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Book Review: The Call of the Wild by Jack London.

The Call of the Wild
The Call of the Wild by Jack London.
Book Summary: Buck is a dog born to luxury, but his life changes dramatically when he is sold to be a sled dog in the Yukon Terrority. First published in 1903, this masterpiece of adventure and survival continues to enthrall readers almost a century later.

Liana's summary: Buck's life is perfect. With enough food to eat, a good master, and the warmth of the fireplace, what else could he ask for? But, what he doesn't know is that he is about to be sold, not once, but many times. He's going to run a thousand miles because the men he is sold to desire gold in the west. When he is sold again, though, he's finally content with his master. He's smart enough to notice that he cannot keep a master for a long time. So he guards this master, follows him around, and kills the people who dare hurt him. When things drastically change, Buck has no other option but to run. Run, and follow the call of the wild.

Rate(1-10): 7.5

On Goodreads, I rated it 3/5. So basically it's a 7.5? I suppose. I would've given it a 3.5 if there was that option on Goodreads. Anyway, this book was a recommendation from my dad himself, and he was like, in his Asian accent, " It very sad." And I was all determined to read it. If it had been longer, I think it would've risen to an 8. Or even 8.5. It was too short to be that good, but it was still good. It is after all, my first Jack London book. It is about a century old already, so, thank goodness, it was free in the Kindle store. YAY! I already do have the copy, but it was just that my mom turned off the lights, so I went on the Kindle instead. And I fell asleep on accident. This whole book took me about 2.5 hours, I think. But I dragged it on for three days, since I've been super busy.

The cover above wasn't the cover I read the story from, but I couldn't find that one other cover on Goodreads. I figured it would become a movie, since a lot of old books do. Maybe I'll watch it, one day, if I feel like I want to.

I thought that there was a lot of new vocab words in here, and the dialogue was kind of hard to understand. Fortunately, during my time as a teacher-helper-volunteer, I graded a lot of chicken scratch and often faced misspellings. So thankfully I knew how to read the dialogue in here. Jack London really did know how to write.

Okay, time to talk about the main character. It was third person point of view. And the main character was a dog. Buck's a legend. I'm serious. He's one mighty fantastic dog. It shows the point of view of a dog's life, and it was different than I thought. I don't think they should whip them. Isn't that just going to make them weaker, and the main point is to get them going? Buck is what I would call the most loyal dog I've ever read about.

It was sad, though. Because of the somewhat difficult vocabulary, I didn't know ---- died until I read the sentence. Maybe it was my insistence that he couldn't be dead, or that I was really sleepy. LOL.

There shall be no quote-reactions today. (: I didn't sticky tab them, even though there were parts worth typing here, but they would be spoilers. 

For a short book, I have a lot to say.

For his first master: I think that he was kind of stupid to sell Buck when he was so happy already. And he didn't need the money-they were rich.

For his second- STUPID. Didn't know how to treat animals.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth.- Still stupid.

6th and last.- My favorite master. Buck loves him the most!

And there was this part I thought was plain hilarious. Buck just did something remarkable. And then there's this guy who goes up to Buck's 6th master and goes like, "I'll buy him! For 1000! 1200!" And then Buck's master goes like, "No sir, go to hell, sir." There's a lot of use with 'hell' in this book, which totally reminds me of Ron Weasley's overuse of the term, "Bloody Hell." Okay, anyway, that just made me crack up.

I think this is a good enough book for a bedtime story. Book report? Well, it kind of depends on your quality as a writer.

Bye, guys!

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  1. What a perspective he has to write and from many years ago but still applicable to characters/people today. London's experiences, as any really good author, lend themselves to the reality of the times. From the dog's view, it's a harsher life than you'd think. I am eager to read more Jack London, even though I did long ago.

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