Thursday, October 25, 2012

Follow Friday #8!

Follow Friday!
This meme is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. This weeks features are Carmen Jenner and the YA Bookworm Blogger.

Q: What writing device or trick most irritates you when reading a book? For example, if an author employs an omnipotent narrator that is sometimes considered bad form.

I think I hate it when the protagonist is butt weak. Anyways, I just really like strong protagonists. Also, I don't really like it when the girls in a book seem to be slutty (excuse my language) and all that, because it might mean that, if the author is a man, he is prejudiced or something like that. But that rarely happens. I think it tends to show up in old books by old and dead authors because of what men considered women back then. Also it kind of irritates me when the author doesn't know how to suck readers in. It's one of the reasons that I'm scared of being an author- my readers might be very judgmental.

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  1. Followed! HAHAHA. I finally figured out when she posts it. Been waiting since 6:30.

  2. I hate TSTL Heroines too. Very annoying and unlikable.
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  3. Hopping through. I sometimes am flexible on "weak" protagonists - like Bella - when I have other reasons to like them. Or understand the context.
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  4. I like strong protagonists that don't whine. I can take regular characters sometimes. Characters that are unrealistically strong bore me.

  5. Yes, weak protagonists who always rely on others (naming no names... *coughBellacough*) get on my nerves!
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    Rinn (My FF)

  6. Hopping through ~ I'm not a fan of weak protagonists in general, but I'm with Alison, I can be flexible with them depending on what other qualities they have... *new follower*

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  7. Nice answer! Haha

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  8. It's good then that I do not read old books by long dead writers!
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  9. I don't mind a weak protagonist if there's a reason for her to be weak in the book. What I can't stand, though, is if they're whiny. I hate whining! lol
    New follower here. Happy Reading!
    Cherie Reads

  10. Ohhh, good answer. I'm not that partial to 'weak' characters myself - most especially if there's no reason as to why they're weak in the first place.

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  11. Interesting answer, just blogging by.

  12. hopping through, I'm new

    as for "strong vs weak" it depends on what their flaws are... sometimes it takes weakness to win...

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  13. Thank you so much for stopping by my FF- I completely agree with you, weak protagonists are very annoying and difficult to read. New GFC Follower !
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    ~Caitlin :)

  14. That's a new term "Butt Weak". I'm so going to borrow that!!

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  15. My answer was confusing POV shifts... =)

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