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Book Review: Hidden by Sophie Jordan.

Hidden (Firelight, #3) Hidden by Sophie Jordan.
Firelight Series #2
Jacinda was supposed to bond with Cassian, the "prince" of their pride. But she resisted long before she fell in love with Will—a human and, worse, a hunter. When she ran away with Will, it ended in disaster, with Cassian's sister, Miram, captured. Weighed down by guilt, Jacinda knows she must rescue her to set things right. Yet to do so she will have to venture deep into the heart of enemy territory.

The only way Jacinda can reach Miram is by posing as a prisoner herself, though once she assumes that disguise, things quickly spiral out of her control. As she learns more about her captors, she realizes that even if Will and Cassian can carry out their part of the plan, there's no guarantee they'll all make it out alive. But what Jacinda never could have foreseen is that escaping would be only the beginning....

Loyalties are tested and sacrifices made in the explosive conclusion to Sophie Jordan's Firelight trilogy.

Liana's Summary: Jacinda and Will are going to bust Miram, Cassian's cousin, out of the hands of the enkros. For the sake of the pride. And for the sake of Cassian. And THEN they can run away together. But as secrets get unveiled, Jacinda realizes her work isn't done yet. She has to go back to the pride. And Will is going to have to wait. But will he be patient enough? And what's going to happen after that drastic change of events?

Rate(1-10): 9

I loved this series so much I can't bear to say goodbye to it. I'm done. Wow. I'm done already?
Okay, this is going to be short, since I already said everything I needed to in the reviews for book 1 and 2. And once again, for those of you who haven't read this series I recommend you check out my review for the first book, Firelight. Just search for it in the Navbar above! (:

After reading the first book I wasn't so sure about reading the rest of the series because the first book was only OKAY. But I decided to read the rest in the end because my curiosity overcame me and I really wanted to know what happened. And boy. Was I satisfied? YES. I LOVED IT. OMG. I WILL NEVER FORGET THIS SERIES. <33 KFJDKLFDJ:SLDSJ

I'm glad that this book was here for me when I was dying of curiosity from the cliffhanger in book 2.

The covers are flipping gorgeous, okay. Let me take a moment to say that. They are GORGEOUS. I love the author's sense of imagination. It's so fab fab fab.

I have to admit that this is one of those series in which I like both guys in the love triangle. Ohmahlord. And now I'm just going to stick with Team Will on the sidebar because I can't imagine if she loved Cassian and left Will all alone. But the point is I LOVE CASSIAN A LOT MORE THAN WILL. But it's just that I like Will and Jacinda together. Therefore Team Will on the sidebar.


There are like huge twists in this book and to be honest I think that this one was the most emotion-filled, heart wrenching, and gorgeously-written book in the series. A fabulous conclusion, telling the readers where everyone went.

Okay now quotes.

"Go, get out of here!"


"And that's when Tamra and Deghan emerge..."

Woot! Go Tam..ghan..!!

"You're leaving."


Yeah, I know it's only a few. I was so caught up in reading it. (x What can I say?
And that's that. What did you think of this review? (;

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