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Book Review: Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoShadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.
Book Summary: The Shadow Fold, a swathe of impenetrable darkness, crawling with monsters that feast on human flesh, is slowly destroying the once-great nation of Ravka.

Alina, a pale, lonely orphan, discovers a unique power that thrusts her into the lavish world of the kingdom’s magical elite—the Grisha. Could she be the key to unravelling the dark fabric of the Shadow Fold and setting Ravka free?

The Darkling, a creature of seductive charm and terrifying power, leader of the Grisha. If Alina is to fulfil her destiny, she must discover how to unlock her gift and face up to her dangerous attraction to him.

But what of Mal, Alina’s childhood best friend? As Alina contemplates her dazzling new future, why can’t she ever quite forget him?

Glorious. Epic. Irresistible. Romance.

Liana's Summary: Alina doesn't expect herself to be one of them-- one of the powerful, beautiful, and respected Grisha. But she is, and she has to accept it. She has to accept her power, the power that she never knew she had, until now. The Darkling needs her to be strong, to save everyone. Or so he says. Can Alina make the right choice? Can she find out the truth and stop the imminent disaster that's about to fall upon everyone before it's too late?

Rate(1-10): 9.5

I'm gonna start this review like how I start most of my other reviews: I got this book as a recommendation. It's not that I dislike recommendations, it's just that I like reading books that none of my friends or acquaintances have ever read, but it's rarely that I get that luxury. The good thing is, most of the recommendations I get are great! Including this one.

I don't know why I didn't pick this book up earlier because it was FREAKING AWESOME. I loved it lots!

So, you know that moment when you finish the book and look at the cover and title again, you just have that moment of realization that's so beautiful, like OMG IT FINALLY MAKES SENSE! Well, this book. That didn't exactly happen to me. I vaguely get it now, but I don't wholly understand it completely as I should have. Dunno why. 

Anyways, the main character. Alina. She's likable, and I'm thankful for that because I've come across many protagonists that aren't exactly lovable, and they're all a pain in the ass, until likable protagonists actually bother to come along to relieve our paaaaaain~

There are quite a lot of twists in this book and I have no idea how many times my eyes widened in shock in the duration of reading this book. 

I don't know if my foreshadowing skills are developing or if Leigh Bardugo is just that good at writing (probably), but I was able to foreshadow lots of things with little clues here and there.

I think the closest thing it can be is fantasy. It's not quite anything else. It's dark and 'gothic,' sorta, you know what I mean? I LOVE THAT

This was actually a lot better than I had anticipated and it is absolutely WONDERFUL. 

The romance, aka what I'm always thirsty for in every single book I read, was a bit slow at first, but that's only because the author was building up the tension for the twist, which I found charming. But yes, once the romance got started, I was just a happy girl. 

I can't wait for the next book. The covers are so gorgeous.

"I don't think you're ugly."

D'aaaaaaaw. (;

"A big handsome bully."

So done LOL

" jaw.."

"You and I are going to change the world."

"Then he laughed too, and I remembered how much I liked the sound."


"And then he kissed me."


That's that. Once again, I loved this book, and if anyone's looking for recommendations, this is it! What did you think of this review? (;

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Author Interview- Jessica Day George, Author of Dragon Slippers

 Goodreads| Website
Dragon Slippers Dragon Flight Dragon Spear Princess of the Midnight Ball Princess of Glass 
Princess of the Silver Woods Tuesdays at the Castle Wednesdays in the Tower Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow
Hey guys, I just did a short and quick interview with author Jessica Day George, author of the Dragon Slippers trilogy, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, the Princesses of Westfalin trilogy, and the Castle Glower books. And believe it or not, there's still more to come! I wanted to ask a lot more other questions, but being the prepared author she is, Jessica already put most of my questions, and no doubt many other peoples' questions, in the FAQ on her blog.

Jessica is one of the most inspiring authors that I've ever read and she is absolutely AMAZING. Her books are fab and her writing is just plain awesome, and it's really cool of her to take the time to answer!

So, without further ado..

Where did you get the first idea for Dragon Slippers? 

I was just getting ready for bed one night, and BAM! The whole book just downloaded into my brain!  I actually started crying, because I had a new baby and I was so tired, I didn't want to stay up writing, but I didn't want to go to bed and forget my idea, either!

