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Author Interview- Jessica Day George, Author of Dragon Slippers

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Hey guys, I just did a short and quick interview with author Jessica Day George, author of the Dragon Slippers trilogy, Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow, the Princesses of Westfalin trilogy, and the Castle Glower books. And believe it or not, there's still more to come! I wanted to ask a lot more other questions, but being the prepared author she is, Jessica already put most of my questions, and no doubt many other peoples' questions, in the FAQ on her blog.

Jessica is one of the most inspiring authors that I've ever read and she is absolutely AMAZING. Her books are fab and her writing is just plain awesome, and it's really cool of her to take the time to answer!

So, without further ado..

Where did you get the first idea for Dragon Slippers? 

I was just getting ready for bed one night, and BAM! The whole book just downloaded into my brain!  I actually started crying, because I had a new baby and I was so tired, I didn't want to stay up writing, but I didn't want to go to bed and forget my idea, either!

Is there still enough to write for a fourth Dragon Slippers book?  

I will probably one of these days go back to Feravel, but Creel and Luka get to live happily ever after.  That's all I'll say about it!

How long have you been an author now?  

Since I was 11.  But I got published 7 years ago.

Are you planning to write anything after Wednesdays in the Tower?  

Yes.  I'm pretty much always working on something.

How did you come up with the title for Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow?  

I was looking for something that sounded like East o' the Sun, West o' the Moon, and just sort of played with some words.

Is there a specific genre that you like to read? 

 Nope, I'll read anything.

I know this is a really commonly asked question, but do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

Read.  Read.  Read.  Write.  Write.  Write.

And that's it! Thanks again, Jessica!

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