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Book Review: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood.

Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1) Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood.
(Cahill Witch Chronicles Book 1)
Book Summary: Everybody knows Cate Cahill and her sisters are eccentric. Too pretty, too reclusive, and far too educated for their own good. But the truth is even worse: they’re witches. And if their secret is discovered by the priests of the Brotherhood, it would mean an asylum, a prison ship—or an early grave.

Before her mother died, Cate promised to protect her sisters. But with only six months left to choose between marriage and the Sisterhood, she might not be able to keep her word... especially after she finds her mother’s diary, uncovering a secret that could spell her family’s destruction. Desperate to find alternatives to their fate, Cate starts scouring banned books and questioning rebellious new friends, all while juggling tea parties, shocking marriage proposals, and a forbidden romance with the completely unsuitable Finn Belastra.

If what her mother wrote is true, the Cahill girls aren’t safe. Not from the Brotherhood, the Sisterhood—not even from each other. 

Liana's Summary: Cate is left with the responsibility of taking care of her sisters. That's what her mother made her promise. The burden of taking care of her sisters is already overwhelming, and even worse? She has to make sure they're safe. Safe from the Brothers and safe for the rest of the society that hates them. They're witches. Cate is faced with difficult decisions that she has to make and there has to be sacrifices.

Rate(1-10): 9

This book was fabulous. I loved it. Honestly, the only reason I wanted to read this book was because I heard that the guy character was some sexy beast. LOL. Well, I wasn't disappointed. HE WAS SO FREAKIN' GORGEOUS HOLY SHIT. Well, he's not really my type of guy, but what I like about him is that he's so kind and caring and he's a MUSCLY GARDENER. How hot is that? He's hot in a realistic type of way.

Anyways, along with hot-guy-gardener Finn Belastra, I liked this whole entire plot as well. Usually, I don't like witches because judgmental guys are so sexist, back then. I think it's set in 1896. Well. Sexist men and burning witches. It's that time.. back then.

Anyways, character discussions.

Cate- Cate seems too old for her age. Especially since her mother has burdened her with so much, although intentionally. Reading this, you can't help but think, poor Cate. She gets frustrated easily and what annoys me about her is that she treats her younger sisters like babies and like they can't handle even the smallest detail. And she's also very indecisive. What I like about her are her abilities and powers and her maturity-- wait, I don't really like that she seems like an old boor. LOL.
Maura- Maura is just seriously so annoying. Her and Cate get into the most fights and Maura is like, I'M OLD ENOUGH NOW BLAH BLAH BLAH and she's so naive it just gets freaking annoying. But in the end, I hope she'll realize that Cate was right.
Tess- Tess, the youngest out of the three sisters, is too mature for her own age as well. She's quiet and polite and she'll never lose her temper. When Cate is distressed with Maura she can always go to Tess, because Tess is very understanding. I think out of the three sisters I like her the most.
Paul- When Paul first came in I'm just like.. wait. Is this the hot guy that everyone's been rambling about? Apparently not. He just seems so annoying. (Everyone seems annoying LOLOL) He flirts with Cate relentlessly as though he can't see her hesitance. And before he even proposed he acts like she's his fiance already..
Finn- Finn. The nerd with glasses that loves to read books. Finn, with cherry red lips and crazy messy hair and freckles that seem to cover every inch of his muscly body. The sexy gardener. Yep, that's him. He kinda sorta reminds me of Jem Carstairs from TID by Cassandra Clare, and most of you know that I'm crazy over Jem and infatuated with him to a crazy level. He's basically my fictional boyfriend. HA! Anyways, Finn reminds me of Jem because he's way too kind for his own good and he loves the girl truly and innocently. Their hearts are both pure and kind and omg I'll just stop now. I think y'all get the point that Finn is a true gentleman
Elena- I dislike her, period. At first I thought she would have been like the evil stepmother type, but even worse, she ended up being nice. And full of secrets.


"If I didn't have my novels, I'd throw myself right in the river."

That's my motto

"..I smack into someone."

I think it's time for the sexy guy character to come into the story

"I'm your new gardener."

Sexy.. muscly.. gardener boy!

"..the most insufferable know-it-all.."

Don't we all know at least one insufferable know-it-all?

"....his forearms are all lean, wiry muscle."


"...he's gotten awfully handsome.."

"I wouldn't marry a member of the Brotherhood..."

This is foreshadowing I smell, I know it! EAT YER WORDS

"I had a mad crush on her."

Fictional crushes ftw

"I'm going to marry my cousin.."

"You'd make a very fetching mermaid."

" ankle crumpled beneath him."

"I wonder how many freckles he's got."

Ooooooooooooh she's wondering that

" my favorite girl."

He makes himself sound like such a playboy. 

"'s not because of Belastra, is it?"


"She wants me to join the Brothers."

"...lingering on my bosom,"

Ew perv

".. I offer myself to the Sisterhood."

Overall, I liked this book lots. Jeez, did the ending have to be such a cliffhanger? I'm eager for the next book!
What did you guys think of this review?(:

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