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Book Review: The Salamander Stone by CJ Fenge.

The Salamander StoneThe Salamander Stone by CJ Fenge.
Book Summary: Amber discovers a conspiracy so earth-shattering it threatens the whole of the human race. Forced to go on the run, it seems that she has enemies in every corner - some for her power, others see her as their savior - others still Seek her out of twisted love or simple lust. At the center of everything, the Salamander Stone Attracts more than earthly evil. A demon is after Amber as well, and his desires are unthinkable.

Liana's Summary: Amber's Salamander Stone is crucial. To her. And although she does not know it, many others consider it crucial, as well- and they are all determined to get their hands on it, even if it means killing.

Rate(1-10): 8

Surprisingly, there is a lot to say. I think I have more to say when it's a PDF copy, since I keep track of my note/thoughts on a WordPad document instead of in my mind (Which, mind you, is filled with Trig Bio French Academics English Homework Papers Assignments..). Okay, so where shall we start?

First of all, here is my range of emotions throughout the whole book:
worried Okay. I am not putting any more. Although this was not all. It is BASICALLY and SUPERFICIALLY what my emotions were. Wow. Now that I actually type this out, I realize that this book got some emotion out of me.

A little note about the protagonist: She seems strong, yet whiny. She's okay. I'm unbiased. (She has a lot of guy friends. Signifies that she's sort of tomboy-ish and not that great among girls. I mean, she has a few girl friends, but she's not really popular and girly among them. I like that.) But, unfortunately, since this book was in third-person POV, I didn't really get a chance to know the main character that well, because I only understand a character really really really well when the story is told in first person, therefore letting me view their thoughts and preferences.

Main character discussions:

Amber: Main, main character. She's on the cover. My thoughts about her are in the paragraph above.

Khiza: He is such a good friend! He seems like a really caring big-brother to Amber.

Meshak: He reminds me of Lennie from Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Not because he has Intellectual Disability, which Meshak does not, it's because they are both tall and big characters that don't act mature enough for their size. I don't really like Meshak because of the things he did, and his immaturity as well ruined any chance of me actually liking him as a character.

James: I almost forgot about him. But he's really nice! I like him. He didn't really appear in the latter half of the book. But he and Amber were really cute in the beginning!

There are actually more characters than this, of course, but those four are the only ones that I actually feel I have enough opinions about them to make a description. That sentence made no sense. Good God. It's late in the night. Oh, and, after all, I did put "Main Character Descriptions." ;D

What I liked about this book was that it was already suspenseful on the first page. And then I got a little lost, which was actually my fault, and then the story actually improved in the latter half!

I did the shameful thing- judged a book by its cover. Okay, everyone has to admit that they have done that at least once in their lifetime of book-obsessing. I may have had the wrong judgement on the genre, but I didn't have the wrong judgement about how this book was going to be. :D As you see, I labeled this book as "Fantasy". It sort of is! The title. Let me explain the title. I've once read this really good book called "The Salamander Spell" by ED Baker, ( I don't have a review for that one specific book. Maybe I'll reread the whole series. It's a series fit for 5th-7th graders.) and ever since then, whenever I saw something Fantasy-ish and/or the word "Salamander" on it, I would just get attracted to it. omg. So that is exactly what happened with this book. So, the title, would be better explained through this one simple analogy: The Salamander Stone is to The Salamander Stone as The Hunger Games is to the Mockingjay. I hope the majority of my readers have read the Hunger Games? c:

I like how one of the side-antagonists(One of the antagonists but not really THE antagonist..) was hidden at first- it gives you this feeling and tells you what to expect, because, what kind of legit story has no antagonist? The point was, I totally thought the dude was a good guy in the beginning.

And yes. There were parts in which I was so bored I did not know what I was reading. I just thought of this comparison: Old guys in Chinese Dramas talking about random political stuff that no one cares about. Honestly, every time I watch a Chinese Drama, I'm just like, "BRING ON THE ROMANCE. OH YEAH." I'm such a sucker for romance novels. LOL. No. Erotic romance does not count. Yeah. There were parts in this book just like that. Talk talk talk- no one cares. What's happening to the protagonist, I need to know. Well. I suppose that it's the way of dragging it on so the reader keeps reading!

This book has the kind of ending that just gets you satisfied. You feel that rush of air- you're finally done. It's a really good ending! Despite this one part that I wasn't happy over. I'm not saying what it is.  It's dramatic, but I like dramatic endings.

I think the time period/genre of this book is modern-ish? It's kind of Dystopian in a sort of way. I can't decide on the exact genre. 20% Fantasy. 80% Mystery/Spy/Suspense.

You know what I just noticed. The antagonist is an evil Asian. I will say no more.

I have to commend the author's writing. It is really good. It keeps the pages turnin'.

Comment on the romance: I can hardly consider this a legit romance. I thought that the two characters who 'loved' each other treated each other with brotherly/sisterly love. I think it's supposed to be sort of like that!

Is there a moral to this story. Is there? Don't get jealous or else you'll die. That's the best one I got. omg.

