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Book Review: The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan.

The Serpent's Shadow by Rick Riordan.
Kane Chronicles #3.
Book Summary: He's b-a-a-ack! Despite their best efforts, Carter and Sadie Kane can’t seem to keep Apophis, the chaos snake, down. Now Apophis is threatening to plunge the world into eternal darkness, and the Kanes are faced with the impossible task of having to destroy him once and for all. Unfortunately, the magicians of the House of Life are on the brink of civil war, the gods are divided, and the young initiates of Brooklyn House stand almost alone against the forces of chaos.

Liana's Summary: Apophis was rising. Now he's back for real. Carter and Sadie Kane have done all they could to save the world two times in a row already, and now they have to do it a third time. With Chaos rising, what can they do? They have no choice but to trust their acquaintances. But, is it a wise choice? Carter has Zia to worry about. Sadie can't decide between Walt and Anubis. Rick Riordan takes you to another world with his riding in this fantastic third and last book of a thriller of the Kane Chronicles!

Rate(1-10): 9.5

I suppose it's not a 10. :3 I don't know. It deserves to be a 9.5. Okay. So then, out of the three of the whole trilogy, I think this was the best. It's one of those trilogies in which the third book is the best. It was really a suspenseful-page-turner-on-every-page one, but still not the most suspenseful. :3 And, I'm happy, because I finished this book in the afternoon! Not 10 at night. (: So I get to make this book review as long as I want to because I'm not nearly exhausted and about to fall asleep on my keyboard. So.

Oh my gods. Imma just use that term now, k. GODS. Anubis is aj;fdlsajasj. Usually, when the girl main character is having trouble deciding between two guys, I choose for her. I go like, HIM, HIM, HIM! But now. Between Anubis and Walt. I can't even. omg. They're both adkljfl;jds. What Rick Riordan did was really smart, and I'm happy. (:

I just love his writing! Omg. Well, I'm really glad that this isn't the last Rick Riordan book I'm reading. I still have The Lost Hero to read, and Son of Neptune as well. After that, though.. well. Let's hope he writes more. I still like Percy Jackson better than any of his books, just because I like Greek Mythology better. It's more interesting. Egyptian mythology always creeped me out. ._. And I just noticed creeped isn't a word. D: Okay. Anyway, yeah. Quote reactions! Yes, now, because the brilliance of Riordan's writing leaves me speechless. Oh yes. I was at my grandmother's house. And then I ran out of tabs. And then I nearly died. omg. Also, I figured out I'm NOT going to the bookstore. aasl;fasjlkaf;sf Hope I live. I have blogs to run. Anyway..

"Did I fancy him? Well, it's complicated. More on that later."
I have a feeling this book is going to be all about Sadie fancying Walt and Anubis. :3

"Evil laughter filled the room.."
Okay, I just have this urge to complain about evil people laughing evilly. Why laugh? fakd;klfsda It's so irritating. Just makes the reader want to whack the evil guy with a gun. (Long story about the whacking gun thing. Legend by Marie Lu.)

"No!" Felix cried.
The room rumbled, much stronger this time.
Khufu screamed and jumped on Carter's head, knocking him to the floor.

Penguins melting and baboons screaming and jumping on people's heads. This scene was quite hilarious.

"The box!" I yelped. "Stop him!"
In a British accent. I can't help but refer to Hermione Granger whenever someone says "STOP HIM!"

"Walt staggered. Suddenly I was supporting him."
Walt! Are you okay?! D:

"Alyssa's staff burst into flames. She screamed and threw it aside."
LOL. I can imagine that. It's all good. I would do that too if my staff burst into flames.

"Very well, Sadie Kane. It's time to die."
Usually when evil people are going to kill you, they don't say it's time to die. But I found this quite amusing so I laughed, which isn't appropriate for the situation.

"The camel grunted and farted."
Oh, Rick Riordan! Bringing in humor in the gravest situation.

"Walt," I said. "guard me."
Whale! Guard you, huh? While you do what?

"I was standing in a dark graveyard with Anubis."

