds untold horrors, from the slums of London to an enchanted ballroom where Tessa discovers that the truth of her parentage is more sinister than she had imagined. When they encounter a clockwork demon bearing a warning for Will, they realize that the Magister himself knows their every move—and that one of their own has betrayed them.Tessa finds her heart drawn more and more to Jem, though her longing for Will, despite his dark moods, continues to unsettle her. But something is changing in Will—the wall he has built around himself is crumbling. Could finding the Magister free Will from his secrets and give Tessa the answers about who she is and what she was born to do?As their dangerous search for the Magister and the truth leads the friends into peril, Tessa learns that when love and lies are mixed, they can corrupt even the purest heart.

Liana's Summary: Tessa Gray is finally safe, at least, safer than she was before. Mortmain still wants her, and she still needs time despairing over her brother. Jem and Will, parabatai, cannot be separated. They are blood brothers, swearing to protect each other. When love and romance brews, Will finds himself in the situation of choosing between protecting Jem's feelings and loving Tessa. With huge twists and uncovered secrets, Cassandra Clare writes a book that will make you laugh and cry.

Rate(1-10): 10!

I cannot believe that this series became one of my favorites. I've not read such a good book in a long time and I didn't really expect another great one to come along. I loved it so much.

Below is my few sentences for the cover appreciations:
I fell in love with the cover when I first saw it, ok. Will, who is on the cover of Clockwork Angel, is very charming, but I imagined him with longer hair. Oh well. The cover will is charming too. And Clockwork Prince, this book, has Jem on it. AHH. JEM. I love Jem. So yeah. That's exactly how I imagined him. The third book, Clockwork Princess, is the most gorgeous of the three! (: Can't wait to read it.

During this book, I died. Okay, fine, I'm still alive, but this book wrenched at my heart and soul. Okay, it was really, really, really good. REALLY GOOD! I'm telling you!

The end is such a cliffhanger though. And Clockwork Princess is just so far away from coming out. D: Well. I guess I have to wait. -Sigh- (In agony.) I loved this book so much. omg. I said that already. I liked it better than Clockwork Angel, actually. And that's saying a lot because Clockwork Angel was written by a freaking goddess--

So, quotes!~ I'm so sad I'm done. But I'm moving on and staying strong during the long hard wait. GUH.


"You know I missed your pretty face.."

Yeah, if you call that pretty. What a playboy faker.

"James Carstairs smiled back at her, elegant in his dark suit.."

YAY, IT'S JEM! I got excited. LOL.

"But what I don't know-"
"You know what you need to know."

I should really say this to someone. :p

"Lord, you're Irish," said Will. "Can you make things that don't have potatoes in them? We had an Irish cook once when I was a boy. Potato pie, potato custard, potatoes with potato sauce.."

LOL. Omg. What if an Irish was reading that and got offended by the stereotype. (x

"In honor of my birthplace, I've got the dragon of Wales tattooed on my-"


"Will." Jem took his friend by the shirtfront and shook him.

For some reason, this part made me laugh so hard. Jem shaking someone! JEM.

"Jem!" Tessa cried.


He broke off with a cough.

Oh, no.

Camille would be furious he had dog-eared her volume-


"I had come to think I would never love anyone, but I love her." 


"That you might love me?"

-cough- BROMANCE

If only there were some way to scrape Will out of her mind, like scraping the mud off your shoe.

Um. Will's not mud.

He put his arms around her, straitening her spine, arranging the knife in her hand..

PERVERT. I know you want her. But she don't want you. -recoils in disgust- Who wants Gabriel anyway.
"..his shoes and jacket were off, his shirt open at the collar, his hair an adorable rumpled mess of silver.."

As I have said. All that glitters isn't gold- It's Jem. No, not even Edward Cullen can pull of the way Jem glitters.

"..grew up speaking English and Mandarin Chinese,"

Ermahgerd! He speaks Mandarin! (:

"Say something in Mandarin," said Tessa with a smile.
Jem said something rapidly, that sounded like a lot of breathy vowels and consonants run together, his voice rising and falling melodically: "Ni hen piao liang."
"What did you say?"
"I said your hair is coming undone.."

JEM. Okay, I think this is my favorite part. Because he called her pretty but he lied about it, because he's awfully shy. When I saw, Ni hen piao liang, I was like ouuuuuuuuu, hehehee. But then he said, "Your hair is coming undone," I was like, rlly. Jem. Really.

"I swear, I will Change into you, and I will lift him myself. And then everyone here will see what you look like in a dress." She fixed him with a look. "Do you understand?"

Omg. Jem in a dress. What a sight!

"God damn you," he said, and hit Will across the face, sending him spinning.

Is this Jem? O: omg. But Will deserved that. Spin, spin, spin. Wheeee~

"-and what do you mean, you don't like me?" Gabriel demanded,..

