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Book Review: Bridge Across the Land by Yvonne Wang.

Bridge Across the Land Bridge Across the Land by Yvonne Wang.
Book Summary: In 1241 AD, the Mongols invaded Europe and brought the giant collision of cultures between the West and the Far East. A team of cavalry scouts, with different backgrounds and motives, decided to assassinate the Great Khan of Mongolia. To execute their plan, they capitalized on the opportunity of escorting the Mongolian Princess from Poland back to Mongolia. The Princess grew up in Poland and was not aware of her royal heritage as the daughter of the Great Khan exposing her to great danger! However, things did not turn out as expected, as one of the assassins and the Princess fall in love…
Liana's Summary: When Angela is captured, she finds out something about herself. When she meets Tianyin, they find something out about themselves. It might as well have ruined everything. Things are very dangerous- and meanwhile, there could be a romance, and a death. Yvonne Wang takes you back in time with this fabulous work of historical-fiction.

Rate(1-10): 8.5

Ohmygoodness, where do I start. (I'm honored to be the first reviewer on Goodreads.) Thanks to the author for sending me a copy! This is a really good manuscript. At least I think it's a manuscript. It's a not-in-stores PDF copy. Wait. Is it on Amazon. Huh, no it's not! Then I guess I really am the first reviewer.

So, first of all, this book is pretty good and fast-paced! I liked it. Usually, I would be annoyed at an author for writing so FAST and ignoring the readers' feelings, but this was quite different, because I NEEDED it to be fast paced, for there was LOTS and LOTS of action that made me ridiculously caught in the suspense.
Even if it's third person, I got to understand the characters a LOT more than I usually do in 3rd person books. Maybe it's because, like the author said, she likes to 'write movies.' It's not quite explainable, but you'll get it immediately once you read the book. (;
It was really either suspenseful or interestingly romantic (no erotica-- stop thinking dirty) on every freaking page.
I really like strong lady protagonists. At first, I thought that Angela was just a butt weak protagonist, and I didn't like her much. Despite her talent for dealing with logical or medical problems. I liked that. After a while, she started showing her stubbornness and her strength, and I liked her a LOT more. She does qualify as a strong character!
I'm ashamed to say this, but, usually, when I read, I constantly look at the page number to see when I would be done. Can't blame me-- my TBR list is literally drowning me and I can't read fast enough. But, however, as I read this book, I did not constantly look at the page number, seeing when I would be done. Even if I read really fast at some points because the suspense was killing me.
I learned from this author reading her book that when a suspenseful and climax-y part happens, one is to skip many lines between each sentence. LOL. To make it sort of slo-mo. 
There's this one character in this book called Valentine, and since I just finished book 4 of the Mortal Instruments series, I can't even deal.
As I said before, the author really loves to write a movie. Anyways, there was a lot of flashbacks, making it more and more like the movie it was supposed to be.

Now the romance. Where do I start. If you're afraid of romance spoilers, well. Don't read the next paragraph.

So, there's two guys. Tianyin and Alexander. Asian and Polish. Angela is a mix of both. (Does that make her Caucasian?) I honestly don't like Alexander. I liked him a lot at first, but he started turning wussy and annoying. So I turned to Tianyin. Angela and him ended up being together, but something happened, and I started to hate his guts because he had sex and he never told her and she has to deal with this other lady's kid that's also Tianyin's kid. You know what. I still like Tianyin better. Screw Alex. He may be hot and sexy and the owner of gorgeous eyes, but he's still a wuss.

 I think the epilogue ending is so cute. But the actual story ending was so dang tragic. If I didn't scroll all the way down to the epilogue, I wouldn't have noticed that there was one at all. At least it's a happy ending. (':
At the end, the epilogue, it forwards WAAAAAAAAY faster in time and goes to modern day, and let me say one word: Reincarnation.

I honestly think that this is really HISTORICAL and it actually teaches you something about History while you enjoy the story.

Time for quotes!

"Angela’s inherently two-colored, molten and delicate eyes look up at her,"

OH MY HOLLA- SHE'S A GRACELING. Sorry. Way too obsessed with the Graceling series. LOL.

"Yeah... Her name is... Angela."

"The candlelight reflected on a handsome face; cleansed of blood from battles, its features are fine."

Ooooooooh. His features are.. FIIIIIINE.

"At once, she realizes that she has to relieve herself."

Oh. Um. ok. 

“Quick, take me away!”

“Hee hee.” Kyrigu’s laughter rings like a dazzling sunrise, uninhibited and bright-eyed,"


Who laughs like that.

“Sigh, her knife has been filed so we cannot tell if it is Great Khan’s name.

Who says sigh out loud. (me.) But still.

“A life in return.” Wonbayer throws the arrow down next..

Ohmagawd. This is so Mulan.

Tianyin gazes at her and quietly raises his hand. Little by little, he pulls her into his embrace, lightly stroking her and comforting her.

“Impossible. You . . . you, how could you . . . be . . . .my . . . sister?”

Noooooooo D: This is such a Mortal Instruments moment.

" Distress seizes his heart, his nose turns red and his eyes are overflowing with moisture."

What the hell! What a wuss.

A group of kids called him a chink and beat him altogether.


"..they cut into the ocean of forests from two directions."

No. How much times do I have to say this.
You only go One Direction!


"Are you . . . . really my little sister?"


"Tianyin sneers in silence but feels himself pathetic.."

This made me laugh for no reason. How does one sneer in silence. 

She looks up and sees that Tianyin . . . . is undressing before her eyes!

Oh lord.

Tianyin just holds her in his embrace ever tighter and speaks softly into her ear, “Brother and sister. It is okay.”

It's even WORSE if they're brother and sister and doing what they're doing.

Tianyin rips off his shirt sleeve by force..

I just had this mental image of someone ripping their shirt off.

“Actually . . . . you are not Brother Hanyuan’s real son . . . ."


“Why?!” Angela punches him in the face and hateful fists come down like rain, “Why!? Why!? Boohoo—”

Oh my goodness. Boohoo. omfg I'm done. I'm laughing at the wrong moment.

“Do you . . . .have to die?”

Do you have to die? Goodness. Dumbest question ever.

“. . . . But first, I want to fulfill my final wish—find Angela.”

I use this GIF way too much.

"..but Tianyin butts against someone hipbones and grabs him by the shoulders for a flip over."

Oh goodness.

Angela’s two pupils are full of anger, riding into the battle like a swift wind that sweeps over the leaves,"


“Give it to me!” Angela shrieks all of a sudden, swallowing her tears.

Dang. Ok!

She sits on the horse, looks up at the sky and howls tragically."


“Angela, go back with me, be my queen.”


“Unfortunately . . . . I am already—his queen.”


"..owner—is Minger’s Dad.”


“Boohoo . . . . woo woo.”

Oh my. Not again.
Anyways, that is it! 

I will be posting an author interview along with a character interview (with the author answering as the characters) later, so, stay tuned~ (I tend to say that a lot now. STAY TUNED!)

What did you think of this review? (;

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