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Book Review: The Storyteller's Daughter by Cameron Dokey.

The Storyteller's Daughter The Storyteller's Daughter by Cameron Dokey.
Book Summary: In a faraway kingdom, a king has been betrayed. Deeply hurt and bitterly angry, he vows never to be deceived again. Unfortunately, the king's plan to protect himself will endanger all of the realm's young women, unless one of them will volunteer to marry the king - and surrender her life. To everyone's relief and horror, one young woman steps forward. The daughter of a legendary storyteller, Shahrazad believes it is her destiny to accept this risk and sacrifice herself. On the night of her wedding to the king, Shahrazad begins to weave a tale. Fascinated, the king lets her live night after night. Just when Shahrazad dares to believe that she has found a way to keep her life — and an unexpected love - a treacherous plot will disrupt her plan. Now she can only hope that love is strong enough to save her.

Liana's Summary: A king has been betrayed. He's furious-- therefore, he promises himself to never be deceived or betrayed by a woman ever again. However, his promise to himself puts all women in his kingdom in horrid danger.. unless one of them stands up and sacrifices herself. The king is doubtful. Should he trust her? Or should he not?

Rate(1-10): 8

Have I mentioned that I love Cameron Dokey's retellings? SO SO MUCH.

So, this one is a retelling of The Arabian Nights. This wasn't as good as the author's other retellings, but it was still good.

I haven't read the original story of The Arabian Nights, but I've read another retelling of it in Girls to the Rescue.

The narrator-- whoever that may be (It can be Cameron Dokey herself)-- is very conversational and acknowledges the reader. I find that kind of interesting.

My absolute favorite thing about Cameron Dokey is that she retells the original story in her own way and adds all these little details to make the whole thing more authentic, and make the characters more authentic as well.

This was a short and very interesting read, 78 pages in PDF. I'm excited to read the rest of her retellings!

Well, quotes.

"..she flew into a rage so great that her heart burst, and she died."


"Who is she? What is her name?"

Just imagine Haymitch saying "Whoa! So eager!" Right here and right now. LOL.

"..the possibility for love."


"..and heaved it back into the ocean."

"Do you trust me?"

This is so... Aladdin.

"A great silence seemed to settle over them--"


"Then his lips found hers and neither spoke aloud at all."


"Take this woman away."

That's that!
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