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Book Review: Blood to Blood by Ife Oshun.

Blood to Blood Blood to Blood by Ife Oshun.
Book Summary: Angelika Brown has a killer voice. Too bad her über-conservative parents aren’t happy when she decides to quit high school to be a pop singer. What’s worse, she’s morphing into a blood-drinking immortal and her soaring vocals can now decimate everything, and everyone, within earshot. Will she learn how to control her new powers? Or will her bloodlust cause her to kill her girl group before they reach the Top 10?
Liana's summary: Angel wants to drop out of high school so she can live her life as a professional singer, but her parents absolutely forbid that- except.. they will give her consent only if they have access to all her thoughts- but how could that be? It's only because they're immortals. Blood-drinkers. The protagonist is trying to grow accustomed to being a bloodsucker after she overcomes her Change. She meets Sawyer, and notices he's different from the rest. She meets Justin, her donor, and they start to build a relationship. As Angel is getting used to her new self, she might change the people around her-without even knowing it.

Rate(1-10): 8.5

First of all, I would like to thank Ife, the author of this fantastic book, for sending me a free PDF review copy, giving me the opportunity to read it!

Usually, I really hate vampires. (Thanks a lot, Twilight.) But this book just kind of sort of changed my mind! I didn't think of Twilight at all, which is a good thing.

I think bloodthirsty vampires are really scary for some reason, but this book didn't really scare me, since there was something else to concentrate on. Her dream career! I think it's really cool how she affects people with her singing. Before she was a newborn, she could already affect people. After she was Changed, she affected them even more. I think it's really cool. Her supernatural abilities are envied- by me. They're just so dang cool though! I always had this impression of vampires as bloodsucking beasts that are scared of the sun, but Ife Oshun actually puts in the thing with different types of vampires, and I like that a lot, with the Shimshana blood-drinkers, where they don't have fangs, love the sun, and are not scary pale. But of course, they're gorgeous. ;D

It was a fun Labor Day read. Finished in a few hours! I feel so accomplished. Three books this weekend. (:

I know I marked this as Mythology-ish, since they're kind of talking about Egyptian mythology at this one point in the book. But there's not really the Rick Riordan sort of myth-writing. Just mentions! 

I like how the protagonist is African American, since there aren't enough books with Af. Americans as strong protagonists.

I liked the romance here, since it's not too awkward, not too slow, and not too forward. It is completely appropriate for youths, since it's definitely NOT like Fifty Shades of Grey. Ugh. Best of all, though, it was actually believable. Despite the part where she yearned for the poor guy's blood. That's vampy, I suppose.

One thing that's weird are the character attitudes. It's not really natural. And like, every time the girls address each other, they're all-

Literally. It's very weird. It's sort of like a teenage stereotype.

I'm honored to be the first person on Goodreads to review this book. (x I feel so special. (EVEN IF IT JUST RECENTLY GOT PUBLISHED AND IT'S NOT EVEN OUT IN PAPERBACK YET)

Unfortunately, since this was an ebook, it was so much more difficult to do quotes than usual. Therefore, less quotes. Very much unfortunate, for it was such a great story! D:

Well, here you are.

"... and the only thing I'd drunk was Cici's blood."
Ermagerd, that sounds really gross.

"I was hungry. But not for food. I was hungry for Sawyer."

“You really love banana pudding that much?"
“I could love you more,” he said in a low voice.
Banana Pudding Recipe

That moment. When something is so mundane that it's absurd. Banana pudding! LOL.

Instantly, I was at her back, standing before him. His eyes grew widewhen he saw me. “He’s mine,” I seethed before Risa swung around, ready for a fight.

“AB,” I ordered, “with a splash of O. No ice."

No matter how many times I read vampires doing their thing, I still get grossed out.

“Silly girl. I'm not offering myself to you.."

Avid readers of vampires, don't miss out on this book. It's definitely worth reading!

So, what did you think of this review? (:

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