-__-' She doesn't like you. End of story.

"Your woe hath been my anguish; yea, I quail....."

This was one of the poems at the beginning of each chapter, and I stopped and read it, and saw the word "yea." And I was  like, is that a word to put in poetry? I was so bewildered I highlighted it.

"And be prepared to swoon at my finery.."


"Magnus eyed her bosom openly.."

This part is just so bizarre and awkward. Omg.

"Henry landed, then threw himself at the creature again, slashing out with his blade.."


"And they leaped from the gallery above, Will and Jem, each.."

YAY! WILL AND JEM ARE HERE. (': Save their princess. Prince and Angel to the rescue. <3

"I am not naming our child Buford.."



There would have been more quotes, but you know. Didn't wanna take too long to type them out. Besides, there would have been some with major spoilers. (;


Oh yes. Honestly, I totally changed my mind about hating 3rd person POV. I like it now. (: Much better. But I'm glad to say I still like first person because you understand the character more.

After reading this book, I could not control my happiness and omg's. So, OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SO HAPPY!~ I highly recommend this to you. This was the only book that made me hallucinate out loud.

What did you think of this review? (;

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Book Review: Free Four by Veronica Roth.

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Story (Divergent, #1.1)Free Four by Veronica Roth: Tobias tells the story.
Book Summary: #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias's point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details about Four's character, his past, his own initiation, and his thoughts about new Dauntless initiate Tris Prior.

Liana's Summary: In this short book Veronica Roth writes a short story in Tobias's point of view- what he thought when we all knew what Tris thought in Divergent.

Rate(1-10): 9

So, like Hana by Lauren Oliver, the extra short story is in another main character's POV. It uncovers some unanswered questions that bloomed in the main book. So, it was like 9 pages. Short book, short review!

Quote reactions!

"..he knows I have a thing for her, so he's going.."

Tobias is such a perv. Like. More than I thought.

"Of course she thinks I'm like Eric. I just threw knives at her head. I screwed it all up."

Man, you did. So bad.

"..can't leave now. I like her too much. There, I said it. But I won't say it again."


So, this kinda explains the weird romance in Divergent. Because he was obsessing over her already! Omg. So, read it. It's here.

Book Review: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1)Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
Infernal Devices Series #1.
Book Summary: Magic is dangerous--but love is more dangerous still.When sixteen-year-old Tessa Gray crosses the ocean to find her brother, her destination is England, the time is the reign of Queen Victoria, and something terrifying is waiting for her in London's Downworld, where vampires, warlocks and other supernatural folk stalk the gaslit streets. Only the Shadowhunters, warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons, keep order amidst the chaos.Kidnapped by the mysterious Dark Sisters, members of a secret organization called The Pandemonium Club, Tessa soon learns that she herself is a Downworlder with a rare ability: the power to transform, at will, into another person. What's more, the Magister, the shadowy figure who runs the Club, will stop at nothing to claim Tessa's power for his own.Friendless and hunted, Tessa takes refuge with the Shadowhunters of the London Institute, who swear to find her brother if she will use her power to help them. She soon finds herself fascinated by--and torn between--two best friends: James, whose fragile beauty hides a deadly secret, and blue-eyed Will, whose caustic wit and volatile moods keep everyone in his life at arm's length...everyone, that is, but Tessa. As their search draws them deep into the heart of an arcane plot that threatens to destroy the Shadowhunters, Tessa realizes that she may need to choose between saving her brother and helping her new friends save the world...and that love may be the most dangerous magic of all.

Liana's summary: Tessa Gray is from New York. When she's finally going to see her brother, she's greeted by the Dark Sisters instead. She doesn't know that they know what she doesn't know. So, they take her to London- where she discovers so many things. About warlocks, vampires, hunting demons, and especially, pain and love. Three main characters: Tessa Gray. William Herondale, aka Will. James Carstairs, aka Jem. Three books to the series: Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and coming soon, Clockwork Princess. Cassandra Clare's writing will lure you, and take you to another world-- a world of Nephilim and Downworlders.

Rate(1-10): 10!

This book was one of the best books I've read in a while. It wholly deserves a ten. This is my first Cassie Clare book, and she must be a goddess.

So, you all know there are three characters. Tessa, Will, and Jem. The hot dude on the cover is Will. Btw. On Clockwork Prince, though, it's Jem. And on Clockwork Princess, it's obviously Tessa. Why is she so pretty. omg. Pretty covers. I'm in love.

My friend, after a long while of screaming and fangirling about this book for a while, recommended this book to me as a PRIORITY, so how could I pass?

