Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Book Haul- 5.

Well, I put one photo, the lazy way. LOL. Y'all who saw my previous book hauls know this is lazy. Today, I went to Walmart without my mother's knowledge (with my friend.. yes we're rebels), got followed for about a minute by a creepy pedophile, got soaked and almost blown away by the rainstorm, and had to carry a paper bag full of these. I hope they're worth the fuss. LOL. Spent 101 dollars.
1- Rift by Andrea Cremer.
Hey, an Andrea Cremer book! Just wanted to get it.

2-Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
A recommendation. Has no romance, but heard it was good! It'd better be worth the 20 dollars LOL.

3- The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken.
My friend thoroughly enjoyed this book. Wonder if it's good? (;

4- Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. 
Yet another recommendation. LOLOL

5- The Kiss by James Patterson.
You know, since I own books 1-3 of this series.. might as well finish it. I wouldn't be caught dead with a book named THE KISS. Seriously, J. Patterson?

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  1. I have heard good things about Gone Girl.. I keep meaning to look for it while I am out but forget. Cant wait to hear your thoughts!



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