Saturday, April 27, 2013

Discussion # 8: So many books, so little time

As some of you may know, I complain and rant all the time about not having enough time to read. I mean, I do it every day. I'm at school, and I just get the urge to start crying because I don't have enough time to read and I'm just overwhelmed by all the books I have on my hands.. If you look at my TBR list, it's just crazy huge. It's a checklist of 3 pages and there are, about 30-40 book titles on every page. And yes, there are more blank squares than checked ones.

Btw, yes, I will despise anyone that says, "AIN'T NOBODY GAT TIME FO BOOKS." I'll just boil up and screech back at them, "AIN'T NOBODY GAT TIME FOR YOU." Yes, very indignant indeed.

I remember a long time ago, in the very beginning of summer 2012, before I even started this blog, I had to go through this drastic time period in which I had nothing to read. At all. I didn't go to the library that time because I just despised the library back then for my own reasons.. I think I still despise libraries with grumpy old men as librarians that have nothing to do but assist people with their math homework and  tell people to shut up, aka my school's library  (Mainly, I just hated the way that people abused books just because they were library books. As a worker at the local library, I know that there are boogers on not only the juvie books. ugh. Filthy, beat up, and stinky. Worst of all, you have to return it. Even when you love the book so much.) Anyways, back to the point. That time period was so drastic because I really had nothing to do. I don't think I want to have another one of those moments where I have nothing to read because that's just terrible. I'd rather have a lot to read at once and be overwhelmed than have nothing to read and to be bored to death.

However, it doesn't mean that I like having so much books to read and so little time that I just want to cry. If I had all the time in the world, and if I weren't so good at procrastination, or maybe if I just shut up for once and concentrated on reading  then I wouldn't be quite so overwhelmed.

I haven't done a blog tour in SO long, because it's just too much. I can't organize all this extra stuff and read the things that I want to read, and falfkjdal;jksj just ugh. I've been slowing down with my reading recently (which is the worst feeling in the world) and I could be reading right now but instead I'm just ranting about how I don't have enough time.

Basically, this is what I say way too much:

1. So many books, so little time.
2. I need more money so I can buy more books!
3. I could be reading right now.

I can't really emphasize number three more than that. I say that all the time, and even when I have leisure time I find myself drifting towards the computer and, next thing you know, I'm watching Vampire Diaries or aimlessly scrolling through my email, or Facebook (which is really dry, honestly), or Twitter, or Tumblr, or anything else. I'm a terrible person, LOL

CURSE THE BLASTED ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY! Except I couldn't live without it. Wow, I have such a love-hate relationship with technology. Gosh.

I wonder how things would be like if I lived in the 19th century when there was no advanced technology at all, ugh.

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