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Book Review: The Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel.

The Burning of Isobel KeyThe Burning of Isobel Key by Jen McConnel.
Book Summary: Lou is in the middle of a quarter-life crisis. Ever since college, she’s lacked direction, working as a clerk in a local bookstore. But when she quits her job just before the winter holidays, Lou must do some serious soul searching to overcome her fears of straying from the mainstream. On a whim, she accompanies her best friend, Tammy, to Scotland for the winter holidays, but the vacation soon turns into an emotional roller coaster. When she becomes embroiled in a hunt for information about Isobel Key, a woman falsely accused of witchcraft in the seventeenth century, Lou opens up to her intuition and makes a startling discovery about her own heritage.

Liana's Summary: Lou doesn't know what to do next. She's done with college. But when her best friend, Tammy, comes and takes her to Scotland, they're set on a whole new adventure- eating Scottish food, traveling and learning about history, and maybe even finding the right guy for Lou. But, most importantly- learning about her ancestors.

Rate(1-10): 8.8

This was a great book! I really enjoyed it. It passed by pretty quickly for a 259 page book. Anyways, I got a PDF copy of this book, since I'm participating in the blog tour next month!

So, I'm going to jump right in on the romance discussion. There was slow romance. But I didn't really mind. In fact, I was so thankful for the slow romance because I wanted the characters to focus on what's more important- their research. But then they had to fall in love (which I totally thought was cute) and they brought it further and got on the freaking bed. But there was no specifics, which is good. I just got a bit annoyed that they put aside something so important for something like THAT.

So, Tammy is Lou's BFF. It seems that there's nothing that can break them apart. Like, nothing. Nothing nothing. Even if they have a little disagreement, they can't stay mad long. They just consider what the other would feel and they just continue being great friends. It's remarkable. Throughout this whole book, they had each other's backs. And it wasn't unnatural either. They had tiny disagreements, but, like I said, they didn't stay mad long.

Character Discussions! (;

Lou- That's the covergirl! She's persistent in her own beliefs and qualifies as a strong female protagonist.
Isobel- She was really likeable. I started disliking her a bit when she became all depressed. I felt so bad for her. I feel that I know Lou better than her, and I wish I would have gotten a better chance to know Isobel.
Tammy- Although a bit playful and annoying at times, I like her! She's a really good friend and she knows what to say and when to cheer people up.
Brian- He's nice. But like, I would have felt better if he didn't keep on trying to barge in on things.

Those, of course, are not all the characters. They're just the ones worth discussing. And NO. I will not discuss the characters that ruined everything. They're not quite antagonists, though. They're just troubled and they RUINED EVERYTHING.

The book summary gave everything away. Which is why my overall GENERAL expressions were..




Of course, those were not ALL. But it's mostly what I felt. Don't get me wrong, of course I was paying attention. It's just that I knew too much from reading the summary and the title that I didn't really know what to say. Which is why I have quite a FEW quotes today. It's the only thing that's keeping the rating from a 10! Oh well. Anyways, despite the spoilers included in the summary, I liked it!

Time for quotes! This is gonna pass by quickly.

"You were really wasting yourself at that bookstore!"

"No one could have guessed what would happen, and no one was prepared when it did."


"..while Alexander Nairn died."

HAAAAAAAAA! That's what he GETS.

"Now, what about this handsome man? Surely that can't be you?"

Ooou snap. Need some ice for that burn?

"..and they cracked their foreheads against each other with a sickening 'thwack.'"

Cutest way of a kiss attempt. LOL.

"Lou was aware of the minute hairs on his arms, and she was overwhelmed by his rick, masculine smell."

Thank goodness this is almost over before the erotica starts.

"Instead, they were tangled up in the sheets of the guest bed.."

Oh jeez. I spoke too soon.
And that's it! What did you think of this review? (;


  1. So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for taking the time to read and review! :)

    1. No problem! Thanks for actually bothering to come here and comment! (:


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