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Book Review: The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness.

The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking, #2) The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness.
Chaos Walking #2
Book Summary: We were in the square, in the square where I'd run, holding her, carrying her, telling her to stay alive, stay alive till we got safe, till we got to Haven so I could save her -
But there weren't no safety, no safety at all, there was just him and his men... Fleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the hands of their worst enemy, Mayor Prentiss. Immediately separated from Viola and imprisoned, Todd is forced to learn the ways of the Mayor's new order. But what secrets are hiding just outside of town? And where is Viola? Is she even still alive? And who are the mysterious Answer? And then, one day, the bombs begin to explode...
"The Ask and the Answer" is a tense, shocking and deeply moving novel of resistance under the most extreme pressure. This is the second title in the "Chaos Walking" trilogy.

Liana's Summary: Viola and Todd are separated- each separated to opposing sides. There is no safety. Danger is everywhere. Bombs are exploding. People are dying. Patrick Ness takes you through this amazing second book of the Chaos Walking trilogy.

Rate(1-10): 10

Patrick Ness left me so speechless that I wrote an awkward summary and made my foot fall asleep.

Man. This book was freaking amazing. I couldn't even put it down. Since I read in the morning, this sort of happened:

6:00- Okay back to the story.
6:20- NO!
6:30- I'm going to finish this chapter before I get up.
6:34- Umm.
6:35- omg fine. WHY MUST I DO THIS. *Painfully puts book down*

Okay. Anyways, whoever has read my The Knife of Never Letting Go review should know how enthusiastic I was about this series. This book is equally amazing, I'm telling you.

Todd. Wow. That boy. (Sorry Todd, I mean 'man'.) He goes through so much character development I can't even believe it. He's freaking amazing I tell you. He's so different. He doesn't curse that much anymore and he turned a lot nicer and considerate. There are these parts that just make you want to slap him, though.

So, there was 2 POVs in this book, Todd and Viola. Thank the lord. If there were no Viola parts I would be dead. Todd's parts were freaking amazing- don't get me wrong. There was nothing wrong with his parts. It's just that Viola is in huge danger and I can't stand NOT knowing how she is. She's a great narrator by the way but that's all because of the author.

What sucked was that Todd and Viola were parts of opposing sides. It would be so romantic if they fought for the same cause- but.. sigh. Things are too good to be true.

Speaking of romantic, there are signs of romance starting to bloom! I'm looking forward to more of it in book 3. Hehehe. It's all about Todd and Viola. Who would've thought this was a love triangle? Can the other dude just please go away because no one likes him.

I am so relieved that I have the third book ready to read because I would be rolling on the floor right now in despair if I didn't. Patrick Ness and his dramatic endings though I cannot believe him. He taught me a lot about writing suspense-fully. On the last page of this book, I just stared at the last word blankly and I was all turning the page to see if there was more. Wow.

There were these parts in which the scene was just ridiculously sad and dramatic and it made me tear up all by itself and then my mom had to put on some sadder and dramatic-er music and like, reading the scene. Ohmysweetgoodness, I CRIED. Unashamed okay. I was just so happy and sad at the same time. Tears of joy and sadness.



"I thank you." He turns to Mr. Collins. "Lock him up."
Who in the world says something like that? Thanks, but, I'm still gonna lock you up.

"I am Todd Hewitt and I am a man. (a man who told the Mayor her name).."

"..pulls the trigger."

"Lieutenant Hewitt." 
Lieutenant? Please.

"I am the Circle and the Circle is me."
It must be his motto. It has to be.

"Wait outside," I say.

"He looks so concerned, so ready to fight for me, my heart skips a little."

"It's too late."

"You keep yer filthy eyes off her."
That's right.

"Oh, Viola, what have I done?"


This series is really good. Not only the plot, but also the author's way of writing. Just spells out, "A-M-A-Z-I-N-G."

Definitely a recommendation! What did you think of this review? (:


  1. You gifs always make me laugh and smile! I saw you are reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone..I LOVE that book, hope you do as well!


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