Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Drabble Challenge Begins!

Hey guys! So, recently I've posted pieces of my writing, in drabbles. (Once again, for those who don't know, drabbles are short stories of 100 words. Only. 100 words. And I realized I haven't been writing much recently. So why not write drabbles?

THIS CHALLENGE IS GOING TO BE A THING. OK. I CHALLENGE MYSELF TO WRITE AS MANY DRABBLES AS I CAN IN THE PERIOD OF 1 YEAR. This will start, like, now. 5/14/14. This will end on 5/14/15. I will be numbering my drabbles as I post them, on a separate blog ( STAY TUNED. Because I don't want drabbles to clog up the book blog. WISH ME LUCK.

Feel free to join in! This is going to be exciting.

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  1. great work. I am from us going with yellowstone tour companies. The challenge this week is to write a drabble in which one character reveals a secret to another and to show how this affects their relationship.

    The rules/catch: This drabble must be written in the present tense, though may use any characters or PoV. In addition, the secret should be one of your own invention rather than something we already know from canon, such as Remus revealing he is a werewolf. I want to see some originality!


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