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Book Review: Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton.

Tyger Tyger (Goblin Wars, #1) Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton.
Goblin Wars #1
Book Summary: Teagan Wylltson’s best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures—goblins, shape-shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty—are hunting Teagan. Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn’t worried. Her life isn’t in danger. In fact, it’s perfect. She’s on track for a college scholarship. She has a great job. She’s focused on school, work, and her future. No boys, no heartaches, no problems.

Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives. Finn’s a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself. He has a killer accent and a knee-weakening smile. And either he’s crazy or he’s been haunting Abby’s dreams, because he’s talking about goblins, too... and about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin-kind. Finn knows a thing or two about fighting. Which is a very good thing, because this time, Abby’s right. The goblins are coming.

Liana's Summary: Teagan's best friend, Abby, thinks she's physic. She's been seeing the goblins in her dreams. She claims the goblins are coming. Teagan doesn't believe her. But when Finn, her cousin, comes to live with them, and he claims there are goblins too, Teagan starts to have her doubts. But when her mother just dies out of nowhere, she's sure that the goblins are coming.

Rate(1-10): 8

This turned out to be better than I thought.

Don't judge a book by its cover Yeah yeah I know. The cover was just so severely creepy. It was actually the synopsis that got me interested in the first place.

The book was actually really thin. So I expected a simple and short story. But instead, Kersten Hamilton created a story that was enjoyable and long-lasting. Somehow. LOL.

Teagan is the main character. She seems brave enough but then I don't know what she would do without Finn.

Finn is her cousin. They're not blood related though, which makes everything not-gross. Finn seems like the guy that came from the military or something. He reminds me a lot of John from Nicholas Sparks's DEAR JOHN. He's way too tough for a kid that escaped a foster home and tried to live on his own for 5 years. He's really tough, oh yeah.

Aiden is Teagan's little brother. Oh my goodness, was I that annoying when I was in 1st grade? Well. This little kid is one of a kind, actually. He's pretty awesome and his skill is pretty cool as well.

Abby is Teagan's best friend. She seems like the girl that would always be there to give comfort or something. She would always cheer someone up when they're down. (Unless she doesn't like that person. LOLOL)

Lennie. Honestly I wouldn't care less if he wasn't in the story or not because he's not such a huge character. But I just wanted to talk about him because he reminds me a lot of Lennie Small from Of Mice and Men because Lennie is autistic. Sort of makes me think the name was borrowed.

Ida. She's Finn's grandma, (I think. omg) and she's such a fabulous old lady. And no, I am not using the word fabulous loosely. Because she is fabulous. FABULOUS. 

So the cat goblins. Ok. This series features goblins a lot and there are cat goblins. CAT GOBLINS. OUT OF ALL THE ANIMALS UGH. I never liked cats in my life. Ever ever ever. And I think this book increased my fear of cats instead of my hate for cats. ohmy. If you're scared of cats do not read this at night. LOL RIDICULOUS

This was based on Irish mythology and I found it really interesting. Even if it was sort of creepy at times. 

The plot was unpredictable at times. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

Note: I own an ARC Galley of this book. Therefore the quotes might be different from that of the published version's.

"..about your cousin Finn coming to live with you?"


"He has wrinkled lips!"

Oh ew that's disturbing.

"We're not."

"I'm going to change that plan of yours."

"Strawberry. Girls like strawberry, right?"

That is so stereotypical. omg.

"..expected them to bear him children."


"She'd slept with her mouth open and slobbered all over him.."

".., Thomas."

"But that cop was totally flirting."
Oh wow just wow and ew
And that's that! What did you think of this review? (;

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