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Book Review: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver.
Book Summary: I'm pushing aside the memory of my nightmare,pushing aside thoughts of Alex,pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,push,push,push,like Raven taught me to do.The old life is dead.But the old Lena is dead too.I buried her.I left her beyond a fence,behind a wall of smoke and flame.

Liana's Summary: Lena Haloway is now Lena Morgan Jones. The old Lena is gone. The new one is starting over- in the Wilds. Because Alex is gone.

Rate(1-10): 10!

Let's just say I'm angry. And furious. FURIOUS. And so furious that I need to cry. omg, Lauren Oliver's writing is too fabulous. But I'm furious! And there's no words to describe my fury. So here. GIFs.

Okay. So you know my fury now. The gifs aren't mine. Of course not. :3 I can't believe I actually went far enough to fetch some. So like, yeah. I'm so furious!!! kfl;ajldj Okay, enough about my fury.

I'm just going to talk more before I do quote reactions because I have less this time. I hate highlighting on ereaders, okay. It's so hard. :c

Since it's going to be a while 'till the third book of the series, Requiem, comes out, I'm just going to make this book review detailed as possible, no spoilers, okay, just for your sake, so I can come back here later and refresh my memory of how Pandemonium ended. Requiem comes out March 5th, 2013. It's a must get! Pandemonium leaves you hanging on the last freaking page.

I hate how the stupid main character falls in love with the wrong guy. And when they were kissing I was just crying. I'm serious. I was crying because she's not doing it with the right guy. At the end, I just almost had a heart attack. But then I got it spoiled by some oh-so-helpful acquaintances. It's okay, actually, because if they didn't spoil it and reassure me, I would've died and not have bothered to read Pandemonium at all. Because what's a book without a male lead? This book was alternating chapters with now and then, and it tells Lena's present and past. Not that far past but the part where they left off in Delirium. And her present is just after what she did in the past. Get it? Sorta. That's all I'm going to say now.

I don't remember if I mentioned this in the Delirium book review, but um. I kind of want to read Hana now. Delirium#1.5. I don't know. She's kind of gone. Okay, so I have a feeling Requiem is going to be the best out of the three. And if not, I'll stick to Delirium. Yeah, I still like the first book better. You know that feeling when you're watching or reading something? Man, you just want the next chapter or episode to come out. Well, I feel that right now. Why do I have to waittttttt. D; And I might even not get to get it. All depends. omg. I don't know how long it's going to take to come out in so I can download it to my ereader. I doubt a new book's gonna come out right away online. fkljdlsaj I'm gonna cry now. :c Because I don't know if I'm gonna get it or not. D:

I think I talked long enough for myself to refresh my memory when I get to read Requiem. Which reminds me. I still have to wait for Scarlet by Marissa Meyer, including the rest of the Lunar Chronicles with it, and the whole series is finished publishing in 2016. omg. And I still need to wait for Princess of the Silver Woods by Jessica Day George, Reached by Ally Condie, Prodigy by Marie Lu, including the third and anonymous book of the series, at least right now. And Bewitching by Alex Flinn! I actually just went on Goodreads right now to look at my to-read list. I can't even memorize this list. D;

So, I think you've waited long enough. So here. Quote reactions! Behold!

"All right, Blue. Out of here. Bedtime."
Blue! :D Cool name.

What kind of name is Squirrel?

"Boil the shit about it, and there you go. Slop."
ooou, see what I'm talking about with the cursing?

".. The boy smirks again."
Psh, psh! Don't smirk at her. She got a maaaaaan already.

"...We have to, or we'll be shitting a river from breakfast to dinner."
Don't know why, but it just made me laugh. It's been a while since I've read curse words. It's so intense. But I don't like it in every line. Just once in a while to make things intense. Like I said.

"..It feels too weird to wear someone else's old underwear, so I keep on the pair I've been wearing."
o__o Too much info.

"..but he keeps his eyes locked on me. They are cold, appraising."
UGH. Look awey. She got a maaaaaaaan already. I know you want to, but pleaaase.

"The photos have not done justice to the angle of his jaw, or the broadness of his shoulders."

"Her name is Annabel,.."
Now you mention it.

"Hana is gone."

"I hope you find every last one." Julian nods. As I turn around, I add, "Before they find you."
oooou. Ssss. Just had to.

