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Book Review: Lark's Quest by Barbara Cool Lee.

Lark's Quest (Deeds of the Ariane, #1-3)Lark's Quest by Barbara Cool Lee.
Deeds of the Ariane, Volumes 1-3.
Book Summary: A tale of silk, sorcery, and romance....Fifteen years ago she was Lark, the tiny slave girl who witnessed the massacre of the royal family.Now she is Lark y Ariane, the most powerful—and hated—of the Silver Isle's magical warrior women, whose skill with sword and sorcery make her unbeatable in battle.Fifteen years ago he was Raven yr Griffon, the idealistic prince who became a hero to the poor when he championed their secret religion of equality and peace over the nobles' faith in wealth and power.Now he is Raven the Innkeeper, a bitter and crippled man who believes in nothing, and wants only to be left alone.When they meet, they—and the Silver Isle—will be changed forever.Lark's Quest contains the first three volumes in the Deeds of the Ariane Series: "The Search," "TheSecret," and "The Choice."

Liana's Summary: Lark is Ariane #6, number 6 among the strongest invincible woman warriors who fight for the king. There are 44 Ariane. If one goes, another comes in. It's always 44. Raven yr Griffon used to be a prince. Now he's an Innkeeper, determined to leave his royal life behind, far, far, behind. When Lark is assigned to find Raven and bring him back, Raven is shocked to see someone from his past. He is determined not to go with her, but can she persuade him by force, or merely by words?

Rate(1-10): 9

First of all, huge thanks to Barbara for sending me a signed paperback edition to review!

Okay, so, this book reminded me of Graceling by Kristin Cashore.  Because of the main characters! Lark and Katsa! They're both strong woman warriors. Katsa's a Graceling while Lark is Ariane. They're both feared. The time period, Medieval. I loved it! I always find some ways to relate to other books, LOL. Well then, this is a bit of a slow romance, like, Maggie Stiefvater's THE SCORPIO RACES. Like, when the two characters desperately want each other but they don't do anything until the end-ish. On the back of the book, it said, "A take of silk, sorcery, and romance.." and I was really excited, but I guess I was a teeny bit disappointed.

Another note about the romance.. RAVEN IS TOO OLD. OMG. HE'S OLD. They're freaking 8 years apart. That's not right. When I read the summary. I was given the impression that Raven was an old crippled man, while Lark was 16 or something, and I was just wondering about the romance, when then it hit me when Raven was thinking all perverted. Lark is actually 18/19, while Raven is 26 and crippled! It's still a too big age difference for me to handle. I guess this is what happens back in the Medieval period, and I guess every book I read has two people with closer age, so I'm not really used to it.

It's a fun fantasy to read! I rated it a 9, so it's not bad at all. Just the age difference and the slow romance thing knocked down the rate a notch.

Did I mention that I absolutely LOVE strong lady protagonists? What disappointed me was that it was in third person, therefore not giving me a chance to get to know Lark more. But from what I know, she's really strong, and great with a sword. (Just like Graceling's Katsa. omg.)

I got attracted by the cover, I admit, and the title did sound absolutely stunning. It looks good, and it IS good! Whenever I see a sword, I just go, "Ermagerd. I need to read that." I don't know why. But I guess it's because swords usually go with Medieval stories.

Oh yeah, and there's like, this twist. It was kind of foreshadowed, SORT of, but I was surprised nonetheless, and that's all what matters. The antagonist is not visible until the very end, and that's what surprised me. Don't you hate it when you like this character, and then they become a traitor?

I would like to commend the author's writing! It got me captured and caught up in reading this story. She does a really great job of foreshadowing! There was this thing in the story I was suspecting all along, and then she confirms it, BOOM, and I go, "I KNEW IT!" hysterically and stuff.

Since it got recently published about two months ago, not much people read this book! There's only like, 6 reviews on Goodreads! More people should read this. Really. Get on Amazon and buy it.

I feel like I didn't type enough. Well, quote reactions will express the rest of my thoughts.

"..only eight years younger than the missing prince.."
ONLY 8?! What are you talking about, only 8. omg. How is this romance going to work.
Spit Out Water

"They can have her."
"They'd never take a peasant," Raven said.

The truth hurts.

"Why, I am eight years old.."
 "Bruh. I'm 8. I got this, I got this." omg. LOL.

"She was something entirely different from all the other peasant women he had known."
It's romance time! (x

"He wondered if he would like the sound of it on her lips."
Uh. He's thinking about her. This is the part where he starts wanting Lark. Lark starts to want him later, and they don't do anything until the end. Don't think wrong! This is nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey.

"The woman took the coins and nodded smugly.."


"I'm sorry, Old Man."
LOLOLOL. OLD MAN. I just found this funny for no special reason. She called him an old man. (x

"I saw her using magic. She said I was not to tell."

"His leg brushed alongside hers, and he was shocked at the warmth of her radiating through her silken breeches."

"He wondered what she would do if he kissed her."

"You had eaten two joints of lamb already, and a third lay on your plate."
It's a wonder he's not fat. Wait. How come princes are never fat! THEY HAVE ALL THEY CAN EAT BUT IN MOVIES AND BOOKS THEY'RE NEVER FAT. Omg. I doubt they work out though.

"Say my name," he whispered.

<3 Awww.
But this just reminds me of Destiny's Child.

"Hurry," she said in her most arrogant tone.

" his respects at Swan Lake.."
 Swan Lake. omg.

"..of the finest sautéed baby octopus in mushroom herb sauce..."
This just literally made me gag. Octopus.

Lark drew her blade. "Let us discuss this further, Sister."
OHYES. It's fighting time!

"Lark moved first, attacking firmly, with no hesitation."
I'm cheering for you on the bleachers, Lark! Wooh!

"Snails for supper."
Ew. Just stepping on snails grosses me out. D:

"..and the man fell back in a pool of blood."

This book is like, organized into three volumes, like the book summary said. I don't know why it's called "Volumes," but not "Parts," but, oh well. Author's choice! It made me think I was reading three books in one. (:

Well, folks. That is my conclusion. What did you think of this review?


  1. Thank you for the review, Liana! What a great summary of the book, and I love all your comments about the dialogue. I'm glad you liked the book, except for the icky age difference (that much difference would be totally normal in that time and place, but now, I get that it's totally not cool). For the plot, he needed to be a bit older, and she needed to be a bit younger, back when they were kids, so I thought it wouldn't freak people out too much. But yeah, nowadays it wouldn't be so good. But I'm glad you liked most of it. The sequel (coming in 2013) has more romance--Lark and Raven are not done with each other, you know. They take until the third book to get to happily ever after, but it's worth all the work, really it is!

    Thanks for giving the book a read and sharing your opinion.

    Barbara Cool Lee

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked my review. (:

      Oh, I'm definitely looking forward to the sequel!



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