Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cress by Marissa Meyer (Lunar Chronicles #3) Cover Revealed!

MEYER CRESS BOOKSHello hello hello my darlings. If you haven't heard, Cress just had its cover reveal today! IT IS GORGEOUS! (Not like I'd expected anything else.) What do you guys think? I just find it so ironic because it was my WoW pick today. And I was ranting about the lack of a cover. Oh my goodness.

Anyways, check out this link ( for an excerpt of Cress and a Q&A with the one and only, Marissa Meyer! I'm telling you I am so excited for this book, and I genuinely hope that Cinder + Thorne ship goes all the way! (Cress get out of the way please please please please do not fall for Thorne)



  1. It's beautiful. Can't wait to see how she compares to Scarlet.

  2. I'm actually not liking it Liana, I must be in the minority. I liked Cinder and Scarlet so much more :(

    1. I get what you mean, but I think it's still very pretty. :3


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