Is there still enough to write for a fourth Dragon Slippers book?  

I will probably one of these days go back to Feravel, but Creel and Luka get to live happily ever after.  That's all I'll say about it!

How long have you been an author now?  

Since I was 11.  But I got published 7 years ago.

Are you planning to write anything after Wednesdays in the Tower?  

Yes.  I'm pretty much always working on something.

How did you come up with the title for Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?  

I was looking for something that sounded like East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon, and just sort of played with some words.

Is there a specific genre that you like to read? 

 Nope, I'll read anything.

I know this is a really commonly asked question, but do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

Read.  Read.  Read.  Write.  Write.  Write.

And that's it! Thanks again, Jessica!

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Book Review: The Glass Swallow by Julia Golding.

The Glass SwallowThe Glass Swallow by Julia Golding. 
(Companion to Dragonfly) 
Book Summary:Rain
She designs exquisite stained glass for the windows of her city. But the law is clear — it is forbidden for girls to be part of the glassmaker's guild. To keep her secret hidden, she leaves home and travels to the strange new country of Magharna.

When he witnesses Rain's capture by a gang of bandits, both his fate and his heart becomes tied to hers. They escape the outlaws, but Peri and his family of falconers are untouchables who are scorned by all, and Rain is not allowed to be part of their lives.
Can Rain and Peri's love survive the prejudices against them? And with the city on the brink of disaster will they be able to stop their world from smashing apart?

Liana's Summary: Rain Glassmaker sees an adventure as an adventure, not a dangerous endeavor to a foreign city. But, when she faces a bandit attack, it's all up to her to make the decisions-- after all, she's the only one they left alive, only due to the brave Peri Falconer. As the two slowly find romance, the city is already this close to destroyed- so will the romance last? Will Rain and Peri work well together, to find out what to do next?

Rate(1-10): 7.8

There I go, with the decimals again. I dunno, I don't really think it deserves a 7 or an 8, for that matter. It's too good to be given just a 7.5.. Well, you see my logic.

Anyways. Since I liked the first book lots, I had decided that I wanted to read the companion book. And no, I was not disappointed at all! In fact, I liked it a lot, although it wasn't as good as Dragonfly.

I'm glad that this wasn't exactly continuing Ramil and Taoshira's story, because they don't really deserve to go through any more adversity after all they've already been through, and I'm just glad to say that they lived happily ever after.

So, Rain, the protagonist, is a stubborn and adventurous character, and independent, and realistic. She's insecure sometimes and a whole chunk of defiant. She shows that, in a sexist world, women can do something that matters and that's pretty amazing. 

Peri. I got excited when he first came to be introduced to the story because I knew that he was the character that Rain was to fall in love with, or at least, meet, but knowing Julia Golding's writing style, I knew there was gonna be at least a little romance, right? Peri is a great guy. He gets angered easily, although I feel like it's sorta a version if irritated worry. He worries too much, LOL. I find that somewhat annoying and somewhat cute. His exterior is calm, however, like I said, he's always worrying for the people who he cares for. 

The romance is so cute. It's not really love at first sight and it's not too strong like I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I'D DIE FOR YOU. Actually, I'm a fan of that hardcore strong romance, but Julia Golding romance is just FLIPPING TOO CUTE TO HANDLE. 

The setting is absolutely perfect, I love it.

You can tell I loved this book. 

Note: Quotes may not be perfectly identical to the ones in the final print version, since the version I read from was an ARC copy.

"The poor boy's in love with you--"

D'awww LOL.

"She'll have to marry one of us,"


"Cousin, would you do me the very great honor of entering into a betrothal with me?"


"..but will always need a man to shield you."

HOW SEXIST. This is why I like Rain so much. She proved that sexism does nothing to stop her, or discourage her from anything she wants to do.

"I'm sorry you have to touch me,"

it's okay, when you two get married you're gonna touch each other all the time (THAT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE DIRTY OMG)

"It didn't help that he was still the most attractive Magharnan she'd met."

-giggling in a corner creepily-

"Why must you find this girl?"

Because, MOTHAAAR, of true love

"Do you trust me, Rain?"

