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Discussion #6: When Books Become Movies

Well, in this topic, people are either:
-I want to see all my favorite books made into movies! That would be so awesome!
-I hate it when books become movies. The movies always ruin the books.

I, for one, am in between. I love love love it when my favorite stories come to life on the big screen, but I just hate it when the movie 'messes up' the book. By 'messes up,' I mean a few things:
-Movie does not have the same storyline as the book
-Actors/actresses are not identical to the book character
-Movie makes no sense but the book does
And those three things make the people who've watched it but haven't read it NOT want to read it, and the people who've watched and read it very, very angry.

But of course, there are always those movies that fit perfectly, or almost perfectly with the book.
But yeah, book movies, I will always go watch, but I'll either love it or hate it and/or think that the people who haven't read the book won't get the movie at all.

I'd like to make some examples. They're in no specific order.

Harry Potter.
This is one of those that are almost in PERFECT coordination and make PERFECT sense. The actors and actresses are PERF.

This was a big one. Actually, the only movie I watched was Breaking Dawn part 2. I've read all the books. The books were wonderful. I tried watching Twilight, but halfway through I couldn't go on. I think, personally, the movies ruined everything. It was supposed to be Team Edward. Jacob is just such a stupid in-the-way guy. But yeah, there just has to be more Taylor Lautner fans than Robert Pattinson fans. Gosh, it just ruined everything. NOT THAT MUCH PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON TEAM JACOB

So yeah, I'm not going to bother watching the movies. Although Breaking Dawn part 2 was pretty awesome.

But really, some people just hate Twilight because of the movies and they've never even read the books. Ugh.

The Lightning Thief.
I can't be the only one that was disappointed at this. Annabeth was blonde in the book, dangit! I don't really think that the actress dying her hair blonde for Sea of Monsters is really gonna matter. I mean, the Lightning Thief movie was great, but..

The Hunger Games.
I figured that the story doesn't make sense to those people who haven't read the book. At least, for most people. It wasn't too good. Although I did like Jennifer Lawrence.

I just love Narnia. But Edmund was supposed to be blond (Not that I mind Skandar Keynes hehehe) and Peter was supposed to have black hair. However, I don't really think hair color matters at all. I wish they'd made movies out of all the books, though. But yeah, the movies were awesome.

Beautiful Creatures.
I think it coordinated pretty well with the book but, actually, I don't think it would have made much sense to the people who haven't read the book.

Safe Haven.
Oh my gosh, I loved this movie. It went well with the book. However, I wasn't happy that they changed a few things and left out some important things from the book.
I always say "The book was better." And that will be true forever.. at least I think so.

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  1. I'm like you - I'm always excited when a movie of a book I read and loved comes out, but I hate it when they mess up... and they mess up often.

    Agreed about Harry Potter - one of the best book adaptions (though I loved the first movies the most. The deeper we went into the series the more changes they made, and by the sixth movie friends of mine who haven't read the books said they didn't get what was happening...)

    Twilight was pretty bad, though it was still entertaining ;) LOL, I'm Team Edward and Team Taylor, not Jacob.

    I HATED the Percy Jackson movie :O they completely changed the plot and YES, ANNABETH IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A FREAKIN' BRUNETTE! It drove me crazy, and even more that now she's dying her hair?... and into that awful color, too ;/ She's supposed to have golden curls >.<

    Haven't watched the others :)
    And, yep, the books are always better. The best I got to was movies that were as good as the books :)


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