His smile melted. "They wouldn't let me see you."
What is this tyranny.

"Don't leave." I grasped his hand and held it against my cheek."

AWH. Don't leave, Anubis, please pleaseajflasjlfasj

"Don't leave!"
My burned hands were bandaged, and I was gripping a hairy baboon paw. Khufu looked down at me, rather confused.
Oh, fab. I was flirting with a monkey.

This is the scene right after the last quote. Aha! (x This made me laugh so freaking hard.

" just wasn't fair of Anubis to pop into my dreams, looking all hot and immortal, when poor Walt was risking his life to protect me and getting weaker by the day."
All hot and immortal. omg. Sadie. Your words are too creative.

It worked great, except when Felix yelled down at the mortals, "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!"
omg. alfl;asdj. TROLOL.

"As annoying as she was, I needed her."
AW, CARTER. That's so sweet. Duh, she's your sistah.

"My kittens are alive!"
Omg. Bast! Your kittens? I just had to imagine the Frankenstein part where the dude went like, "IT'S ALIVEEE!"

 "There's a picture of him hunting ducks."
Rlly. Ducks. omg.

"..her godly almost-boyfriend Anubis."
Oh god. (: I love Anubis. akdsl;ajfas

"Trust Sadie to nickname part of your soul after poultry,.."
omg, this reminds me of the part in Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain, where he was like, "I DID NOT STEAL YOUR POULTRY GOODS." (x I just had to crack up.

"-your sheut."
Your shoot? what.

"Noble," I agreed. "That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of pigeons."
"Indeed," Horus said.

All hail noble pooping pigeons. I hate pigeons. adkljfal

"Please. War gods do not poop on blankets. Well, except for that one time-"
LOL. Horus. Don't even start.

"Why, Cleo," Bast said with admiration."You have a catty side!"
Which is why I love Bast.

"..that other boy, the godly one."

"You look..wonderful." I tried to keep a straight face. "You do realize it's not a funeral?"
omg. Carter and his formal clothing.

"You look like your pictures!"
Dumb thing to say.

No, actually, I wanted to say. He's my amazingly hot boy god. Find your own.

Yes. Anubis is your hot boy god. I tend to get excited when Anubis is around. :3

"A few meters away, Carter looked quite awkward as Lacy showed him how to slow-dance."
Oh, Carter!

"Was the god of the dead blushing?"
ooou. You make him blush, Sadie. You doooo.

"..I don't want you to die."
Must.. use.. this.. line.. somewhere.

"A mere child..."
5,000 years old. A mere child.

"Shoe?" I demanded. "Shoe who?"
omg. Shu! (x This so made me laugh.

I raised an eyebrow at Anubis, who looked mortally embarrassed (or perhaps immortally embarrassed). 
Haha, nice one! He is a;flsdaj. Fab.

"You are hereby banned from further contact!"
:c Shoo, Shu.

"We hadn't even dated properly. One kiss six months ago, and Anubis was grounded from seeing me forever?"

Shu sucks shoes. :c

"He has no choice!" Shu cried.
Wheeze and cough and faklsjfdj I just had this scene in my mind of some hysterical old man saying that.

"So, shoo!" 
Said Shu.

"Sadie!" Anubis tried to fight his way toward me, but the storm was too strong.
I love this part. SADIEEEEE!

"His name was Leonid, and we agreed not to kill each other."
Okay, aha!

"How dare Isis and Horus keep us apart when we weren't even together!"
How dare they. :c

"Perhaps he'd wanted to end our ill-fated relationship and give his blessing for me to date Walt."

"No banana slug! Please!"

omg. Too funny.

What color are the eyes of Anubis?
Brown. Duh.

Of course Sadie would know. :3

"Yes," the demon chucked, his claws tightening around my neck. "Me."
You! I seethed with loathing.
Me. He said with evil delight.
Gosh. Must use this sometime.

"I-I won't be around much longer."

(Okay, unlikely. Sadie wasn't that much of a prize.)
Oh, Carter. Srsly.