This is so Aladdin I'm about to cry

"..and stole a kiss,"


"You are not fighting,"

It's because she's a girl innit

"Oh, don't stop. I was enjoying that."

I can't help but laugh so hard at this quote. Oh Peri, you're so q.

"Listen, sweetheart,"


"I think I want to kiss you again,"

Then do it

"You're wrong."

You tell him, girl!

That's that! What did you think of this review? (;

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Book Review: Clockwork Princess by Casssandra Clare. (Infernal Devices #3)

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.
(Infernal Devices #3)
Book Summary: Danger and betrayal, secrets and enchantment in the breathtaking conclusion to the Infernal Devices trilogy

Tessa Gray should be happy - aren't all brides happy?
Yet as she prepares for her wedding, a net of shadows begins to tighten around the Shadowhunters of the London Institute.
A new demon appears, one linked by blood and secrecy to Mortmain, the man who plans to use his army of pitiless automatons, the Infernal Devices, to destroy the Shadowhunters. Mortmain needs only one last item to complete his plan. He needs Tessa. And Jem and Will, the boys who lay equal claim to Tessa's heart, will do anything to save her.

Liana's Summary: Tessa is finally getting married, getting married to someone, someone that she loves. They say that you can only love one other person at once, but apparently, that's not true-- and Tessa is living proof that that saying is entirely false. Torn between Will, and dearest Jem, how can she choose? Meanwhile, adding to everyone's burdens, Mortmain is continuously unrelenting with his brutality and desperation-- he needs Tessa, to take over the world.. by his side. It doesn't matter that she's engaged. He'll do anything, anything at all, and kill off anyone without so much as a second glance. And the person he's killing happens to be Jem himself-- the one character that none of us can see merely suffer. What will happen? Is Tessa strong enough? Will Jem survive, at all? And what will Will do? Cassie Clare has written a truly beautiful trilogy about love and loss, engaging all of her readers and leaving them in a teary mess.

Rate(1-10): 10!!

If it weren't for my 'don't break the scale because that's unfair' rule, I would have given this book however many more zeroes to the end of that 10 that I could type in a lifetime. In other words, this book has fully broken my personal expectation scale, and it'll never be fixed again, I fear.. And the two exclamation marks will do nothing to emphasize how much I LOVED THIS BOOK.

As you all know, or may not know, but are finding out right now, that Clockwork Princess was one of my highly anticipated books of 2013. I've been waiting for this book for quite some time now, and I don't know how I survived my own impatience. 

When I read the end of Clockwork Prince, I half-died inside. When I saw the cover for Clockwork Princess for the first time, I cried. It's so gorgeous. Tessa is really pretty, and the book looks fabulous next to Clockwork Angel & Clockwork Prince. And there's a pedigree on the inside of the cover, too! For those of you who haven't read the book, do not look at the family tree first. Read the story and then examine the pedigree, since it contains spoilers. I'm just glad that I received a warning to save examining the pedigree for last. 

When the book came out, I screamed. When I preordered it, I squealed. When I saw in the tracking information that this book was in the same state that I was in, I jumped for joy. When this book came to my house, when it was placed on my chair, for me to open, I tore it open (gracefully, believe it or not) and cried. Throughout this whole book, no matter what I told myself, I could not help but tear up at least once in every single chapter. Y'all have no idea how much times I teared up because of some romantic quote or something about death. I've always considered myself a hard-hearted person, who wouldn't cry at all, even at the saddest parts of a story. What made me surprised was that Cassie Clare had the ability to make me cry with just a few romantic quotes while JK Rowling didn't really make me cry at all with all those deaths of all those beloved characters. Except for one, of course.. Don't get me wrong, really, JK Rowling is forever my queen, but Cassandra Clare is probably my goddess.

Well, before I cracked open this book and devoured it all up, I wanted to have a look at my previous reviews to remind me of the plot in the previous books. But no, that did not help at all. All I did was swoon and fangirl about Jem, which I am still doing at the moment.. Seriously, reading my previous reviews make me wince. LOL. They sucked butt- I'm not saying that the reviews I write right now are good, I'm just saying that they're a little better. I feel like I've gotten practice from writing 200+ reviews, huh?(;

What I absolutely LOVE is that most of my questions have been answered-- not just the questions from the previous 2 books of this series, but from the Mortal Instruments books as well. It fits nicely, like puzzle pieces. 

