Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Reflection

So. 2013 is officially over in a few hours. Well, long story short-- last year I was able to read 40 more books than I was able to read this year. Funny thing was, I'd actually thought that this year would be the year I hit 180 or something crazy like that. But, guess not. What happened was that I hit AP classes this fall, and boom, there went my reading time. But that doesn't mean I will stop. Reading will always be a sacred pastime. This year, I read 120 books, (and cheated with a few novellas.. but they're still books..) says Goodreads.

The book of the year? Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare. Even if that was back in March. That book. Seriously though. I don't know when or if I'll find a better book. Still not over those feels, Cassie!

I started this year with Narnia (bless CS Lewis for writing those) and end it with House of Hades (a book I was supposed to finish months ago, but heck.)

My resolutions included the finishing of my book, Incend, but that has not happened. You know what did happen? School. But I'm seriously letting school get in the way of this. I will start again. I'm leaving Incend to collect dust, because I can consider it my first failed attempt. But failure is a step, not a mode of discouragement. (Maybe it is for a little while.) I've been told that authors do not publish their first works. Continuously. Yeah, thanks Cynthia. LOL. I will start another one, don't you guys worry. I'll actually attempt to finish it this time.

But yeah, new years resolutions seems too overrated, doesn't it? So I won't make any. May 2014 be ever in your favor. Happy new year.


  1. 120 is still really really amazing! I only read 69. :P I totally understand how school an be a pain sometimes though. Good luck with 2014 though! I hope you have an amazing year. :D

  2. School is important, so you shouldn't feel bad that you didn't get as much read as you wanted. Still sounds like a great year!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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