"Just for a second I thought he looked like.. No."
And from this point on, I knew what she was about to say. And I knew exactly what was going to happen. EXACTLY. Just this line. I knew it from there.

"..please do not refer to the Devourer of Souls as Poochiekins."
Lord Osiris saying Poochiekins in the same sentence as Devourer of the Souls. adafasljfasl It's just too bizarre to fit together.



"That disgusted me so much, I staggered into the sunlight and threw up on him."
I just had to laugh. I actually paused from reading just to laugh. It was THAT funny.

"Run or die!"
Oh so now you show your evil side. fkakfds;js

"I'm going to personally stuff you down Ammit's mouth, like a branch into a wood chipper."
Ooou. Go Zia.

"Lord Kane, it's time to die."
Time to die again?!

"Tell me. I must know how to hunt Jelly Babies."
Oh. My goodness. This sentence is too bizarre for a goddess to even say.

"We're still alive. We win."

"But, Walt.. it's time."

Anyone watch nigahiga? It's timeee. I couldn't help but think of this scene. Sorry 'bout my crapsters gif. I don't know how to do those pretty effects, so you know. This is the "Movies in Minutes:Twilight" one.
I know this scene is serious. But.. IT'S TIME.

"Yes. I can't leave her."
Anubis nodded and squeezed his shoulder. "Neither can I."

Aw! <3

Anubis put his arms around me. His brown eyes were full of compassion.
Really reminds me of this part in HP!

"Anubis sheltered me in his arms, and I sniveled like a little girl."
I have nothing to say. Other than it's so romantic.

"You take his soul and leave? I hate you!"
Gasp. I don't know who's side to be on right now.

"..if-if you're sure you don't hate me."
So dramatic. I needa cry. Omg.

"He sliced his head across my gut."
o__o I was forced to pause.

I reached into the Duat and pulled out and ostrich feather.
"Really?" I yelled.


"I'd imagined this many times, but I was so unprepared, I didn't act very cool about it."
Imagine, huh. (;

[Yes, Sadie. I actually said that. Don't gasp so loud.]
Aw, what a big brother! <3

"Oh, I can take it from here. You guys did great. Tas!"
omg. NO!

"Tas!" she yelled.

YESSSS. Oh. In case you didn't know. Tas, is for 'bind' in Ancient Egyptian.

Sadie and Bes laughed like crazy. Me, I was too busy yelling,  "Crevice! Look out! Flaming geyser! Go left!" 
Oh, Carter!

One of the old dudes kept screaming, "My pudding!" for no apparent reason.
Pudding is good.

"We have cooooookies!"
He's still insane. :c

Still me, they had said in unison.


"She's an old man," he muttered.
:c Poor Carter.

"Don't make me sound ridiculous!" I shouted. "I'm not ridiculous!"
Apparently you are. (:

"No one harms Sadie Kane."
Prince Charming to the rescue. <3

"Shut up, Father."

I laughed. (x This is too hilarious to say casually. I guess that's just Anubis, then? (:

"Idiots," he rasped. "Sahei."

You're an old git! You idiot! djfkla

"Good night."
Be the heroine, pass out, and before that, don't forget to say good night!

"I was the Avenger."

"That's okay. I finally came to my senses and found the right girl..."
(: Go Bes! Even though dwarf-hippo babies are unnerving.

"That copycat!"
Aha! Right in front of the cat goddess. (x Calling Horus a copycat. Pshh.

"Instead of taking his hand, I punched him in the chest."
Wise move, Sadie. (x

Rick Riordan is seriously the only author that has been able to make me stop reading for a second and laugh at something. Laugh out loud, not silently to myself. Out loud that I'm getting a six pack. I just admire his writing so much.

I liked Sadie so much better in this book than the Red Pyramid. kfda;sdj I got to know her better. (: But still. Carter.

I think after this book, I realized that hard cover books aren't so bad after all. (: But the covers get damaged so easily. :c And they hurt you. But yeah. I have to say I loved the Kane Chronicles. Carter forever! (: Oh yes. And Anubis as well.

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