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Movie Review: TMI, City of Bones (& Crazy Fangirling!)

OKAY GUYS OKAY IT'S HERE -- MY MOVIE REACTION. DO NOT PROCEED BELOW IF SELECTIVE CUSS WORDS (anger caused by ignorant little shits on the internet) AND MOVIE/BOOK SPOILERS (so it's highly recommended that you go watch the movie if you haven't already and revisit this post) MAKE YOU NAUSEOUS THANK YOU HAVE A NICE DAY

Okay. Okay. Breathe. I'm overwhelmed with emotions right now. It's a bit hard to type a post at the moment, but I really have to.. Ah, where do I start.

I've been waiting for this movie for 10 months, and in that 10 months, we fans have gotten many trailers, stills, and HANDFULS of movie info. I can't help but think the movie's been spoiled for me already (and I've already read the book, too) because of those trailers and stills and clips and stuff. But that didn't really make the movie any less amazing. Not really, anyway.

Let's just start off with the actors/actresses.

Lily Collins/Clary Fray
Lily was my favorite in this whole entire movie. She went ABOVE AND BEYOND my expectations, and I'm sure many other fans' expectations as well. She did a really great job of bringing Clary to life on the big screen, and just GAVE OFF a Clary vibe. Amazing. This girl is amazing. People were complaining about her appearance, but those people are fuckers.

Jamie Campbell Bower/Jace Wayland
I love Jace. Jace is one of my favorite characters, and I really needed Jamie to be the perfect Jace in order for this series to have a good reputation. And whoa, did Jamie do a hell of a fucking great job. I loved Jamie, love Jamie, and will love Jamie forever. Gah, and what's great about him is that his personality in real life is so different from the personality of Jace (who never smiles in the first movie for some weird reason even when he's kissing Clary. I don't recall him smiling in the book. Maybe he smirked once or twice.) and that just PROVES how good of an actor he is. I'll admit, when he was FIRST cast as Jace, I didn't like Jamie. I didn't. I was one of those Alex Pettyfer people. Good lord, forgive me. Oh god. Jamie did a FRICKIN PERFECT JOB. A+. WHAT NOW FUCKERS. THAT TEACHES YOU TO DOUBT JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER.

There are still a lot of people that dislike Jamie, because of his physical appearance, or whatever, but come on. They didn't even give the guy a chance, criticizing him BEFORE the movie was even out. So I think it's fair that I call them stupid mother-effing fuckers that need to go crawl into Tartarus and never fucking come out. Last time I checked, when Jamie had his shirt off, that was a 6+ pack. Is that what you call lanky and thin and ugly? Of course, I respect people's opinions, but if you dislike him, that's that. If you criticize him, then you're just being an exorbitant little shit and it makes you sound stupid and judgmental. No need to criticize him and call him ugly because first of all, he's not- he is fucking hot, and second of all, he has feelings, too, and he was devastated at the huge negative reaction from fans that he'd received.

Alec Lightwood/Kevin Zegers
Whoa, Kevin. Kevin did GREAT. Although we didn't see as much of him in this movie, he was still pretty darned amazing. Gave off the annoying Alec vibe that was all over him in the book. Can't wait to see more of Kevin! (Kevin is usually charming in real life so that's just extra points for him as an actor.)

Robert Sheehan/Simon Lewis
I think Robert did the second best in portraying character, after Lily. What I found really interesting was that Robbie improvised the whole damn thing. Didn't even read the script. Or the book. I found that pretty dang amazing. Especially WHEN HE'S SIMON. Simon has some pretty great lines, man, and even though Robert didn't say all of them, it's ok. Because he did a superb job. Wow. Just wow.

Jemima West/Isabelle Lightwood
Jemima is just a charm. She was really great! She looked a lot like an Isabelle, and she was one of the cast members that I was really happy about. Didn't see THAT much of her, so that's all I have to say, for now.

Godfrey Gao/Magnus Bane
Ah, we get to Godfrey. Well, in the trailer, he looked amazing. Heck, Godfrey looks amazing. He can wear whatever he wants and still look amazing. (Magnus was wearing short shorts hehehehe those legs) He just LOOKS like a Magnus. But he didn't do that much of a good job portraying Magnus. Magnus is supposed to be this sassy warlock dude. But Godfrey is just.. THERE. LOL. And he didn't even ask Alec to "call me" omg. He just said, "the hot one." HAHAHA. I love Malec. I'm still looking forward to seeing Godfrey in CoA.

I won't take the time to discuss JRM and Lena and Aidan-- but I'll just say that EVERYONE did a pretty good job overall. Couldn't have asked for a better cast. Appearance-wise. Except, yaknow. JRM and his un-dyed hair.

Compared to the book:
IT WAS A PRETTY DARN GOOD ADAPTATION. Some scenes were just EXACTLY like they were in the book it was just whoa whoa whoa. Whoa. With some subtle differences, like how Simon didn't turn into a rat, how the damn motorcycle didn't fly, HOW HODGE GAVE IT AWAY THAT JACE AND CLARY WEREN'T REAL SIBLINGS UGH HODGE NO WE'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT YET WE'RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE NUUU WHY ARE THEY SIBLINGS ugh hodge why

Well, it was still great. I loved it.

Some people hated it, and I respect everyone's personal opinions, but overall, I think most people liked it plenty.

I'd sacrificed hours of doing AP homework to go watch this movie, but let me tell you that it was worth it. I know I'd wanna see it again. Let me repeat. THIS. MOVIE. IS. WORTH. SEEING. IT IS COMPLETELY WORTH IT. Yay for TMI! Who else can't wait for CoA?

I realize that this whole post isn't as long as I'd wanted it to be, but it's kind of hard to spurt out words for something so amazing.

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  1. I totally agree with you ! I did a review on my blog too. More or less said the exact thing as you ! and Jamie is the bomb. I'm in love him. Please check out my blog ? X


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