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Book Review: Diva by Jillian Larkin. (Flappers #3)

Diva (Flappers, #3) Diva by Jillian Larkin.
(Flappers #3)
Book Summary: Joy and tragedy collide in DIVA, the riveting conclusion to the Flappers series, set in the dazzling Roaring Twenties. Parties, bad boys, speakeasies—life in Manhattan has become a woozy blur for Clara Knowles. If Marcus Eastman truly loved her, how could he have fallen for another girl so quickly? Their romance mustn't have been as magical as Clara thought. And if she has to be unhappy, she's going to drag everyone else down to the depths of despair right along with her.

Being a Barnard girl is the stuff of Lorraine Dyer's dreams. Finding out that Marcus is marrying a gold digger who may or may not be named Anastasia? A nightmare. The old Lorraine would have sat by and let the chips fall where they may, but she's grown up a lot these past few months. She can't bear to see Marcus lose a chance for true love. But will anyone listen to her?

Now that the charges against her have been dropped, Gloria Carmody is spending the last dizzying days of summer on Long Island, yachting on the sound and palling around with socialites at Forrest Hamilton's swanky villa. Beneath her smile, though, Gloria's keeping a secret. One that could have deadly consequences . . .

Liana's Summary: Gloria is trying to get out of jail-- and she can, just under one condition. She has to help Hank, the hot-but-annoying FBI guy, to go on with a case. Use seduction, passion, to get the suspect's secrets out? No! She can't betray Jerome. Jerome is waiting for Gloria, to come back into his life again. Meanwhile, he's earning enough money for them both to get married. But will that even happen, with Gloria's racist father getting in the way? Lorraine may not get Gloria back, ever. She knows that Marcus will never love her. So she's all alone, except for maybe Becky, her roommate, or Melvin, who was the only guy that was nice enough to befriend her. Probably out of pity, we never know. Clara is depressed. She keeps telling herself that she's done with Marcus, that she's done for good, but she just can't be not bothered by looking at his new fiance.. In the glamorous conclusion to the Flappers trilogy, Jillian Larkin allows unexpected friendships and romances to sprout, making this trilogy that much more amazing.

Rate(1-10): 10

Whoa, that was a long summary. Ha. When I do long summaries you all can tell that I loved the book.

I stayed up 2 hours last night finishing off the last 200 pages of this book, and I have to tell you that it was worth it losing two hours of my normal 8 hours of sleep, and here I am in the morning typing a review, wide awake. (:
Anyways, Jillian Larkin is absolutely po-si-lute-ly fabulous. Did I say that already? Yeah, I did. 

This is one of the series in which I liked the first book the most. I mean, this one was great and all but the first one was where everything began, and I like the beginning. DIVA, no matter how fabulous of a conclusion it was, I still like VIXEN out of the three. (And Gloria and Lorraine are both gorgeous, however I have to admit that Clara sure rocks the covergirl looks)

I'm sad to say goodbye to this series. (Dang, I've been reading third books in series recently. Ha.) 

This was a wonderful conclusion and it taught us about love, about determination, about redemption, and about friendship and loyalty. And she taught me what a speakeasy was and a flapper, as well. Some early 1900's language. LOL. Some characters appear to me differently now, because of their positive endeavors. I won't say whom, but for those who've read this series I think y'all know who I'm talking about.

That ending made me cry.

Overall, the 1920's has become such a glamorous and beautiful decade to me, nevermind the flappers and the booze and the speakeasies. Jillian Larkin made it all fascinating.


"I'll do it again, and again."

Well screw you

"She was the Flapper Queen once again."

"They kissed in the corner of the quad."

"She and I are together now."

"He was interested."

too bad she's taken ahem ahem right Gloria?

"..and tilted his face toward hers."

omfg ew get away

"..Hank didn't know where Jerome was."

"I miss her so much, Glo."


"I've always loved you, Clara. And I always will. Now and forever."

"..and kissed her---hard."

That's that! What did you think of this review?(:

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