I absolutely ADORE Cassie Clare and her writing. She's amazing. Every chapter, every page, sentence, every line, every WORD kept me engaged to this story. I haven't lost concentration once-- I considered this story too precious. And that's amazing, because, knowing me, I usually lose concentration in at least one part in even a really good book. Once I read the first page, I remembered how much I missed the Shadowhunter world and how much I loved Cassie Clare's writing.

My emotions for this series, cannot be expressed. One word: ineffable. For those of you who've read it, I hope you know what I'm talking about, omg. For those of you who haven't, go ahead and read it, and we will all fangirl together.

I cannot say that I am completely satisfied with what happened, and in the middle of the book, specifically on page 311, I was in complete denial. I was so angry, that I HATED this story, but then again loved it with such a passion. But when I finished this story, the ending was so bittersweet and beautiful I couldn't help but cry at the last few words. And no, I am not usually a tearful person when it comes to reading! Dangit, I even cried at the Author's Note: A Note on Tessa's England. Seriously?

Some people say that there are too many Shadowhunter books, that Cassie Clare is just feeding the cash cow. Well, that may be true, but then again she's satisfying all her readers' hungry eyes with her writing, so those people shouldn't complain of what she's doing, because how she earns her money is none of their business. And so, I am awaiting The Dark Artifices, and cannot wait for City of Heavenly Fire, OR the City of Bones movie, either! Eeep! ANTICIPATION PORES, OPEN! LOL.

There wasn't that much romance in this book, probably because all of the romance had already bloomed in the first two books. It was really cute, still, seeing them love each other,  already being in love. I like how the Lightwoods fell in love though, (I liked the Lightwoods in this book-- I've always liked the Lightwoods, I mean, they aren't bad, but in this book I loved the Lightwood brothers!) it was nice seeing some new romance blossom! Honestly, I couldn't ask for more. This book exceeded the PERF line, I don't even know what to say. 

And now, character discussions.

Tessa- Ah, the heroine of this tale. I like Tessa, but I have to say that I like Clary from TMI so much more. Tessa seems to be too mature for her age, and I appreciate that, but she seems kind of broken, somehow. But yes, she makes a good main character.

Jem- What more do I have to say but that he is my fictional infatuation? As beautiful as the bright side of the ferken moon. He showed me, and undoubtedly many others, that fictional male characters don't have to be cocky to be hot. Jem is one of a kind, and I'll never forget him, even in the future when the books won't be opened for quite a while, until I decide to reread. The worst things happen to the kindest people.. Oh, yeah! And I love how I understand his Mandarin, how I don't need to look at the translation at all.. muahaha. LOL.

Will- Will must be the most arrogant of his time- he's beautiful and he knows it. I love the way he talks, the way he quotes books, the way he says a lot of conceited things, the way he makes light jokes out of everything he can think of, the way that he hates ducks, the way that he cares for Jem so much, how he showed all of us what it was like to be a caring parabatai. We gotta love Will. In this book, we've got to see so much more of him. Which is great! Because he's such a great character.

Sophie- I like Sophie, lots. At first I thought I wasn't going to like her, because of her crush on Jem, but she turned out to be awesome. I feel really happy for her!

Cecily- Cecily, ah, the one that left us all gaping at the last page of Clockwork Prince like mad dogs, falling off our chairs. The one that worried us so when we first heard her name from an unconscious Will. I feel like Cecily just came to annoy Will, which was practically what she did, but mainly I feel like she was trying to prove to Will that she wasn't a little kid anymore. Cecily is a wonderful character.

Magnus- Magnus Bane will forever remain a fascinating character-- he's AWESOME. I feel like he has more depth and feelings and character in him, the things that he somewhat refuses to expose, although he shows plenty of character already. But I know he has feelings and I think I'll get to know him better, soon enough.

Quotes. Oh, the quotes that make me cry, laugh, and scream!
This time, let me do something differently. I won't do quote reactions. Just the quotes that I love so much.
Might contain spoilers.

"..his curling dark hair streaked with silver.."
"I'll train with you."
"Please do not make me uncomfortable, Mr. Lightwood."
"Perhaps not," said Will, who had ears like a bat's. "But I would make a radiant bride."

