Sunday, December 13, 2015

An Update

Hello friends. Just an update. I'm sorry I've been AWOL for the past, well, six months! If any of you are regular readers you might have noticed that my 'currently reading' book keeps changing... although I think it's been Paper Valentine for a while. But anyways, now it's not. Now it's Mortal Heart, and I've been reading that at a very slow pace.

The reason for that is probably what you can only expect from a high school senior: college apps. College apps and just catching up with senior year have been tough, as expected. So I've been putting reading to the side. But I'm still alive, and updating! So hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these [months] you'd like to [see me post more reviews].

I guess this is kind of a hello from the other side. Because a lot has been going on, and now I'm finally updating again. I never really post personal things on this blog, but I think me being AWOL from this blog for six months really needs an explanation. I'll go ahead and post that on my author blog.

I hope you guys enjoy my book review for Jane Eyre, which will be up in about an hour from now! And I just finished listening to Shane Dawson's I Hate Myselfie WHICH WAS AMAZING. That review will be up next Sunday. Stay tuned!

For now, don't forget to be happy and thanks for stopping by!

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