Thursday, August 22, 2013

Discussion #12: The Perks of Having a TBR List

 Do you have a whole bunch of books to read? Is that pile growing endlessly because you can't control your bookaholicness? Yeah, same here. (Assuming you said yes. LOL.) There are many perks to having a physical TBR list, aka To Be Read list. My own personal list, currently, is displayed in this post. Gorgeous, right? Three freaking pages. I'm nearing four because page three is already starting its fourth column. Some readers just go with the flow and read whatever they want to read whenever they want to read it, and that's pretty cool. They don't seem to need a TBR list because they just pick up books at random, one at a time. But most of us readers just buy books and never seem to stop. But bloggers. Book bloggers are also readers. We also buy books and never stop. But we also have ARC copies, blog tours, review requests from authors.. Needless to say, blogging has a lot of reading involved, and it's fun!

My own personal TBR checklist has a quote on the top: "To read or not to read- that is the question." Honestly I don't know who I'm quoting, but hey. I like it! Below is my chart of what each symbol/color means:

E: Ebook
E: I have it as an ebook, but I can always borrow a copy from someone else or the library
*: I've been wanting to read it for quite a while. Should probably get started.
*: Seems interesting. Might want to read it next, if indecisive.
*: Priority of the priority. Review copies, blog tour ebooks, etc.
*: Priority.
  : DNF. I give up. I'm not finishing it. I'm taking it off my TBR list. (The small ones are just crossing out the stars so I know that I'm done.)

Over time, I've created a TBR chart of symbols/colors that are easy for me to follow! There are many perks to having a very organized TBR checklist, and even if you're not a blogger, you should have one anyway, because sometimes, when we buy book after book, we lose track of them. 

The Perks:

1. ORGANIZATION. A calendar can do just that, indeed, but a TBR list is something different indeed.

2. It's fun. You can keep track of your reading progress and see how much you've crossed off.

3. It feels good when you check a box because you feel accomplished! (Come on, that's not just me, is it?)

So if you don't have a TBR list yet, go ahead and make one. Just grab a piece of paper and write down all the books you have in your possession and are yet to read, get some tape and slap that paper on the wall! Cheers to those who have similar TBR lists as I do. Lol.

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  1. I have a list on my computer.. Cause it is neater, and I would get obsessive about a hand written list. Everything would have to be in straight lines and would have to look perfect. So, a computer copy is better for me :)


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