"He wanted to run to her, to wrap her in his arms. Protect her."
".. he turned just in time to see his parabatai slump to his knees on the ground."

"Wo xi wang ni ming tian ke yi jia gei wo."
"There is no such thing as perfect, Tessa."

"I could never hate you, William."
"If Jem dies, I cannot be with Tessa," said Will. "Because it will be as if I were waiting for him to die, or took some joy in his death, if it let me have her. And I will not be that person. I will not profit from his death. So he must live."
"I can't wear this, Magnus. It's too pretty for a man."
"So are you."
"She could not be Jem for him, she thought, could not be his compass that always pointed north, but if nothing else she could make his a slighter burden to carry."
"We have honor, we are Nephilim. If he takes that, we truly have nothing."
"Are you wearing a woman's necklace, Will?"
"..and she loved them both."
"You know that; you must know that. I could never let you go away from me, not into danger, not while I have breath."
"Tessa, did you imagine that there exists any quarrel, large or small, that could make me stop loving you?"
"I am not dead yet, Will," Jem said in a soft voice, thin but as strong as wire. "What did Magnus mean by asking you if I knew you were in love with Tessa?"
"Wherever we are, we are as one."
"If there is a life after this one," he said, "let me meet you in it, James Carstairs."
"I am dramatic," said Will.

Magnus waved a hand. "All Lightwoods look the same to me--"
"Don't girls usually fall in love with their rescuers?"
"Will is easy to love, and he has given her his whole heart. I can see it. I hope she will not break it."
"Death shall never rule me."
"You are lonely," she said. "You have surrounded yourself with creatures that are not real, that do not live."
"I want to kiss you one more time before I die."
"When you fight now, I will be still by you. When you walk in the world, I will be the light at your side, the ground steady under your feet, the force that drives the sword in your hand. We are bound, beyond the oath."
"..I will still be in some part the Jem you knew, and I will see you with the eyes of my heart."
"Wo men shi sheng si ji jiao,"
"Of course you can have a true Shadowhunter name," Will said. "You can have mine."
"You are human, he had said. In all the ways that matter."

Kay, that's that!
What did you guys think of this review?(;
This series will forever be one of my HIGHEST recommendations.

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Book Review: The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima.

The Warrior Heir (The Heir Chronicles, #1) The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima.
Book Summary: An epic battle between good and evil...

Before he knew about the Roses, 16-year-old Jack lived an unremarkable life in the small Ohio town of Trinity. Only the medicine he has to take daily and the thick scar above his heart set him apart from the other high schoolers. Then one day Jack skips his medicine. Suddenly, he is stronger, fiercer, and more confident than ever before. And it feels great - until he loses control of his own strength and nearly kills another player during soccer team tryouts.

Soon, Jack learns the startling truth about himself: he is Weirlind, part of an underground society of magical people who live among us. At their helm sits the feuding houses of the Red Rose and the White Rose, whose power is determined by playing The Game - a magical tournament in which each house sponsors a warrior to fight to the death. The winning house rules the Weir.

As if his bizarre heritage isn't enough, Jack finds out that he's not just another member of Weirlind - he's one of the last of the warriors - at a time when both houses are scouting for a player.

Liana's Summary: Jack is completely oblivious to what he is, to what he can do-- until one day, he accidentally forgets to take his medicine, and almost kills someone during soccer tryouts. Soon, and perhaps not soon enough, Jack discovers the truth of what he is- Weirlind. Things get stranger and stranger, and some people in his life turn out to be not who they say they are.

Rate(1-10): 8

Well, let's just say that this doesn't fit into the category of 'Liana's-normal-genre.' It was great and all, don't get me wrong, but I just didn't like it that much. I had this huge phase back then in which my favorite genre was Fantasy, but now I don't even know, since I'm so sick of Dystopia and I can't stand most Contemporary stories. I guess you would call me a picky reader..

Anyways, I just finished this book this morning, hence the pajama-wearing at this moment. 

