Friday, October 25, 2013

Discussion #13: So many books, so little time.. This again!?

So, I've run out of scheduled posts, and I feel so guilty because I haven't read since August. That's like, extremely sad. No books = no book reviews, and book reviews make up most of my blog posts.

I've titled a discussion post with "So many books, so little time.." before, hence the "This again?!" part of it.

I just wanted to discuss with y'all, reading should be viewed as a sacred pastime and there's supposed to be time for it every day, but frankly, for me, I've had no time at all since school began.

I feel stupid for taking two AP classes without getting the feel for it first.

Each day I'm working until 11PM with homework, or even later, and getting around 5-6 hours of sleep-- before, I usually got 8-9.

And now there's no time to read.

I itch to get some reading done, but I also itch to balance my grades..

What do you guys think? Is reading as important as schoolwork, and should it be viewed as a sacred pastime?


  1. What about making time to read every few days at least? When I was in school, I remember someone telling me I'd better say goodbye to reading until my classes were over and yes, I slowed down, but if reading is an escape and a sacred pass time, what favor are you doing yourself by taking it away? Make time girlfriend! Don't sacrifice your grades, but don't sacrifice your sanity either! GOOD LUCK!

  2. I do think that you shouldn't see it as homework because then you won't find alot of joy in it. I just went through a period of time where I couldn't even look at the book and completely abandoned my blog. If you want to read - do it when you want to and not because you have to. I try to find time when I'm eating, when I'm in traffic (audiobooks), or when I finally have some time for a bath.

    Good luck!


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