Friday, April 5, 2013

Discussion #2: Hot Fictional Characters

People probably know me for my crazy fictional infatuations. Well, at least you can't get pregnant from reading a book and swooning over a fictional character's HOTNESS.

Some people (very ignorant people, if I may say) wonder how I can have fictional infatuations without knowing exactly what the character looks like. Well, do I really have to say that it doesn't matter what a character looks like? The tanned skin, the tousled hair, the dreamy eyes, and the abs are all a huge gigantic PLUS to the sexy arrogance that they give off.

And yes, the sexy arrogance is EXACTLY what makes a fictional character infatuating.

However, there may be other aspects of a character that aren't arrogance that still make them swoonable-- and those aspects don't include physical appearance. One thing is kindness, and another would be humor. Although physical appearance is a huge plus, I've got to admit. Without arrogance or kindness or humor, physical appearances are nothing.

Hot fictional characters may sometimes seem unrealistic, but if they exist in the world of fiction, why can't they exist in our world of realism, right? That probably made no sense. But yeah. 

That's really it. Stay tuned for upcoming discussions; happy reading!

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  1. You should read the Hush Hush Series if you haven't already :) Also Of mice of Men by John Steinback, a great book and somewhat emotional depending on you.
    p.s Hope you have a wonderful day :)


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