This is my first Cinda Williams Chima book, and I think I've got the general idea of what her writing is like. And yes, I'm looking forward to reading the next book. (If you're reading this, Ivy, then hehehehehehe)

The main character. Jack. First of all, that name just makes me think of Titanic and that just makes me cry.. Okay, so if he were a girl-- let's just speculate here, so bear with me-- he would be one of those annoying female protagonists that find out something magical about themselves and are in constant denial throughout the whole entire book, despite all the evidence that comes popping up. And since Jack is a boy that discovers something magical about himself, he just reminds me of Harry Potter. There's only a small moment of denial in the beginning and then they just adapt to be warriors or wizards or whatever. I don't know why a girl is always in annoying-denial-phase throughout the whole story, while a boy is so adapting. It's getting on my nerves.. omg. Which is why I absolutely despise contemporary fantasy. (Harry Potter doesn't count because JK Rowling is typically a goddess of writing.) All the characters have great depth, and all of them are interesting-- I just found Jack the most interesting, him being the protagonist and all.

At first sight, I didn't think that I would ever give this book a try. But here I am, done with the book and typing a review. Maybe because it didn't look like the type of book I would like.

I'm sorry, but the romance wasn't good at all. Like many other authors, I have a feeling that CWC just added the romance in there because she could. Just a few kisses here and there, boom! Now romance readers would love it! I mean, I really appreciate the kissing scenes because they were ridiculously cute, but the book could have done well without it.

And yeah. That's that.


"Ignorance can get you killed."

Ignorance is bliss..!

"High school is incompatible with a secret life..."


"..layered in muscle.."

ooou saucy LOL

"When are you going to teach me some love charms?"

He sounds like a desperate little girl. Ermahgerd.

"..twisting a tendril of hair around her finger."

It's love in the air

"A different list."

Shit list, probably

"She stopped in midsentence. Jack looked up to see someone in the parking lot."

Way to ruin their perf moment omg what is this Cinda

"You little fool!"


"I'll play,"


"The match is over."

"Susannah, I'm sorry,"

Well well oh la la
That's that!
What did you think of this review?(:

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Discussion #1: Female Protagonists

There are all these great books out there with amazing female protagonists. But then there are all those great books out there with the most annoying female protagonist ever. I've read quite a few books now, and I've come across some characters that are just helpless and so freaking annoying that it hurts to be with them and listen to them narrate their story for the length of the whole book.

-The bitch girl

The bitch girl. Usually, at the very end of the book, the girl turns good.. that's the point of the whole story, anyway, right? To see a change in a protagonist. But I hate hate hate these kind of characters. I rarely come across them, though, but when I do, I highly appreciate their character development at the very end.

-I-just-found-out-I-have-magic-powers-but-I'm-in-denial girl

I've come across this way too much, I'm sick of it. It's usually set in a contemporary world, and all of a sudden, they go on a frickin' magical adventure and a frickin' magical fairy guy comes out of nowhere and says, VOILA YOU'RE MAGICAL! And then the girl just stays in denial and starts to slowly accept things and falls in love with Mr. Fairy. Ahem. Yeah, I've seen this way too much. They're always annoying. ALWAYS. I can understand that if they life in a contemporary world and they randomly come across magic, they would be at least a little shocked, but when they've seen it with their own eyes they need to learn how to do something called accepting the fact.

-Helpless Damsel in Distress

I hate these types of characters. Full on despise. Because it reminds me of how women were treated in the past, in a very sexist way, how men are always the superheroes and women just have to sit back and wait for their guy to save them. And I hate helpless damsels in distress because what's the point of being a protagonist when they're just waiting for the guy to save them?!

-Independent and Stubborn

Even though they can get somewhat annoying, these are generally my favorite types of protagonists, because they know how to stand up for themselves and tell people what they want for themselves and they're determined, too. Kinda reminds me of myself.. only the annoying part LOL.

-Strong but insecure when it comes to romance

I hate this. In heterosexual romance relationships, the girl is always weak when it comes to the sexy and muscly guy. Seriously? They were so strong and determined and all they care about is some stupid guy?! (Although I wouldn't say that romance isn't welcomed.. it's just introduced in the wrong way)


You can't help but imagine these characters just staring at you with a dismayed expression and lifted eyebrows when they're telling their story. But you end up getting annoyed or not caring about what they do at all..

