Friday, March 22, 2013

Discussion #1: Female Protagonists

There are all these great books out there with amazing female protagonists. But then there are all those great books out there with the most annoying female protagonist ever. I've read quite a few books now, and I've come across some characters that are just helpless and so freaking annoying that it hurts to be with them and listen to them narrate their story for the length of the whole book.

-The bitch girl

The bitch girl. Usually, at the very end of the book, the girl turns good.. that's the point of the whole story, anyway, right? To see a change in a protagonist. But I hate hate hate these kind of characters. I rarely come across them, though, but when I do, I highly appreciate their character development at the very end.

-I-just-found-out-I-have-magic-powers-but-I'm-in-denial girl

I've come across this way too much, I'm sick of it. It's usually set in a contemporary world, and all of a sudden, they go on a frickin' magical adventure and a frickin' magical fairy guy comes out of nowhere and says, VOILA YOU'RE MAGICAL! And then the girl just stays in denial and starts to slowly accept things and falls in love with Mr. Fairy. Ahem. Yeah, I've seen this way too much. They're always annoying. ALWAYS. I can understand that if they life in a contemporary world and they randomly come across magic, they would be at least a little shocked, but when they've seen it with their own eyes they need to learn how to do something called accepting the fact.

-Helpless Damsel in Distress

I hate these types of characters. Full on despise. Because it reminds me of how women were treated in the past, in a very sexist way, how men are always the superheroes and women just have to sit back and wait for their guy to save them. And I hate helpless damsels in distress because what's the point of being a protagonist when they're just waiting for the guy to save them?!

-Independent and Stubborn

Even though they can get somewhat annoying, these are generally my favorite types of protagonists, because they know how to stand up for themselves and tell people what they want for themselves and they're determined, too. Kinda reminds me of myself.. only the annoying part LOL.

-Strong but insecure when it comes to romance

I hate this. In heterosexual romance relationships, the girl is always weak when it comes to the sexy and muscly guy. Seriously? They were so strong and determined and all they care about is some stupid guy?! (Although I wouldn't say that romance isn't welcomed.. it's just introduced in the wrong way)


You can't help but imagine these characters just staring at you with a dismayed expression and lifted eyebrows when they're telling their story. But you end up getting annoyed or not caring about what they do at all..

-Warrior women who will not let anything stand in their way

Warrior women. Ah, my favorite. You technically only see this in high fantasy books in which there are actual  fiction warrior women.. that fight with magic swords or something like that. But they exist in contemporary stories as well. Really strong women who can defend themselves. When I think of warrior women I just think of Graceling's Katsa. Or THG's Katniss.

Why I chose to discuss female protagonists is that males, generally the ones that the female characters fall in love with (maybe I read too much romance) are always hot and sexy and cocky and seductive and muscly and tan. And good kissers. Generally the same. But when I find a realistic guy I really like that. Male characters will be discussed in later posts.. Well, mainly since the majority of books I read have female protagonists or main characters?

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