"He sounds tired- and something else, too. Gentle. Concerned. I've come to think of Tack as a dog:.."
Romance between Tack and Raven? I think soo. Lena, what are you doing, eavesdropping on them.

"I want to help," I press, conscious of the whine that is creeping into my voice, conscious of the fact that I sound like Blue when she is throwing one of her rare tantrums.
No you don'tttt.
You're gonna regret it.

"Because," she says. "I said so."
Psh, pssssssssh.

"Lena!" I turn around. Tack shoves his way through the mass of people, presses an umbrella into my hand. "It's supposed to rain later."
No it's not. -____-'

"And then: Everything is noise."
lakfdjakj O:

"The desire to laugh-hysterical and inappropriate- wells in my throat.."
But nothing's funny. :c

"I shouldn't have made her carry water."
You shouldn't have! She would have been still alive. ;c

"I'm furious with Raven, so furious I could spit."
And I'm furious just because I am.

"But no. I'm the one screaming.."

"Tack's stupid umbrella,.."
LOL. okay. Umbrellas can be stupid.

"I ate it all."
You fatty. :c Still don't like this guy. Never will. No matter how many attempts you try to be nice, I will never like you. This is so Disney's Pocahontas#2! fla;jdklafj WHY.

"This is, in all probability, the first time he has ever been alone with a girl his age for an extended period of time, and his eyes travel over my hair, and legs, and arms, as though I am a strange species of animal at the zoo. It makes me want to put on my jacket...."

"The left corner of his mouth twitches upward: A tiny smile. He looks at me sideways.."
BRO. Nothing's funny. And get the freak away from her. I'm serious.

"Alex told me that very same thing, once.."

"You can get it from kissing."
So immature.

"That's fucked."
So it is.

"Tell me a story.."
What a baby. Still don't like him.

"They were using their tongues..."
PSH. You pervert.

"Julian has a surprisingly nice laugh, low and musical.."
Don't you pay attention to his laugh, missy. He's not the one.

"..but he lets me lace my fingers through his.."

"The knife feels surprisingly heavy. I look at the rabbit.."
D: I can't read you killing a poor rabbit! ;_: But I did anyway.

"..has a terrible voice, totally off-key,.."
At least there's an imperfection here. fklajds

"What are you doing?"
Yeah you perv. Stahp it.

"I'm sorry," he whispers, but doesn't move his hand. "I.." 

"Listen," I say, "I'm not who you think I am."
Yeah. Use Alex's wise wise words.

"Holy shit, holy shit."
Holy freaking shit.

"He still looks like shit,.."
Too much uses of that word.

"My back is pressed up against his chest,.."
Don't think wrong, they're just in a closet, hiding. I STILL DON'T APPROVE OF THIS PROXIMITY.

"Two goddamn kids, for shit's sake."
Shit again?!

"Yes," he says shortly. "But I'm cold too."
Derrrrp. Still hate him.

"He is beautiful.."

"Let her go!"
LOL. Sorry. I just thought of this story my sister wrote with the guy saying that, and then I had to read it with a little kid voice.

"Do you hear me? Get off her! Let her go!"
Jeez, calm down. But yeah! LET HER GO! Still don't like him. Never ever will.

"..and haggard and alive.."
YAY. <3

"Hey, kid." She runs a finger lightly along the cut on my neck, and scans my face for other injuries. "You look like shit."
-______-' The perfect thing to say during a reunion, Raven.

"..helped him die.."
I still don't like him, but yeah. Save him.

"I rummage through Mrs. Fineman's clothing and find a soft cashmere sweater and a pair of clean, black denim jeans."
Steaaaaaaaalin', haaaah?

I'm going to faint.

"..will be attending his son's execution."
What kind of father is that.

"Perhaps it is not too late for revenge."
No. It's not.

" red petals of blood bloom outward across his.."
:OO Well, what can I say? DIE!DIE!DIE!!!!

"Someone arrived from Portland last night- a fugitive."
I know perfectly well who this is. And I'm going to cry.

"We have picked each other, and the rest of the world can go to hell,.."
omg. NO! I'm seriously going to cry now.

--------------------(I know I said less quote reactions. But... UM. YOLO. I lied.)

As you can see, I've never ever approved of him. I still hate him, and I always will. He ruined everything. And in this love triangle, I am inclined on only one side. Stay tuned for Requiem! Once again, March 5th, 2013.

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