So. Something about Will. He's tall. And has brown hair. And he's smoking hot in appearance. He may be somewhat of a cocky jerk, but you'll love him anyway.
Something about Jem: Well, he's my favorite. He's half-Chinese and he has silver hair, silver eyes, and pale complexion. No, he's not a vampire. I like him better than Will. It's not really hard to choose after reading this book, really, but then I'm ready for Clockwork Prince to be a major shocker. I'M READY. (MY BODY IS READY) And, just for good measure, Jem always says the wise and inspirational quotes. But still. It's okay Will. I still love you.
About Tessa. Well, I really like her. She's a likable main character, and her ability is just fab. She's so brave and the way she thinks and acts are independent and just plain awesome.

"..the Japanese art of flower arranging.."

Does that even matter, omg.

"How can you not understand?" He pointed at her books. "You read novels. Obviously, I'm here to rescue you."

Books. -pedoface- This has got to be my favorite Will line.

She moved toward Tessa--and was blocked by Will leaping down from the table to put himself between them.

Prince Charming to the rescue. <3

"Will!" he shouted. "Will, she bit me!"

I love it when main characters bite a person and they make a big deal out of it. But still- LOL.

A moment later he was moving toward Tessa; she stepped back hurriedly and he opened the door, pausing only for a moment on the threshold...

I'm scareeed. D:

A woman with tattoos!

Don't sound so astonished. Oh well, it is the 18th century.

"Henry," he said, "you're on fire. You do know that, don't you?"


Henry glanced down at his arm, and his mouth dropped open. 


"...know what this means?"
Will set the vase down. "That you set yourself on fire and didn't even notice?"

..which is what I like about Will's replies. LOLOL.

"I know you," he said. "You bit me!"

Nicest way of remembering people. omg.

"What is your ability?" Jessamine demanded.

At first, I hated Jessamine's guts, but like, now I just somewhat feel dislike towards her. I'm pretty impressed at what she did. Oh yes, LOTS and LOTS of twists. Cassandra Clare's writing. <3

"Excellent!" Henry looked pleased. "I enjoy being shown things..."

Awk moment where I thought wrong.

"It isn't against the law to be an idiot..."


Tessa, amused at the idea of a fat Will...

Oh, can you imagine that!

"Not at you." said Will, grinning, "more because of you. I've never seen anyone get so excited over books before. You'd think they were diamonds."


And with that, he spun on his heel and walked away..

PSH. TOO FABULOUS TO MERELY TURN HUH. You have to swirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl~ And spin~~~ On your heel. Really. Every time an author uses that phrase I just imagine the character flipping their hair and acting all pompous. fdjaksjd I'll never use that in Incend..

...despite the fact that Tessa had barged into his bedroom in the middle of the night and surprised him playing the violin in his nightclothes. 

See how nice Jem is omg he's not even mad.

When she thought of China, all that came to mind was Marco Polo and tea.


"Hear that Tessa? I'm a devil. So are you."

Yeah, okay. Devils and angels. In the same book. <3
Jem began-- and doubled up, suddenly racked with an explosive fit of coughing so violent that he slid from the steamer trunk to crouch on his knees.



Simple word made me get scared.

"We'll probably have to knock down the door--"
"Or," said Jem,  reaching out and giving the knob a twist, "not."



"Good God," muttered Jem.

omg. Best reaction ever. I would be screaming and dying and etc.

"Girls shouldn't read novels."


The Magister.

Creepiness down my spine.

"How is this different from his being totally ridiculous in the library or the weapons room or any of the other places he's usually ridiculous?"

omg. LOL. Will is RIDDIKULUS. Sorry. Ridiculous. Couldn't help myself.

"Am I blind?" Will's voice floated out of the darkness, tinged with annoyance. "I'm not going to be at all pleased if you've blinded me, Henry.."

I know I'm saying it too much, but um. LOL.

...leaning so far back in his chair that the front legs came off the ground..


"So true"...


"Charlotte needs you.."


"The boy," he spat. "Stop him!"

In a British accent. I love it when that happens. (:

"You unbelievably stupid.."


"Bitch," he snarled at Tessa. "Lying traitorous bitch."


He struck Tessa to the found, landing on top of her...


"Say it."




...his cane clattering awkwardly against her back..

Now is a cane entirely necessary?


"But I don't want you to die."


"Really, Tessa, must you be such a wet blanket?"

Omg. LOL though.

"If you could pass along my apologies to your brother.."
" I don't think so," Tessa said.

Decline an apology, I see how it is.

Her parasol skittered from her hand..

An umbrella parasol thing in such an intense scene is quite ridiculous.

"Answer me!" he shouted. Fear made his voice crack..

Well well, Will.

"Is he all right?"
"Oh, who cares if he's all right?"

Omg. LOL. Again.

"You are not a fool like your brother. He is a fool and a coward. You are a fool who has some courage."

Exasperation though.

"I knew that I would one day marry you, and you would be mine forever..."

So, for the people that hate third person as much as I used to, this book changed my mind about it. Even though I can never manage to write one. But yeah.
It's a high, high, high recommendation! Well, that's all! What did you think of this review?