-Warrior women who will not let anything stand in their way

Warrior women. Ah, my favorite. You technically only see this in high fantasy books in which there are actual  fiction warrior women.. that fight with magic swords or something like that. But they exist in contemporary stories as well. Really strong women who can defend themselves. When I think of warrior women I just think of Graceling's Katsa. Or THG's Katniss.

Why I chose to discuss female protagonists is that males, generally the ones that the female characters fall in love with (maybe I read too much romance) are always hot and sexy and cocky and seductive and muscly and tan. And good kissers. Generally the same. But when I find a realistic guy I really like that. Male characters will be discussed in later posts.. Well, mainly since the majority of books I read have female protagonists or main characters?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Book Review: Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale.

Someone Else's Life Someone Else's Life by Katie Dale.
Book Summary: When seventeen-year-old Rosie’s mother, Trudie, dies from Huntington’s Disease, her pain is intensified by the knowledge that she has a fifty-per-cent chance of inheriting the crippling disease herself. Only when she tells her mum’s best friend, ‘Aunt Sarah’ that she is going to test for the disease does Sarah, a midwife, reveal that Trudie was not her biological mother after all... 

Devastated, Rosie decides to trace her real mother, hitching along on her ex-boyfriend’s GAP year to follow her to Los Angeles. But all does not go to plan, and as Rosie discovers yet more of her family's deeply-buried secrets and lies, she is left with an agonising decision of her own - one which will be the most heart-breaking and far-reaching of all...

Liana's Summary:  When Rosie's mother dies of Huntington's disease, a genetic disorder, she's worried that she can get it too. But when her 'Aunt' Sarah tells her that she wasn't even her mother, Rosie is shocked and sets out to find her birth mother in America, unintentionally meeting other people, too. People she may have never planned on meeting, people she didn't even know lived. And she might be ruining everyone's lives with the truth.

Rate(1-10): 9.5

Oh my. I loved this book a lot! 

It's been a while since I've read a contemporary story, and this was exactly what I needed. Honestly, I was sick of all the dystopia and sci-fi and fantasy I've been reading a lot recently, and I just needed some good-old contemporary in my book reading life.

Anyways, this was a recommendation from a friend (Cindy that's you k). Her recommendations are 95% PERFECT. At first, I was reluctant to read this because, well. I judged it. Again. Dangit, whenever a book seems so oh-so-boring, it ends up being the best book ever! Gah.

What I found ironic about this read was that in my biology class, we're currently doing genetic disorders and diseases. And this book just so happened to educate all of us about Huntington's disease. It was pretty interesting!

This whole entire storyline and plot was ridiculously complicated, and it became even more complicated at the near end. In the beginning, I was confused at who was narrating what, but all my questions were answered by the end of the book. If you try to explain this plot to someone, it's not gonna happen because it's too complicated to explain. That's why people have to read this book to see for themselves. (;

Let me do character discussions. Every character is active in making the plot work, which I like a lot because there's that thing I love called character coordination.

Rosie- I like Rosie, but it seems like she's too mature for her age because of what happened to her mom. It's always the parents that leave the burden upon the children, ain't it? Well, anyway. I like Rosie even though she irritated me a lot throughout the book with her reckless actions... But she's pretty responsible and independent. I like that.

Holly- At first, I liked her, and then she was a bitch. And then she was a bigger bitch and then I became indifferent at the end. I could care less if she lived or died. I hate her that much. But I really understand her feelings-- what if some random girl waltzed into your life and took your whole family away? And what if all of that interfered with your engagement and your pregnancy? I can understand her but I don't know why she didn't put out more tolerance. And even if she couldn't control her anger she didn't have to get frickin' even.

Andy- Andy seemed like an impatient guy in the beginning, and I didn't really like him that much. But throughout the book, when Rosie hurt him so much, he still came back for her and forgave her for everything. And he made the romance perfect, too! He didn't even have to be a hot and sexy and cocky male character for me to love him. Gotta love Andy!

Josh- He wasn't a really important character, but I've got to say, this guy is very, very loyal, and he wouldn't storm off angrily. He would try to fix things, not stand there watching as the love of his life runs away from him. Josh is amazing!

Katharine and Jack.. well. They make a cute couple. LOL. K. 