Oh yes, and a note to parents: It does say Middle-School Level in the labels for this post, but there are still swear words. If you are uncomfortable with your child reading swear words, then please don't read this to them or suggest that they read it! Otherwise, it is highly appropriate! I myself recommend this book to younger readers.

Time for quotes& commentary!

"For an instant she glimpsed his face behind the rainbow, tiny, as if down a long tunnel, his jaw set and determined as he fought to reach her."


“No, Dr. Cheung, you cannot have Amber Brigantia, not yet.”

“I know everything there is to know,” he continued, “about all of them.” 

“Fuck you!” he snarled, and left.

She hadn’t thought of him as a gum-chewer; only kids who wanted to appear cool bothered with it.

Ok so first of all, chewing gum looks stupid. SMACK SMACK SMACK

As Pitt entered the Control Centre he saw Mrs. Fedorowicz watching a large screen projection of Amber and James sitting by the walnut tree.

Is there anything that Amber does that is NOT watched by her stalkers? Really?

Amber tried to look round for this “he”, but ----- suddenly kissed her full on the mouth.


It was Meshak, his face contorted with jealousy.

Oh. LOL. So much boys.

Amber had called to him—and he was coming.

She’s not here but I’ll get her to ring. Your number’s reading ‘Payphone’. Give me your number.” He seemed desperate.


He crushed her hands against his chest, against his heart. “Without you there is no life, no Khiza.”

This is really awkward beyond my border for awkward. And oh, believe me. I have a wide patience for awkward.

He began to crawl, blindly, up the sandy rock-strewn path, following the drumbeat; following Amber.

I'm getting irritated at this stalker.

He knelt over her and let the earth trickle through his fingers, onto her head, her body.

Oh ew dirt on her head.

“Daniel Everington, if that’s gum you’re chewing you’re in trouble.”


He leaned forward, looking her directly in the eyes. “Amber... you are the one.”

community abed wiggle eyebrow

“You sadistic bitch!” spat Ophelia.


Go to the toilet.”

“I... I don’t mean to hurt you, Amber,” he faltered, “I just want...”

 It's over. Don't even try anymore.

At last Meshak stirred. “Why do you hate me?” he said suddenly.

You dumbass.

“You love him, don’t you, that stinking cripple!” He let go. “I wish I had killed him!”


Pardon my language but he's such a DUMBASS.

“I want you to love me, Amber,” he said in a rush. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

“I am Khiza.”

 Indeed you are.

"..said Aidan quietly."

omfg Aidan. Long story.


Have I told anyone how much those school posters annoy me.

“Go away,” he said weakly.

“Who is James?” Khiza asked in tones that sliced the air like a knife.


“Now, Jakob, I want to explain in detail what is about to happen to you.”

I'm scared.

Cheung’s glasses flew off and broke with a tinkle on the opposite wall.


"..familiar. She was still Amber, she knew that, but she was also the High Priestess of Brigit-Ana who must carry out the ceremony to save her people from the anger of the gods."

This is finally some Mythology/Fantasy.

“Eat earth,” he grunted viciously.


" bloody, bloody bastard!”


He took a phone from his jacket pocket and held it for a moment, watching Amber, still curled up and sobbing out Khiza’s name. 

I seriously thought he was going to take a picture.

What are you going to do with me? Meshak!”

“You’ll want me soon enough."

She'll never want you.

“I think you know why. I have to kill him.”

Spit Out Water

“That’s what she said,”

-pedoface- Hehehe. See how much immature moments I have.

She felt a surge of energy as a white light thudded into the man’s back.


A stab of loneliness had pierced his heart.


"..and his odd two-tone eyes.."

Someone tell me why this boy is a Graceling. Someone tell me why. He's not eligible to be one of them.

He licked at it, drinking it in.

He licked the air?

She smiled. Yes, it was her school now.

So, let me get this straight. She did all this evil-torturing-antagonist thing JUST so she could rule the school? What?

Daddy used to say that. He always said, “There’s nothing like a good soak.”

It's so sad when a character remembers something from someone who has passed on. It's so sad.

Yes, he did, Amber,” he said at last. “You have been touched by him.”

" will lose me for ever!” Khiza looked at her, his large almond eyes suddenly moist.
“I have lost you already, Amber.”


“I am Khiza,” he said simply.


“You killed her, you bitch. You killed my daughter!”

That escalated. Quickly.

The Key descended.

THE KEY IS THE SUBSTRATE, AND THE CUP IS THE ENZYME. I've been seeing Biology notes everywhere and now I see this. omg.


Bitch you ruined it. And this is the part where I start to dislike the main character! AKA THE ENDING. ISN'T THAT FAB.
And, believe it or not, I will be doing a blog tour for this book! Scheduled to be posted on November 11th. I will be doing an Author Interview and giveaway. And of course, on that post, I will link back to this review! Stay tuned!

To be honest. I tried my hardest to savor this book(3.5 days though. I tried.), but my TBR list is literally overflowing. (AND I'M GOING TO READ CITY OF GLASS NOW OMG FINALLY)

So, what did you think of this review?(:
Quite long for an eBook!

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