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Discussion #15: Lynn Shepherd Against JK Rowling

Lynn Shepherd doesn't get it.

So, before I launch into a heated discussion about this topic, here are two posts you should probably read first (You won't get what I'm rambling about if you don't):

Well, the thing is, Ms. Lynn Shepherd had posted an article on Huffington Post, called "If J.K. Rowling Cares About Writing, She Should Stop Doing It." Now, before I start ranting about everything already wrong with that title, let me just make a quick point: Lynn Shepherd said that she has not read a SINGLE WORD OF J.K. Rowling's.

That's like me saying I fucking hate Nash Grier despite how I've never watched any of his vines.
Or me bashing Fifty Shades of Grey although I've never read it.
Or ANYONE saying they hate a certain food they've never tried.

I'm sorry this makes me so angry I just don't know what to type.

In the beginning of her article, Ms. Shepherd said that she was aware of what kind of reaction she would get among her readers upon posting something like this, BUT regardless, she posted it anyway.

It's unfair that she's bashing JK when she's never even read a single word of hers. JK is viewed as a children's author (despite how many adults read Harry Potter), and Shepherd is sayign that JK should stick to children's books and stay away from the adult genre so other authors have a chance to shine? Shepherd says that adults are reading too many of Rowling's works, and I quote, "I did think it a shame that adults were reading them (rather than just reading them to their children, which is another thing altogether), mainly because there's so many other books out there that are surely more stimulating for grown-up minds." Let me just emphasize one point. SHE HAS NOT EVEN READ ANYTHING OF JK'S. Shepherd is basing this off of the fact that since JK spent years writing a "children's" series, she is not capable of writing adult books that "are surely more stimulating for grown-up minds." If an adult chooses to read Harry Potter, so be it! She's trying to control what people read, now?

Hell, if Shepherd became just as famous as JK, I bet she wouldn't just stop writing because she "cares" about other authors who aren't getting enough "breathing space." Do you know how many authors list JK Rowling as their inspiration? People look up to this woman, and that's why she is famous. People don't bash her for being famous and rich! They are THANKFUL for her. They love her. When filming the HP movies, Evanna Lynch found motivation to stay ALIVE because JK promised her that she could play Luna if she made it through her illness. And she got there. How many people has this woman influenced with her writing? And Shepherd here is just telling JK to stop writing. That's like telling a freaking fish to get out of the fucking water. Futhermore, Shepherd's points are pathetic. (Sorry, but someone had to say it.) Refer to my examples a few lines above. I dislike Nash Grier mainly because of what he tweets and what most people believe and say about his (homophobic) personality. (And that boy can't freaking shut his mouth. Totally not judging, but..) But that's another matter to be discussed somewhere else. My connotation for Fifty Shades is that it's really badly written and terribly filled with unnecessary sex scenes. But how would I know? I haven't read it. You're right. And I should probably read it now so I can tell you guys absolutely how much smut there is, and of course, write a very fun long-awaited negative review. (I'm so biased. I'm sorry.) But Lynn Shepherd has not read a SINGLE word of JK's, and she's telling her to stop writing? It's not like most of the existent Harry Potter reviews are negative? So those reviews don't influence her. The majority surely respects JK. Where is she getting this negativity from? The answer is... herself, with nothing to base her POV on except for the apparent idea that JK is rich and famous and hogging all the attention.

Now, Ms. Kit Steinkellner at Book Riot has influenced me to make this post. I agree with all her points. JK Rowling can do whatever the fuck she wants to do. So, suck it.

I'm done. This is too much. You can't just bash JK Rowling and expect POSITIVE responses. What do you guys think?


  1. envy and jealousy makes people ugly? I have read JK Rowling's Harry Potter but yet to read Robert Galbraith. But no one should ever be told to stop writing, that is just plain mean, because words are great XD

  2. My own proclivities about JK aside, I agree: if you're going to bash someone, at least read a lick of their work. Nicely written!

  3. I've actually not read the article on purpose. An author linked it (stating it was ridiculous and made her laugh). The title put me off, and comments on FB reinforced my opinion that I don't even want to read this crap. Sorry for my language, but the entire "idea" behind the post was offensive to me. It's like telling a great neurosurgeon to stop being a doctor so he could let newbies have their chances to shine too... And that's not an exaggeration because, yes, JK has saved lives, she gave and still gives people power to stand on their feet and fight, or dream. Even myself. And the fact she hasn't even read J.K's work and implores adult not to either!? Who even gave her the right?
    Anyway, I completely agree with everything you said here, and it pissed me off for similar reasons.
    Yours is the first post I actually allowed myself to read on the subject lol.


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