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Book Review: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

Pride and PrejudicePride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Book Summary: Elizabeth Bennet is the perfect Austen heroine: intelligent, generous, sensible, incapable of jealousy or any other major sin. That makes her sound like an insufferable goody-goody, but the truth is she's a completely hip character, who if provoked is not above skewering her antagonist with a piece of her exceptionally sharp -- but always polite -- 18th century wit. The point is, you spend the whole book absolutely fixated on the critical question: will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy hook up?
Liana's summary: Elizabeth Bennet is the most graceful Bennet daughter. Although she is awfully prejudiced. When charming Fitzwilliam Darcy comes along, Elizabeth starts out hating him- but will that start change?

Rate(1-10): 7
What makes this book quite different from other books is that there isn't really a problem and a climax, but I'd say it's pretty good. I wonder if there's a movie. If I watch the movie, I would get the story a bit more, since there was a lot of advanced vocabulary in this book that I've just barely learned.  The language used in this book was so old that I had some immature moments. Well, you'll see. Quote reactions!
"Let me mend it for you. I mend pens remarkably well."
This was the first line in the whole book that made me do a double take.

"....when hearing her brother mentioning a ball.."
She's so nosy. :c
"I should like balls infinitely better."
Balls. Immature moment, sorry. x)

"Mr. Darcy is not to be laughed at!"

"...fame had fallen short of the truth.."
Scoff. How rude.

"..but he continued to apologize for about a quarter of an hour."
Ugh. Disgusting man.

"I have spent four days in the same house with him.."
Uhm. Ahem.

"Everybody is disgusted with his pride."
Ah. So I see. But you should not be so prejudiced! (;

"...she accepted him.."
This is not reasonable!

"..when I solicit for the honour of a private audience with her in the course of this morning?"
No! I don't like this guy. :O

"I am therefore by no means discouraged...."

"I shall hope to receive a more favourable answer than you have now given me;...."
She said no already, what's your problem? :T

"Yes, or I will never see her again."
The brutality of arranged marriage!

"Mr. Collins is a conceited, pompous, narrow-minded, silly man;.."
Ouuu, keep going, girl!

"Because he is trying to get a girl with only ten thousand pounds, you want to find out that he is mercenary."
What? 10 thousand pounds? Oh yeah. Money. Not their body weight!

Immature moment. Again. Sorry. *snicker.*

"I am not afraid of you."
I'm afraid of you.

"..I admire and love you."
This. Is so... romantic.. NOT. It's just out of nowhere!

"...meanest degree of flirtation.."
Have you no honor for yourselves?

"You are not well enough;- you cannot go yourself."
Aww, what a gentleman. (:

" my marriage of Mr. Darcy."
What?! YAY!

"...dearest, loveliest Elizabeth!"
Are all men in the 18th century like this?

"He still loves me, and we are engaged."
Congrats. ;D

"My real purpose was to see you."

"..balls and young men..."
Immature moment, again. When 'balls' and 'young men' are in the same sentence. Oh gosh!

-End of quote reactions-
I was actually surprised that this book was a romance, since it was a classic, and all. I guess that's what let the book have a 7 instead of a 3. And if there was no romance in here at all, I wouldn't have any quote reactions! In truth, I fell asleep on this book. Here's a little piece of advice: When you're tired, don't read on the bed.
This book teaches you not to have too much pride, and not to be too prejudiced. It's worth reading.

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