I love the romance in this book, seriously. Usually, I would view romance as the main and most important aspect in a book, but this book centered on family problems and drama and I liked reading about that a lot. The romance just made it 100x better.

Overall, you can tell I loved this book. And the ending, wow, the ending was perf.

Note- Since I read an ARC copy of this story, not all quotes may be in perfect coordination with the final print.

"I feel like such a shit."

That's because you ARE a shit

"No, it's okay. I can come with you."

"Well, maybe it's time I took something back."

"..the paper crumples in my fist.."

"Let's go. Now."

"I nod."

"I'm nothing like her!"


"How dare you!"

He just dares

"..from someone I don't despise."

Well we all despise you ha

"..and kiss him.."

" where Josh is staring at me.."

"Life's not fair."

I think I've heard that line quite enough.

"I made the right decision."

"'s Holly I've come to see."


"It's the truth!"


"I smile.."


"..she's going to get what's coming to her.."

"Get even."


"I can't wait."

"I'm so proud of you.."

Proud of her for being a 17 year old mom? Okay.

"I'm gonna be right here waiting for you,.."

"I've been a bit of a bitch lately."

And you can tell that I needed to flip 10000 tables while reading this from merely reading the quote reactions. LOL.
Did I mention I loved this book? 
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Review: Oppression by Jessica Therrien.

Oppression (Children of the Gods, #1) Oppression by Jessica Therrien.
Book Summary: Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She's been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than the average person, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she's closer to eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. For Elyse, these things don't make her special. They make life dangerous. After the death of her parents, she's been careful to keep her secret as closely guarded as possible. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability. Or so she thinks. Elyse is not the only one keeping secrets. There are others like her all over the world, descendants of the very people the Greeks considered gods. She is one of them, and they have been waiting for her for a long time. Among so many of her kind, she should not be very remarkable--except for the prophecy. Some believe she will put an end to traditions, safeguarded by violence, which have oppressed her people for centuries. Others are determined to keep her from doing just that. But for Elyse, the game is just beginning--and she's not entirely willing to play by their rules.

Liana's Summary: Elyse knows she's different. She ages five times slower than the average person. She can heal herself and other people. She's not human. No matter what she wants to believe, she's not human. And not even close to normal. But when she meets him, William, she realizes that she's not alone. There are others, and since she's just discovered them, she realizes that she's been breaking a lot of important rules.. that can result in consequences.

Rate(1-10): 8.5

First of all, I'd like to thank the author for sending me this copy! 

The cover is absolutely gorgeous. 

I've always loved Greek mythology and I knew I couldn't resist. 

Anyways, character discussions.

Elyse-- I love her name, ermahgerd. Anyways, she was the main character, and I guess the protagonist as well. Usually, when characters are in her situation.. the I'm-a-freak-and-you-don't-know-shit and the I-want-to-believe-what-you-say-but-I'm-in-denial situation, the character is annoying and bitchy because the whole time they're just like WTF IS HAPPENING OMG I DON'T BELIEVE YOU AHH and I just can't stand them. However, Elyse was different. I actually liked her as a character. She's caring and determined and stubborn, and not in a bad way either. Although sometimes I can't help but feel that she's seems to be in damsel-in-distress mode a lot.

William-- He's gorgeous, yeah. And really, really cocky. I don't know if that makes him more attractive or just plain annoying. But yeah. I like his attitude and character a lot. He's flirtatious and never awkward. He's always there to save Elyse when she needs him.. 

Kara- She's the bad-guy-but-not-the-bad-guy (jeez, I use too many dashes) character. She's actually pretty great, it turns out, but I couldn't help but be creeped out by her in the beginning.

What I like about this book is that the beginning starts out with tons of questions that get answered later in the story.

I'll have to admit, the romance was a bit awkward. It was almost, sort of love at first sight but not quite.. But it worked out, and that's a good thing!

I'm eager to read the next book, and excited to see how this prophecy is gonna turn out!


"..he would be there.."

Ooooh who is this 'he' you speak of
I think the romance is starting

"She's dangerous, Elyse."

Ermahgerd I don't know what to believe anymore

"I'm not going,"

"Luckily, I'm the one person you can trust."


"The earlier I ended things.."


"..he pushed his mouth into mine.."

Yes finally omg

"You're mine."

"I love you,"

That's that.
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