Monday, April 22, 2013

Discussion #7: Romance

I think almost everyone has their own connotation when they hear the word "romance." For a while, I was conflicted about what my favorite genre really was--- Fantasy? Dystopian? Paranormal? Contemporary? I decided that I didn't really have a favorite genre. Until I realized that romance is what I can't live without. In almost every single book review, I talk about the book's romance, how it was perf, or how it sucked, or the book could have done better without it. Well, I guess now I know what my favorite genre is.
Without romance, the book would be kind of dry. Well, that's in my opinion, anyway. Unless it has a lot of other things in it that make it so awesome that it doesn't need romance at all.
But (the magic word), just because there's romance in a book doesn't mean I like the book. There are several kinds of.. 'romance.'

1- Love @ First Sight

I mean, this is cute in fairy tales, but no. I just don't like love at first sight at all because it's not real. It's superficial, like, 'you're my prince in shining armor! I love you!' It misleads the real definition of love.

2- Hate @ First Sight, but Love Comes Later On

I think this is my absolutely FAVORITE. I just love it when they HATE each other and then grow to love each other. Just wonderful.

3- Awkward Romance

Just read Shadow by Jenny Moss and you'll just understand what I'm talking about. Ugh, the romance in that book was terrible. I think the author was trying to do the hate at first sight thing, but apparently it didn't work. It was just so awkward.

4- Way-Too-Forward

Do I really have to explain this one? Well, let's see. Erotica by chapter 2?

5- Friends at First, Lovers Later

Somehow I can't help but think of Mortal Instruments. Yeah, Simon was really awkward.. But everyone loves Simon, right?
I can't help but frown at this one, even though some authors make it so cute. I don't like it when the friendship bond breaks and a romance one forms. It's just.. ugh. And then the romance one breaks too.. and nothing's there anymore because most of the time, it's too awkward to become friends again.

6- Molasses Romance

This is sometimes cute. Just sometimes. But I hate it when the romance just appears at the very end of a story, spontaneously and out of nowhere. Like, if you're gonna be like molasses, might as well not be there at all.

7- Denial Romance
But then they actually do like each other very very much. That's sort of what I'm trying to do with Incend (I tried to do the haters @ first but I couldn't omg). I'll try not to make the characters too annoying.. LOL.
I doubt these are all, but that's all I can think of on the top of my head.
Moral of this post? Just because there's romance, doesn't mean I'm a happy girl.


  1. I actually like the friends turned lovers theme, but agree on all the others. Insta-love and hate-to-love scenarios are the worst.

  2. I love the hate each other but then they slowly fall for each-other as they get to know them. It's way more interesting! But I hate it when it's meant to be this kind of romance but you know by the beginning of the book that they already like each other but they're just in denial.


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